Thursday, December 5, 2013

December is a busy time...

Sierra has no time for our Christmas tree.
It`s too small to climb so it`s not even worth looking at.
(just wait `til Annie sees her in her french bread basket) 
Ed, on the other hand, is fascinated by the lights and the glitter.
He`s too old and feeble to jump up on the table but certainly appreciates a hoist to see it all up-close and personal.

It`s lunch out and Christmas shopping in the little town of Almonte with some of my favorite people today.
The stores are all decked out and full to the brim with treasures.
First, I`m off to care for some home-alone kitties.
The weather is mild and wet but the snow is staying.

It`s a busy time. That`s December for you.

hugs, Deb


  1. oh, beauteous baby.....don't they just make your heart feel like it's coming out of your chest!!! Like you couldn't feel any more happiness if you tried.

  2. Happy Happy and Joy Joy Joy. Have fun!

  3. Aw, such sweet photos! Love the one of you holding Ed so he can see the lights up close....

  4. That baby is so beautiful, Deb! As are your cat babies. No tree yet, but we'll be getting one soon. Scout is always fascinated by it - lots of sniffing and looking at the ornaments.


  5. Gwyneth is beautiful! Happy shopping, XOXO

  6. Happy 3 month old Birthday, Gwyn!

  7. Gwyn is adorable.
    Sierra looks very comfy in Annie's basket =)
    I love Mr. Ed. Seriously love the little feline dude.

  8. Happy three month pretty little Gwyn ! Our Harley has only layed under the tree and maybe batted at a few ornaments on it when she was kitten now she couldn't care less about it really ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  9. What a sweet baby photo!!! I've only had one cat in my life who was interested in our tree to the point of knocking it over...

  10. I find it adorable when cats bury their faces like that on whatever they're sleeping on...

  11. Gwyn is so adorable! Sweet! What a fun Christmas her Mom and Dad will have.

    That is so precious that Mr. Ed likes to get close to the tree to enjoy the decorations. Bless him and all of you, too.


    Lily, WA, USA

  12. Oh I love it when kitties bury their face into things. So cute!
    xo Catherine