Monday, December 30, 2013

For your viewing pleasure...

Molly's eight kittens are weaned now and will be put up for adoption through The Ottawa Cat Rescue Network. Their website is

Molly did such a wonderful job raising her large litter with the help of foster mom Carolyn.
Molly will be spayed and then up for adoption also. 

I'll keep you posted as news of their adoptions come in.
Thank you again for all your support and donations for Molly and her kittens.

hugs, Deb


  1. Thank you for my dose of cuteness for the day, they are just so gorgeous!

  2. Ohh they are so adoreble .i hope they and mom Molly wil all have a great home in time

  3. Such sweet little kitties, I hope they all find their forever homes.

  4. Don't look , ,DON'T LOOK!
    Jane x

  5. Hi Deb! Oh, what little darlings! I love all of the Christmasy snaps and how you've posed them. I hope they all go to loving homes. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here's to a happy New Year and another year of blogging.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Awww the cuteness is almost too much. What little sweeties and we hope they find perfect forever homes.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. How cute is that?
    Looks like they had a great Christmas too!
    Good luck with the adoptions♥️
    Linda :o)

  8. What cuties! Is there a Pierre among them? ;)

  9. I feel like a proud Auntie that helped those little one's get this far. They are adorable and so it might be a good thing (per Charlie) that I don't live near them or one (or two) just might have to come home with me. My heart feels good! Hugs!

    1. And so it should, Linda. You and many others helped feed and care for these little ones and their mom. It took so much of the 'mothers milk-aid' to get them this far and that is very expensive. Now I just hope they all find loving homes. They are in good hands with the Ottawa Cat Rescue Network.

  10. So cute! I wish they could all come home with me!!

  11. Ooooh Deb - so glad I'm not cats, tortoiseshell cats, calico cats are my favourites and I already have my quota of 3. J

  12. Those babies are gorgeous! But the torties just grab my heart. I wish I could take a half dozen, oh, what the heck, I want them all!

  13. Well...dayam!!!! I'm in love with all of them!!!

  14. What a wonderful 'happy ending." They are all beautiful--especially the torties!

  15. Well Done Molly!!! And thank you so much Carolyn for all the care you gave them.

    Now... if they were justa little closer to my home.. I would be knocking on the shelter door! I love the two little beige and white ones! Oh...

    Lily, WA. USA

  16. There so beautiful!!!!! Each one a perfect angel ! I love them all! Our prayers are now with Molly. We need to get her the most splendid
    home a cat could ever want. !

  17. You couldn't have given me a better new year post. Oh my goodness how cute. If I lived over there I would certainly give one of these little monkeys a home.
    Thanks the lovely posts throughout the year Deb and lots of love and contentment to you and yours in 2014

  18. Oh my goodness.
    All that cuteness--and so early in the morning for me!
    They are all so sweet. Hope everyone, including Molly, find a good home!

  19. How many Ah!'s can one use in a comment....!
    As l've always said...And, continue to say......
    The Puddy-Tat is the most wonderful creature on
    the planet....There's are others..Close....But! The
    cat is the very bestest there is....Love'em forever..!

    Oh! and thankyou for ALL the lovely photos...Purrfect!
    Happy New Year to you ALL.....Bless!

  20. Well, I have chosen three! If I only lived in your hometown! They are absolutely adorable! That is my wish and my prayer for the New Year....that Molly and all of her kittens are placed with loving homes!

  21. Little wonders each one, though for myself, I would choose Molly, if I could. I always favour the older cats, though I'd love to see a feline grow from a tiny puff of fur like her kittens.

  22. Oh Deb, they are all just precious! I too wish I lived nearer... I love them all! Great photos; love the one "driving" the sleigh! Best wishes to them and you for a Happy New Year!

  23. Cuteness overload!!!
    xo Catherine

  24. These kittens are so adorable. Your photography is stunning.