Monday, September 21, 2015

Falling...around the mouse-house

Yellow mums brighten up our old pump.
And with the changing season, I have a new addition to the mouse-house.

By the bird-bath she sits with her little cat.

The bird-bath is all cleaned up for the doves to have their evening bath.
I removed the little blue jewels and now, for the fall, a wee duck sits there waiting for all the action.
This is a favorite spot for blue-jays, too.
You can see the trees are still green but the top leaves are turning.
Another week and I'll show you their colours.
The sumacs are changing.
Aren't they pretty?

Now it looks like the grass needs a trimming.

The retired-guy does it...lazy-man style. ;-)

I am so loving all the signs of the changing season.
I hope you, too, welcome fall with all it's splendor.

We have a black cat that has made an appearance 3 evenings in a row.
Each time it sees us it hi-tails it towards the wood-pile at the back of the property.
Tomorrow I will investigate. I am hoping it is a neighbours' cat and will check that out, too.


hugs, Deb


  1. Hmm...I wonder if that cat is trying to adopt you! :)

  2. ooo she is so sweet with her kitty & own bench seat, love your mouse house corner :))
    ohhh i hope the black cat will be okay, perhaps it's been abandoned? hope not & hope you find out soon too
    thanx for sharing

  3. Your outdoor setting is so pretty, Deb, and I love your little girl with the kitty.
    Enjoy your Fall changes in your beautiful area.

  4. Love that bench, so cute. I too hope the cat is just visiting.

  5. A nice addition in that bench. One assumes it's a neighbour cat- they can have quite a range if they roam.

  6. Beautiful gardens! The girl and kitten are cute.

  7. I do spy the beginnings of fall around your mouse-house. It is exciting for me to see and smell the beginning of this season, my favorite.

    I hope you find the black cat does have a home near-by and is only visiting you. Either way, if it is a homeless cat, with you in his / her life now the kitty will be cared for.

  8. I love my lawn tractor Betsy her and I have fun cutting the grass and hauling the trailer full of garden stuff lol , You go retired guy I will race ya , hehe ! Oh I do love your gardens spaces there I am glad you are enjoying it all , isn't it amazing to live in the country ? ! Lovely photos , thanks for sharing , Have a good day and a Happy First Day Of Fall .

  9. I love the girl on the bench with a kitten...and your bird bath is so pretty. It gets prettier and prettier. I love your place!

  10. Hi Deb! So glad you 'found' me, and now I have found you, too, and your beautiful blog :) Love having a peek at your pretty garden with your new little 'girl with kitten'. I scrolled down and 'met' your darling family and sweet little grandchildren, too. You are the second blog I have read today that has found a stray kitty. I always believe that animals find us, not the other way around :) Looking forward to following along. xo Karen

  11. Has Riley seen your garden statue of the girl with the cat? It could be her! the lovely braids, the kitty. Makes the statue all the more adorable.
    A black cat brings prosperity to your home, so the legend goes.
    I hope the little traveller has a warm home to return to. Black cats are a special favourite of mine. They've always been the sweetest, most loving cats one could imagine.

  12. Such a lovely garden statue Deb! It looks really sweet.

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

    Madelief x

  13. Everything looks so pretty, Deb. I'm with the retired guy for sitting down on the job! Hope you find out whose cat it is. We have so many around here that no one claims!. It's sad..Happy Fall Day to you..Judy

  14. The retired guy looks good on that mower! Keep us posted on black cat.