Wednesday, December 19, 2012

tweaking the dining-room & answering the dinner call

Skip the coffee and go straight to lunch.
I met a friend and client for a quick lunch at my favorite pub, St. James Gate. Best fish in town. It felt so good to just sit and chill for awhile. I always love catching up with Sue from Then off to visit my twice-a-day cats for their dinner-call.

The dining room in the evening.

 I added a few little lights to the cupboard and today I found this little nativity scene at our local nursery.
I really had to have it and it looked like it would fit in with my group of ornaments here.

It feels good to have everything finished for Christmas all but to bake some pies and prepare the dinner.
Because of my heavy workload (work?..really?) this holiday season, we decided to prepare the turkey and dressing the day before Christmas. The retired-guy came up with this idea so I can blame him if it sucks.
To be honest, we have family members that prepare the bird the day before because they eat the meal at noon and their dinners are exceptional. The cooked turkey and dressing are kept refrigerated overnight and then sliced and heated in a large roaster when the trimmings are ready. It works for them now will it work for us?  I'll let you know. I have a stuffed squash for those who don't eat turkey. That might be everyone. ;-b

Tomorrow is another 'grab a coffee and hit the trail' day and I hear there's a snow-storm coming. :(
I know two cats who won't be leaving the wood-stove all day.

                                                                       hugs, Deb


  1. I was wondering if you have to do visits over the holidays?
    Have a lovely Christmas Deb and thankyou for your lovely posts throughout the year, I have really enjoyed looking at all your china and kitties.
    Keep warm and hugs from uk

  2. Lovely Christmas decorations =)
    The lights in your cabinet-are they plugged in to an outlet?
    Sweet photo of my favorite senior felines ♥
    Stay warm and safe in that coming storm.

    1. No plug in. They are attached to a battery box with a switch just tucked inside the cabinet. Thanks for your comment. Have a wonderful Christmas, Maggie.

  3. You have given me so many tips, especially for our senior cat. she is loving her heated bed and has started sleeping more at night~hurray! Enjoy the holidays and time with your family! Cat hugs to you and your precious kitties!

  4. I love the last photo. So cozy would all cats have.


  5. Looks like the cats love the wood stove! But who wouldn't? I wish we had one!

  6. Love the photo of Sweet Lily and Dear Mr. Ed snug by the fire. They are such a sweet pair. You have influenced my husband and I enough with your care for the older cats that we plan to make all of our future adoptions Senior Cats. We didn't realize there was such a need for adopting that age. What we hope for is 3 from one former household that are now in need. We have had 3 of ours become Seniors and really like that age and the gentleness. So thank you, Deb, for the nudge.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lily, WA, USA

  7. Squeeeeee! What an unexpected treat! Ed and Lily. My heart jumped with joy when I saw their photo! And look at Lily's little feeties! So sweet.
    I just love them so much! They really make my day!

  8. Dog person here, Deb, but must admit that last photo is adorable. ;)
    With moving and all, I have not brought out any of my Christmas decorations this year other than a little tree which I decorated with orange slices I dried. Would you believe it is one of my favorite trees ever? :)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, my friend.