Monday, September 21, 2015


It's not hard to guess what the 'bestest gift ever' was for our little Bradley
He got his own wheels and was so excited he had to let his big sister do the driving. haha!
He's a John Deere man, ya know.
And that hitch-hiker...that's our Gwynn.
And here's all his party-lovin' guests...

and Cooper, too.
(Ozzie was outside waiting by the barbeque.)
What a party it was. Perfect Fall weather, fabulous food, funny, happy kids
and lots of silly jokes were flying.

 "Happy 3rd Birthday, Bradley."
"You are one sweet, adorable, funny and awesome little boy
we love you lots,"
Nana & Gramps.

It's time to take a walk around the mouse-house and show you the changes of the season.
There is just a tease of colour in the maples and the land is preparing for fall.
I feel so privileged to be here.

Have a fun day, 


  1. Wishing your sweet Bradley a happy 3rd birthday! These are SO cute Deb! What a lovely family and I think I may want to request that cake for my next birthday!!!

  2. Bradley is an adorable 3 and the other Grands just keep growing also. Lovely family you have Deb!!

  3. Have a great...great day Bradley....Goodness!
    3yrs old...HeHe! My Burfday to~day as well,
    certainly been busy..busy..especially on the PC.
    Lovely people out there....Bless! :).
    It all looks lovely..lovely!x

  4. Best gift:) So cute..we sure love our Littles don't we?

  5. I love it when this birthday comes along with the grands. We only have two (of nine) left to turn FREE. Precious. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY!

  6. Three already? When did that happen? Good Heavens! Well, happy birthday to Bradley - I'd better write that before he turns four!

  7. Oh my goodness, Deb. This post is the best. Looking at those beautiful child faces made my day. The smiles! Oh, you can just see the joy in their hearts. How precious! You have an absolutely gorgeous family. Truly. You must be super proud. I am. . .and they're not mine. LOL Thank you for sharing Bradley's birthday party with us. What a sweet little boy! Hugs, Nancy

  8. What a happy 3rd birthday for Bradley! Love the family pic on the steps!

  9. Happy Birthday to that sweet little guy! Loved seeing the fun!
    That Cooper sure is handsome! I saw my first fall colored leaves today...just a few!

  10. Great vehicle! Hahaha!
    Happy birthday Bradley!
    Love your family you put a timer on?
    Would love to get one of my family...
    Linda :o)

  11. Hi Linda - Yes, there is a timer on our camera. We set the camera up on a step ladder (or tri-pod, if you have one) and then everyone say "cheese". haha!

  12. Oh I love that jeep , cool ! Wonderful photos Happy Birthday Bradley ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  13. Oh boy, where does the time go? Happy birthday little guy!