Friday, December 14, 2012

My helper

I'm on a new schedule. Up early, go-go-go and then crash. But in the middle of it all, I take time out for me and relax just a little. A hot cup of tea does the trick on these cold days and it's about to get very wintery soon. We are expecting tons of snow starting tomorrow.

My tea of choice today is Chamomile Apple.
Because of snoopy Audrey, all gifts that are wrapped sit on top of an armoire. I see her looking up with interest (cats looking up look funny) and I can see the wheels turning as to how she can launch her body on to the top but as yet they are safe.
I have been leaving closet doors open at night and she has dropped all interest in going in them. It's just not fun anymore, I guess.
But what is fun is helping me tweak things. She's great at that. And she's a pro at dusting.

I have added a few lights to my little cupboard to show off some creatures.

Riley loves the birds.

"Thanks for all your help this morning, Audrey."
I'm off the cat-sit and you can go have the first of eighteen naps today OR pester the life out of the oldsters.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love your Santas and I'll have to ask the crew here if they will help me dust. I'll tell them Audrey helps you! :D :D Love the post with your card holder.

  2. I believe Miss Audrey loves the early morning quiet time spent with you....she is taking comfort in the season. So enjoyed the pictures and your decorations!

  3. Hi Deb!

    You are a very busy bee.....
    I love all your decorations... everything around your home looks really cozy and beautyful.

    Audrey is adorable.

    Have a lovely weekend and don't work to hard o.k.?

    LOL from Abbekerk, North Holland,


  4. Your schedule is very busy, but how enjoyable to visit all your clients. I'm wondering how Rosie will do when I put up our tree on Sunday; she's never been around one. I think we're going shopping for a climbing post though, she is a jumper and loves to explore! Have a lovely weekend, maybe baking with all the snow:-D XOXO

  5. A cat that dusts is a very useful thing to have! Love the lights in the cabinet. I just may have to copy you!

  6. Audrey sounds a little too much like Malou and Levon...imagine the three of them together...yikes!

    Where do you plug in the lights? Do you keep the cabinet open? I wouldn't be able to do that because of the kittenbabies ...

    Another did you keep the branches of your card wreath together?

    Inquiring minds who want to borrow your ideas need to know :)

    Please and thank you!

    LP and the critters in the cottage xo

  7. The little cabinet doors are open but not the larger cabinet. There is an outlet on the wall just under the cabinet. That would be too tempting for Audrey. The branch that holds the cards is one branch. I cut it off our tree in the yard. I'm glad you like it.