Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Isn`t it wonderful how having a Christmas tree in your home, adorned in all it`s splendor, can make you feel like a kid again. Our tree is a mishmash of hand-me-down ornaments, memories of the children growing up and now ones that are hand-picked with precision and taste. I love them all.

This one I purchased from a little shop in a small town a few years back.

I held it in my hand today and thought about the beautiful elephant that passed away at the Bowmanville' Ontario Zoo this week.
Her name was Limba and she was 50 years old. I`m not a fan of zoos but I am a fan of elephants. I found it sad to think that she had lived her long life in such an unnatural state. After listening to the staff at the zoo talk about her in the news I realized, though, that they did really love her and gave her as much attention as was possible.
One man cried as he talked about her personality and how she loved to walk in the local parades. He said that she loved the company of children.
So, Godspeed Limba. I`m sure you are now where you should be; with a herd of elephants in their natural environment. You are home.

hugs, Deb


  1. Our tree is like that too, Deb... a mish mash of things the kids made or chose, as well as memories of first Christmases, favorite toys, old friends, past pets, trips, cute teacups, etc. Each has a story. I love your story of Limba.

  2. I also felt sad, when I heard of her death...
    At least the ones from Toronto got to go to California, thanks to Bob Barker!
    My tree also has things my kids made...
    Imagine a toilet paper roll Santa!! hahaha!

    Linda :o)

  3. I love all the memories that ornaments can bring back!

  4. My dad always loved elephants. When I was a child, the circus train would come to town in the night and the elephants would be walked from
    the siding to the fairgrounds.
    Although he dispised the exploitive
    nature of circuses, dad would always
    go alone to watch the walk even
    though we begged to go along.
    Those pachyderms, as he called
    them, were something precious and
    personal to him. Dad was a very
    successful but troubled and volatile man and they brought out the best in
    him. Somehow the elephants could return him to the state before his
    inner demons took over. I have
    elephants on my tree in memory.
    God speed, dear Limba. Bless Bob
    Barker too.

  5. I love ornaments and all the stories about them. I often think of my "big" tree as my biography, telling of passions and travels and much more. I love Limba's story.

  6. I imagine poor Limba is at peace. I assume that was the elephant with cancer.

  7. Ooh, I love elephants!
    We have a toiletrol angel in our tree every year :), our son (12 now) made it when he was about four or five years old and it's the best angel in the world!

  8. We lost a baby elephant from one of our zoos here in Australia this week too.

  9. I agree ... elephants should be out in the wild, but both African and Asian (and Limba looks like she was Asian) are on the endangered list ... loss of habitat and poachers loving ivory. So sad. They are such magnificent critters. So smart and so loving of their families. I could go on and on about my love for these wonderful animals. Instead I'll go visit my zoo -- we are on baby watch .. Shanti is pregnant! YeeHaw!

  10. Oh i so agree with you about zoos but i have come to the difficult conclusion over the years that they are a necessary evil.... How can we ever get people to care what happens to them if they don't know them.... are never introduced to them? Thats what zoos are ....bridges..... People are exposed to the animals.... form connections ... attachments and there for care just a little what happens to the ones in the wild.... and may care to save them if they are threatened.... I applaud the zoos with excellent breeding programs that help repopulate those in the wild.... I do go to zoos occassionally and it is so sad to see them behind bars and not running free. I'am ever vigilante if i see an animal that i feel is mistreated or not taken care of properly ..... trust me the zoo will know my name. :) Hugs! deb