Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall findings.

My heart sank as I arrived home after my walk this morning. There, at the end of our drive, was a dead grey squirrel. It had been hit on the road right at our lane. Now, I realize that most people would not care about a squirrel one.tiny.bit but if it's the sibling to the black one they were born in our maple outside our dining-area window. I watched them grow all spring and summer. They play like kittens in our drive-way. So, I do care about them. I guess I'll soon find out if it is the little grey one as they hang around together all day long. The poor little black guy will surely be looking for him. :(
 The retired-guy put him over near the ditch for the crows. That's what you do in the country. One thing dies to feed the others.

My walk this morning required a sweater :))) as the fall wind blew through the trees. What a difference a week makes.

I found a few of falls gifts on my walk. I was walking where the pretty houses are again. The people are so friendly there. Always a nod and a "good morning" or if in their car they smile and wave. I'm really beginning to love our new area.

It was a good day to have a burn and fix some fences. The temporary fence will come down once the posts are done. We are using some posts from the old chicken coop that came down last fall.

The morning glories are hanging on and they are so, so pretty. And the trees at the mouse-house are now beginning to turn a yellow-gold.

Soon they will be ablaze with colour.

The feeders were busy even though 'ol Kane was walking in amongst them. The birds usually stay clear when they see him. If they only knew how 'safe' this dear 'ol dog is.
(see the blue-jay to the left)

This guy gets (and needs) a bath once a week out here.

No visitors to the squirrel feeder yet that I know of. It's good to get it out early, though, so they are used to it before the real cold weather sets in. the smell of burning wood. It just adds to this fabulous fall day.

In the mouse-house the cats are snoozin'.
No matter how many comfy places are provided, Audrey always sleeps in this 'too small' cat bed and hangs her leg out so you'll take pity on her.

And this was just sent to me by my daughter.

                                            Our grandittle Gwynn dressed in fall colours.

Love that little peanut.
I think Friday we have a 'date'.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Setting up the feeder and the plight of the abandoned cat

If anyone is interested in building a see-through squirrel feeder for your resident squirrels, here is what it looks like once mounted on a stump. You can also attach them to a tree.
The instructions are on the previous post.
For now we will leave it here.

I'm quite sure I will see the three chipmunks who live under our pump trying out the new buffet.
A handful of nuts...and they will come.

I have been on the phone and computer much of the afternoon trying to find animal shelters or rescues that are not full to the rafters. I have done nothing but hit brick walls. There are so many cats being found in the Lanark area that need a place to go at a time when all the rescues are unable to take in even one more cat or kitten.
I lived in the Lanark area for 25 years and was very much involved in cat rescue so when I hear about the plight of the rescues and get calls to see if I can help my heart just sinks.
The local shelter is so full they are turning cats away, rescues are being stretched to the limits with too little funding and no available space.
Cats and kittens are being found under porches, in ditches, in fields, you name it.
Irresponsible people abandoning cats and kittens...responsible people finding them and seeking help.
It's a terrible time of year.

I won't preach to the all know how important spaying and neutering is.
Why, oh why does this continue to get worse every year?
With the cost of vet bills and the state of the economy I expect it will never get any better.
It's such a sad thing to see.

It's a rainy day today.
The air is cool as the wind blows leaves from the trees.
Fall has moved in.

Sierra washing up after breakfast.
Annie - just being cute.

Audrey is under a blanket. :-b

Sending you all a hug, 

Monday, September 28, 2015

levels of loveliness & building shelter for l'il red.

It was a gorgeous weekend and only right that we spend a little time relaxing.
I added a flower stand behind St. Francis so I had levels of blooms to enjoy for the little time left for these flowers. 
I love the fall mums.

My late morning glories.

and today it rained
after my hour walk where I got caught in a downpour (hence my flippy hair) we built a squirrel feeder to help our resident l'il red and his buddies get through the cold winter ahead.

The squirrel goes in through the hole and enters the jar that will hold his food. That way he is out of the rainy, sleety, frigid weather while he eats.
And, we can watch him enjoy his meal.
We made it bigger than the instructions because we thought the squirrel looked a little squished in the picture.
It gets so cold in our part of Canada that some wild-life do not survive the winter.
This just might make a difference.

The retired-guy is presently staining it red to match the mouse-house.
Only the best for our little rascals.

See...this is how it looks when he is dining.

Some would say we have too much time on our hands but's raining.

Now back to organizing those shelves behind me.

If you would like to build a squirrel feeder here is the link...

Thank you Nicole for sending me this link.
Nicole is one of my cat-sitting clients from years back and has been following along on our 'new life' in the country.

I still miss caring for her darling Serena. She is the most beautiful cat (inside and out) with big baby blues. 
How I would love to hug her again. 
This was very sweet of you, Nicole. Thank you so much.

Check out these peepers. :)
I was putty in her paws.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Some favorite things

I found myself in amongst the fall decor at a favorite shop on Friday.

Three little white foxes now live in my step-back cupboard. :)))

I'm always playing with this cupboard.
I changed up my wall to accommodate a beautiful print I found and just had to have.

Cats, birds, fox & flowers. These are a few of my favorite things.

Sierra has given up 'helping' me rearrange my cupboards. She's apparently had enough.

There are always lots of visitors to the mouse-house and today was no exception.
My sister & her hubby came for dinner. But first, I dragged her out for a long walk around the neighbourhood.
We headed for the pretty houses, of course. haha!
It's wonderful to see her walk without a cane now. After two hip surgeries she is as good as new. 

After a filling dinner, which included a beautiful flan for dessert, here they are having 'just a taste' of a recommended ice cream. A favorite of the retired-guy's. We were so full but there is always room for a taste of ice-cream, right? Cherry with chocolate chunks in a baby cone. Yum!
                                                              Diane & Frank


I've been leaving a little snack out for a raccoon that started coming by last summer while still a baby. I first noticed it under the maple above the bench at dusk one night (darn near scared it half to death) and the next day the feeders were down on the ground and completely emptied. The bottom of one feeder had been pulled right off. Only the fingers of a raccoon could have managed that. I felt sorry for it as it was so young and obviously hungry. So, since then, every night ( have not missed one) I leave a bit of food under the tree for it. Every morning the food is gone and the feeders have not been touched. At least the little beggar is polite now.

Hope you are having a fun weekend.
Hugs, Deb

Friday, September 25, 2015

What a glorious day.

This is my newest Morning Glory. A little unsure of what colour it would like to be. :))

What a beautiful day it is today. Lunch on the bench under the old maple was a must.

I had lots of bird company since it was lunchtime for them, too.  Early morning and early afternoon is the most active time at the feeders.




Looks like someone just noticed my sandwich. Here he comes.

"Hi Mom"
Well, I can't say no to that face.
I never have.
That's why I'm the worst 'alpha' dog-owner ever.
I suppose that's good or I'd just have to walk more.  haha!

Enjoy these fabulous fall days.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Transforming the step-back.

As much as I love my blue and white china I say "so long" once fall arrives.

Sierra and I were busy last night changing up the old step-back.
She's such a girl sometimes. :)

The fall colours are so heart-warming, refreshing and just all-around gorgeous.

My newest little fox.
He has a gorgeous bushy tail.

Oh dear, I have over-worked her again.

I'm off for my walk.
Have a good day.

I'm joining for Home Sweet Home.