Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So what's behind that door?

4:10 am and Audrey wanted in the closet. She scratched and scratched...and scratched. When it didn't open she lay on her back and stretched out her front legs and tried to pull it open from under the door.
Her back feet were digging into the wood floor. It wasn't working for her. She tried screaming at it to no avail. She then jumped onto my dresser and launched a bracelet at me.

"Not True"
"Yes, it's true, Audrey."

I got up and opened the damn closet door for her.
She didn't move, looked at me, turned, raised her tail and left the room.
I actually yelled.."That's it,'re heading to the pound." (I really did)

"Oh, dear me, Audrey."

Now, don't comment that I should shut her out of the bedroom.
She darn near destroyed our antique, wood door with her nails once before, as I recall. When I finally opened the door there were wood chips flying around the hallway.
Plus she sounds like a hyena when she gets goin'.
Tonight I'll leave the closet door open.

"So, what's in your armoire, pray-tell?"
"Zip-it  Audrey."

My kitchen Santa came out of the closet last night. :) Yes, he did.

I had totally forgotten all about him and then I was checking out some new blogs (to me) and came across this one.
"Holy Santa Clause", this lady decorates.
I was 5 again as I looked at her newest post of decorating her kitchen. It was memories of going Christmas shopping in downtown Ottawa and looking in all the decorated windows. That's when I remembered my Santa. Now Debbie has many, many Santas, hundreds, I'd say,  and they are all wonderful but I'm happy with my one kitchen guy. He takes center stage on the island.
Well, until he's discovered, of course.
I do have other Santas as I collected them over the years, and will show you in more posts.
I had my hair done this morning  (thanks Brit) and plan on baking this afternoon.
I bake loaf cakes and pies and my sister bakes cookies and squares. 
Most are old family recipes.

All I can say is, good thing Apple Cider Vinegar helps control weight gain.
Did I not mention that? Oh yes, ladies. This stuff is miraculous.
Just add honey.

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my Oliver does that on the closet door in my office! It's a bi-fold so he kicks it and then puts his paws under and pulls -- I think he wants the bubble wrap that's in there! Cats are so funny! And your Audrey is a beauty!

  2. We open all wardrobe doors before going to bed as if we don't they all try to get into them and will not give up. When the doors are open they are not interested. lol

  3. Our Emily was like that and yes I threatened her with the pound also! Now that we have lost her I miss her sometimes...still she had that devil in her...never a dull moment.

  4. She is really something isn't she?

    Am I glad glad to find out that our cat's are not the only ones as crazy as they are...

    Know what?
    We love them even more because they are.

    LOL from Holland,


  5. I had a cat who was big enough to reach up and turn the door knobs -- easy picking into the closets. It is never dull and boring around your house with Audrey ruling! I love your kitchen Santa. Isn't Debbie something? Her blog makes my head hurt!!! So many lovely things.

  6. LOL Audrey! Thanks for the smile that story gave me. We had a "no doors closed, please" kitty, too. She was a sweet heart in so many ways... just like Miss Audrey!
    Lily, WA, USA

  7. She is determined...good for her, lol.

    We had one that scratched the corner of the carpet outside of the door right down to the wood flooring below it. No closed doors in her world.

    I wanted to ask if you have ever encountered a cat that does what Boo does when he is feeling frisky. He has this deep growl, as first we thought it might be a dog nearby, it literally scared the heck out of me the first few times I heard it, it's coming from deep in his belly, and it's loud.

    I've heard cats growl before but that is more of snarl, than this deep barking growl. He loves to run up and down the stairs and then he gives off this huge He seems happy, not stressed, I have never heard anything like this.


    1. I'm wondering if it is prey-driven. If he does it when he picks up toys, too it could be a noise he makes when he 'hunts'. Running up and down the stairs is not only exercise but it is pent-up energy being released from not being out doing what comes naturally to cats...hunting. I would not worry about it and see if you notice him doing it when he carries a toy in his mouth.

  8. Watching the contortions of a cat who wants a door to open is quite funny--if one isn't thinking about the damage to the door.
    We've several times come home from church to find a cat shut in the closet--said cat having shot inside while one of us was getting a jacket or shoes.
    Re the 'growling' noise--we've had several cats who do that when excited.

  9. Closet doors must be left open at all times! And, you can forget about closing the door to take a bath in this house. The old cat yowls and the young one scratches until I get out of the tub and open the offending door.

  10. Haha ~ Audrey does the same thing Banjo does! He comes into the bedroom at 4 am, starts meowing and chewing on things to make me get up. So I get up and he then curls up in the living room and goes to sleep! What's up with that? Why did he want me awake if he was just going to go to sleep in another room? Oh kitties are funny aren't they?

    xo Catherine

  11. The baking sounds the Santa and Audrey investigating ole' St. Nick....just love browsing through the blogs at everone's decor..lovely as always Deb!

  12. Audrey, Audrey, Audrey... so beautiful, so naughty!!!

  13. I'm sorry, I think you need a battery powered water gun! She is a beautiful kitty, though, and I'm really glad she wakes you up and not me.

  14. Say hi to Audrey from me! I am now an official fan - go, Audry, go!

    I've got a fur-covered baby behind me right now inside the empty trash can here in my office. They are wondrous creatures, these cat children!