Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall findings.

My heart sank as I arrived home after my walk this morning. There, at the end of our drive, was a dead grey squirrel. It had been hit on the road right at our lane. Now, I realize that most people would not care about a squirrel one.tiny.bit but if it's the sibling to the black one they were born in our maple outside our dining-area window. I watched them grow all spring and summer. They play like kittens in our drive-way. So, I do care about them. I guess I'll soon find out if it is the little grey one as they hang around together all day long. The poor little black guy will surely be looking for him. :(
 The retired-guy put him over near the ditch for the crows. That's what you do in the country. One thing dies to feed the others.

My walk this morning required a sweater :))) as the fall wind blew through the trees. What a difference a week makes.

I found a few of falls gifts on my walk. I was walking where the pretty houses are again. The people are so friendly there. Always a nod and a "good morning" or if in their car they smile and wave. I'm really beginning to love our new area.

It was a good day to have a burn and fix some fences. The temporary fence will come down once the posts are done. We are using some posts from the old chicken coop that came down last fall.

The morning glories are hanging on and they are so, so pretty. And the trees at the mouse-house are now beginning to turn a yellow-gold.

Soon they will be ablaze with colour.

The feeders were busy even though 'ol Kane was walking in amongst them. The birds usually stay clear when they see him. If they only knew how 'safe' this dear 'ol dog is.
(see the blue-jay to the left)

This guy gets (and needs) a bath once a week out here.

No visitors to the squirrel feeder yet that I know of. It's good to get it out early, though, so they are used to it before the real cold weather sets in. the smell of burning wood. It just adds to this fabulous fall day.

In the mouse-house the cats are snoozin'.
No matter how many comfy places are provided, Audrey always sleeps in this 'too small' cat bed and hangs her leg out so you'll take pity on her.

And this was just sent to me by my daughter.

                                            Our grandittle Gwynn dressed in fall colours.

Love that little peanut.
I think Friday we have a 'date'.

hugs, Deb


  1. Gwynn's looking adorable! Audrey seems quite comfy.

  2. That little girl gets cuter and cuter. And lovely findings on your fall walk. Lovely season...but sadly it does mean winter is on its way.

  3. Cute everyone...Gwynn, Kane, Audrey, BlueJay. .... :) It's chilly here tonight...
    most certainly need a sweater!

  4. Oh Deb, I hate to see a squirrel hit by a car. I love the squirrels as much as all the other animals. Can't help but say again, that Gwynn is so adorable. She is precious!

  5. Oh gosh....Gwynn is losing her baby the curly hair♥️
    Nice to be enjoying your walks so much...sad about Grey :o(
    Enjoy the rest of your week..bundle up!
    Linda :o)

  6. How precious your little Gwynn is with her golden curls! So sad about the squirrel. The poor wild things really live a precarious life in this modern age. Sounds like you are enjoying every moment of this beautiful season. Your pup is so sweet. x Karen

  7. The most heart wrenching thing l've 'ever' seen...
    On my way last year on a lower road to a town,
    north of me. Got behind a small queue of traffic,
    both ways in fact. As l got close to the corner, a drake,
    (male duck) was making one hell of a fuss and noise, and
    wandering up and down a grass verge....Until..Until..I saw
    in the road, it's over by a car. Of course ducks like
    swans, mate for life...Terrible..Terrible scene!
    Just further up, there was a bus pull in...I stopped....Well, you
    can guess the rest....! Bless!

    Gwynn looks lovely...As always....
    AND...Audrey!x...sssssh! Looks lovely...As always...!
    Leg and all....!

  8. Enjoy your date with Gwynn. Lots of squirrels in our neighborhood and I'm always sad when meets an end by the hand of an automobile. Pesky and fun little critters. Rumor has it that we might feel a touch of fall this weekend ... then back to summer!

  9. Poor little squirrel! My heart sinks anytime I see one as roadkill, as well as skunks, opossums or groundhogs. The other day, on my commute home, traffic was all backed up and I couldn't figure out why...and it turned out that a turkey was crossing the road and EVERYONE stopped to let it get to the roadside. Brought a tear to my eye.

  10. Wood burning always smells like autumn to me. It's sad when one of man's loathsome inventions kills an animal...

  11. So sorry about the squirrel, but as my son constantly reminds me... it is the way of nature... but I still say a little prayer every time I see a critter that has met its end.
    Cute pic of Gwynn!

  12. I have a hard time seeing animals dead on the road also, but I do know it feeds other animals. I hope it's not your grey squirrel. Gwynn is growing up so fast! What a darling girl as are all your sweet Grands.