Saturday, December 15, 2012

We carry on...

Only an hour after I posted yesterday I heard the news about the tragedy in Connecticut. I have to say as a parent and grand-parent, I could barely breath.  My heart is broken for the families who have lost loved ones. How do you cope with such a thing? I don't know. Its just too much. The children..oh my goodness.

There is so much heaviness on my mind these days. This latest tragedy will stay with us a long time. And more personally, losing Cali recently and now hearing of Toady's passing may not seem too serious to some but when you love your cat and lose her and feel that same loss for another, it leaves you tired and withdrawn. I'd like to thank all those who left such nice comments about Toady. Some of you knew him through my cat-sitting posts. He was adopted from our local shelter at the age of 7; a throw-away.  We know though, that his last 5 years were filled with love. That's what we have to remember.

Christmas is fast-approaching and we must carry on for the little ones.
It is such a magical time and we want our families to always have good memories of the holidays. It's something to hold on to in the future when you need stability and a sense of roots. It's important. We will carry on but be enveloped in a sadness for the families who lost children and loved-ones so tragically.

Today is the start of a busy two weeks with cat-sitting. I mean busy. My gifts are bought and wrapped and the house is decorated so I can now concentrate on business. I have new cats to meet today and many regulars to visit.
I feel some excitement to be now at this time of year for my work but at the same time I feel like I have weights on my feet. Like everyone, I will carry on but with a sad heart.

Sometime after Christmas I will do a post and introduce you to all my charges over the holidays.

The retired-guy picked out a little stocking for our new grand-son to hang at the woodstove.
 I thought it would be all one colour and then I would add some bobbles and glitter but he loves lots of colour so it seems to have a lot going on already. I just added his name with red felt. "Hope you like it, Bradley."

We come together in prayer today. I wish you all a quiet, peaceful day.
hugs, Deb


  1. I can't imagine losing loved ones so close to Christmas, and especially a child. At least this is a time of year when people come together and can give support to the grieving ones, if only with grief of their own. I don't think the loss of your cat friends isn't serious. After all, love is love and love is what makes you grieve.

    I hope it's not too inappropriate to mention that today is International Tea Day. Even when nothing can really "help", a cuppa is always therapeutic somehow.


  2. It is sad when there is loss of any kind . It is wearing heavy on my heart to . I agree here with Marty . Oh I cant wait to see photos of all the pretty kitty's !

  3. That tragedy is too horrible to begin to comprehend. I hope your own loved ones, especially those precious grandchildren, will comfort your heart today, Deb, and add warmth and love alongside the grief. You make this world a better place because you are in it. We can't control what goes on in the world but we can offer love and goodness to ourselves and to those we come in contact with.

    Blessings, Becky

  4. My first thoughts was that I couldn't even do Christmas after hearing the news. I have friends in Newtown; our home before Seattle was in Ridgefield, CT. However, you said it best, we must go on and make the holidays mean something for the little ones--my grandson arrives on Wednesday.
    I pray for the families and hope as a nation we finally do something about these devastating assault weapons, once and for all. XOXO

  5. Lovely post, and totally agree with you. It is hard sometimes to reconcile the truly terrible events in our world with the day to day life we enjoy. So sorry that youo have lost a cat, the loss of our companions must not be underestimated, nor the joy which they bring to us and others. x

  6. How can anyone comprehend such tragedy. When I heard felt intense grief and sadness and an overwhelming sense of anger and rage. Why and who could do this burned in my mind. An FBI profiler on TV talked of the age and gender aspect of these type shooting. He also made a point that chilled me to the core. He said they were people that lacked empathy and compassion. How do we go about reinstilling empathy and compassion in our male children?
    We must celebrate Christmas with renewed vigor
    to honor the 20 children who can't. We have to trudge foreword to keep goodness and hope from succumbing to the encroaching darknes. I set ip 20 little tea lights, one for each child. They'll get their Christmas, by God, if only in our hearts.

  7. Dear Deb,
    Yes, this is a very hard time for so many and for so many reasons. But as you said we can come together in pray and there find our peace.

    I love the little mittens Toady wore. They always made me smile. He knew he was loved - by his family and by you. That is the best gift an animal can have. He was blessed with those 5 years in his new home and now is safe forever.

    I know how much you miss Cali. It is still so fresh. You are surrounded by people who understand the pain completely. Be comforted.

    Sending you gentle hugs today as you carry on. Blessings upon you as you care for the little ones in your charge.
    Lily, WA, USA

  8. Deb when I heard about this horrible event, I hugged Tiger! I was so sad and can't imagine the pain that those families are experiencing. There is much sadness in the world right now but we also need to carry on, as you say, for our families. Praying for so many right now with a heavy heart. Hugs, Linda