Tuesday, December 31, 2013

as the days quiet down & "Happy New Year"

Now that all but two of  my charges have their people home after the holidays, I was rather slow to get moving this morning. This home requires just one visit a day so I prefer to make myself present mid-day to break it up for the felines. Then I keep the routine going.
These beautiful cups were a gift from my daughter Jess and Mike. Jess keeps my collection of white dishes interesting and up-to-date. I love them as they will be perfect for hot-chocolate and herbal teas. I have a cupboard full of new teas to try and I am ready to get at it. Today I brewed up a pot of Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea. Delicious!

The fire is burning in the wood-stove and the cats and dog are enjoying the quiet.
We are once again in a deep-freeze here in Ontario. It's too cold to walk Kane so he goes on many car rides throughout the day and runs around his yard instead. Five minutes in these freezing temperatures is enough for him. The poor ferals at the sight are hiding out and only receive dry food these days. I give them lots and two different kinds to please them all. I hear by Friday the temp. will rise and I can give them soft food once again.
                           "BLAH! to freezing cold weather."

I hung out another beautiful feeder for our birds today and put up some fresh suet. This one holds seeds and is placed at the back patio door where Audrey can be entertained by our local birds.
 "Thank you Susan (my walking buddy) and owner of the blog for this thoughtful gift. I love it and hope the birds do, too."Your yard is always full of our feathered friends so send some over." (Susan is a knitter so if any land in our yard sporting tuques I'll know they are from her way)

2013 has been an emotional year for us. Our home is still in the planning because of unforeseen issues with our design and designer but we look forward and pick it up where we left off in the spring of 2014. On the other hand, we were thrilled to see our daughter Jess become a mom as we welcomed our beautiful grand-daughter Gwyneth into our family and we enjoy her immensely.
Sadly, we said "good-bye" to our beloved Mr. Ed and just typing this brings me to tears. But that is life as we know it.

We wish you all a "Happy New Year" and thank you for stopping by so often throughout the year. I hope you drop by in 2014 for tea, cat-tips and the goings-on of our family and felines. Audrey is in the mirror every day practicing some new faces for you  that she hopes will 'thrill' you. She's bigger and bolder than ever. Here's one from this morning that she asked to send your way from her
 hidey-hole on the couch.
I have so enjoyed visiting your blogs and look forward to dropping by in the new year.

Do take a peak at Molly's kittens in the previous post.

"All the best, everyone. See you next year."

hugs, Deb

Monday, December 30, 2013

For your viewing pleasure...

Molly's eight kittens are weaned now and will be put up for adoption through The Ottawa Cat Rescue Network. Their website is

Molly did such a wonderful job raising her large litter with the help of foster mom Carolyn.
Molly will be spayed and then up for adoption also. 

I'll keep you posted as news of their adoptions come in.
Thank you again for all your support and donations for Molly and her kittens.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Playing again

Well, that was the busiest and hairiest Christmas so far. All I feel like doing now is 'chillin' and slowly getting my home back to order.
I've been playing with my cupboard again.
I know this isn't everyone's 'cup of tea' but I love the blue and white china.  I mix and match and have fun hunting new pieces down.

                                       This tea-pot has feet. Cuuuuuute! 

I hung one of my new bird-feeders at the front of the house this year since Audrey likes to sit in the dining-room window.
She will be quite amused, I'm sure.
This one holds an apple for them to peck away at. I suppose you can hang suet in it, too.
Annie couldn't quite figure out what this was before it went outside.

I  love it and hope the birds will take to it. We'll see. ("Thanks John & Brittany")
Tomorrow I'll hang out the other feeder that holds seeds.

I've put away lots of Christmas decorations already but the tree will stay up until after New Years. That is a tradition in our home. Plus, there most likely won't be a needle left on it by then.

There are stewed veggies and a samosa waiting for me so I'll bid you all a goodnight. :)

hugs, Deb

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Show-off post

 I had some beautiful cats to care for over the holidays and must show them off. Besides the five black beauties that I had the privilege to spend time with,  I also cared for many others.

This is Simba the Abyssinian. No, he can't talk but he looks like he can.
He is such a character. He helps me get the food into the bowls quickly and watches my every move as I prepare their feast. He is chatty and charming. SMART doesn't cover it with this breed.
Two of my favorite ladies.
Emmi and Didi

I have cared for them over ten years and they are just like one of my own.
They always give me a look as if to say "Where the heck have you been?" 

Gorgeous Dominique.
loves her spa time.

Little Smudge
She is one of my sweet seniors

a living doll
Bella's boyfriend and so sweet.

The three munchkins Lola, Rosie and Otis

Known and loved these three forever.

Cute, right? Oh my cute!

Love this fellow Cortez 
and his side-kick, Teddy (no photo yet)

I captured one of my charges in his window.
This is Colosse
He has 'cattitude' and is known as the street bully but he loves his cat-sitter.

I am now finishing up the kitty-care over the holidays. The last of the travellers return tomorrow and I am pooped. I was so busy this year that meeting up with friends over the holidays just didn't happen. January sounds like a better time for that. 
I received the three seasons of Downton Abbey for Christmas so I may not surface for awhile. I'm anxious to watch it all over again.
I'll be drinking new teas to me for a month. I received so many wonderful teas and beautiful tea-cups over Christmas from family and friends. 
Santa was so good to me this year and it looks like my back-yard birds will be enjoying some new bird-feeders (thank you John and my walking buddy Sue from to help them through the rest of the winter.  
Time to curl up by the wood-stove with Lily.

hugs, Deb 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The happy (hairy) holidays

Christmas Day brought the family home for the traditional festive dinner.
Three little ones now to make the day fun and exciting. I don't think I have seen so much wrapping paper fly through the air on Christmas morning since my own kids were little. It was wonderful.

I had five black beauties to care for over the holidays. Also tabbies, the wonderful pure white, tuxedos, greys and a very handsome Abyssinian. Needless to say I was run off my feet but did very little driving as the retired guy was my co-pilot for the week. We had one storm after another; more snow fell every day. So not having to drive much made it easier and less stressful.
The cats all did well as they filled their time eating, playing, sleeping and eating some more. Their coats were smooth and freshly brushed as they welcomed their owners home today.

Here are the grands on Christmas day...
 My beautiful grand-girls Riley (my son's daughter) and Gwyneth (my oldest daughter's

I think Gwyn would like a taste of that corn chip.
Although there were cat toys and nip from Santa, our dear Annie loved the little bed Santa left for Riley's dollies. Yes, it did look comfortable. Sierra waited her turn to try it out.
Then little Bradley tried it out. Perfect!
We missed my youngest daughter Allie and her Jon as they travelled and spent Christmas with Jon's family this year in Florida. 85 degrees I was told.

And here is just a peak at some Christmas kitty-clients...
This is Sparky (my newest client)
A spunky & fun black beauty.

This is Albert
Darling cat

and Tootsie
the 'birder'
and his side-kick Marvin (medium black) who did not appreciate being photoed

Another black beauty...

Beautiful, glorious black cats

more to come...
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Done like dinner

This photo pretty much sums it up.
 It has been a very busy time for cat-sitting and a fun Christmas day with our family. The retired-guy did a lot of the driving through some nasty weather this week. A little sleep is welcomed now and it will be left-overs tomorrow. Yippee!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I'll be back to show off some of the beauties I cared for.

hugs, Deb