Friday, December 7, 2012

The little brown book.

Mr. Ed by the wood-stove. At 24 years of age, he spends his day going from box, to basket to fuzzy mat soaking up the heat from the stove. He has a healthy appetite, uses his box without fail and loves his time stretched out watching the news with the retired-guy.
I love this old man.

I never come away from a catch-up with my friend, Barb without learning something new in the 'health' area.
Barb is an avid reader on women's health and loves to chat about different herbal remedies and food products that she has discovered are essential to our good health. Did you know that tumeric is one of nature's most powerful healers? It is used often to help symptoms of Arthritis & Alzheimers.
I had recently started taking Apple cider vinegar with water each morning after reading up on its' benefits. We talked about Apple cider vinegar and how difficult it is to drink the stuff but she gave me some advice on how to make it more palatable. I won't go into a whole post on this but it seems that if we take a little every day it helps our potasium levels and regulates our blood pressure. It aids your body in maintaining proper pH levels for a healthy, alkaline state (very important to avoid disease)  and can stop hair loss and improve skin conditions. It can aid in weight-loss.What's not to like here. So, instead of taking it straight with cold water,  I now mix 2 tsp. with hot water and a spoon of organic honey. It made all the difference in getting it down the hatch. Honey makes just about anything taste better, me thinks. There is lots to read on the internet on the benefits of ACV and since finding out more about it, I am now taking it twice daily after meals. Take a moment to read up on it and perhaps you will want to add it to your daily regime.

I headed over to our local used book-store today called The Book Gallery (one of Canada's largest book stores) after picking up keys for this weekend's cat-care.
I am looking for a book written back in the '70s called Vermont Folk Medicine by M.D. Jarvis.
This is a book suggested by Barb to use as a health bible. Ok then...I'll do that.
I opened the side door to the old, two-story historic building and waited before stepping around a rather large, sleepy German Shepherd. I expect she is the greeter but she was not really in the mood at the moment. She just gave me a look as if to say "oh, you people are annoying". The owner popped out from behind a curtain (really) and with a big smile he greeted me properly. Behind him, and to the right and left and just ahead of me were bookshelves crammed with tens of thousands of books. "Howdy...what can I do you for today?"
"I'm looking for a book called Vermont Folk Medicine," and before I had the author named he said.."Oh yes, I have it somewhere. That's an oldie, you know." He started up the stairs with the dog in tow and then turned and said, "This may take awhile." That it would, for sure. I left my name and number and he said he'd call as soon as he found it. Then he muttered to himself, "It's a little book with a brown cover and some flowers on it, or somethin'", as he turned, lifted his hand to wave good-bye and continued up the stairs.
I left thinking how amazing it was that he had all this information in his head about each and every book he has lovingly placed on a shelf over the 30 some odd years he has been in business. He loved what he did, no doubt; you could see it on his face.  I felt very happy for him.
Here is little Willow that I have been caring for. Her parents are home now and I will see her again right after Christmas. She reminded me so much of our little Cali. She is an 8 year old pastel calico with the energy of a kitten. She lives with 3 other cats.
Can't wait to see her again.
hugs, Deb


  1. I drink hot water with lemon juice...really healthy.Love apple cider vinegar too.
    We inherited an elderly siamese,he loved sitting by the fire on his heated blanky,and cuddles much like sweet old Mr Ed.
    Jane x

  2. I love seeing Mr Ed in a warm spot like that! I've not tried apple cider vinegar but have heard it is good for you. I might have to read up on it! Thanks for the tip about the honey, not sure I could get it down any other way! Hugs, Linda

  3. Mr Ed is a grand old man! I always enjoy seeing pictures of him. So glad he is still doing well. Your Christmas tree and decorations all look lovely.


  4. Interesting will have to read up on the Apple cider vinegar ! Dear old Mr Ed snoozing by the fire how lovely ! I have never heard of that used book store we have a large one here under another name , I have taken them lots of books over then years , hope the book store person finds you the book you wanted ! Have a good day !

  5. I love hearing about Mr. Ed and his longevity. In just a few days I'm flying to Missouri to pick up our kitty and can hardly wait. I actually like apple cider vinegar straight up and have taking a tablespoon every day since a lovely woman in Ireland told me about it. XOXO

  6. I've been catching up Deb, missed a lot, but so happy to see the babies doing well. You have your tree up, and it looks wonderful.

    I love ACV, drink it straight before meals, it's really great to help with Acid does seem that there is nothing that it can't do.


  7. I have tea with lots of fresh lemon every day!

    *smoochies* to your old man...Mr Ed, that is!

  8. Mr. Ed is 113 years old in human years! Handsome too. Apple cider vinegar is so beneficial. Also makes a good hair rinse to remove shampoo residue and leave your hair shiny. Rinse well to get the odour out.

  9. Mr. Ed is so handsome. I've heard wonderful things about ACV.

  10. Any day that starts with a a photo of Ed and good news about him is bound to be a wonderful day.
    I believe my gran, an educated woman with zero belief in doctors, had that book. A little looking around on the net came up with Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctors Guide To Good Health by D.C Jarvis. (1950's maybe). Yours is probably a newer edition. Gran swore by this book if it's the same one.

  11. Gentle hug for my favorite boy, Mr. Ed =)
    I love used books stores. Hope you get a phone call soon from that fella!
    Must make note to self about ACV!

  12. Oh, I love that Mr. Ed, too. Thanks for the photo and the good report of how his days are happily spent.
    I drink vinegar with Manuka Honey in it. The honey has health benefits, too, that are good!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. Hmm, I should try the honey/cider vinegar thing!!