Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A fun photo and a turkey sighting

A favorite fall photo of
Audrey watching a moth that came in through the window on a cool October day.
This was taken three years ago at our old house.

It's been warm here the last few days but not near the humidity that we had for most of August. I much prefer September for that reason.
I checked the tomato plants this morning and sure enough there were loads of wee tomatoes for tonight's salad and pizza. The large tomatoes are all done now but I'm sure there are still 100 little ones to pick.

The mouse house had visitors again today. I had just cleaned up around the well; moved some plants from the pump to the fence and cut the grass when low and behold our rather large turkey family came by for a visit. They have been staying around the back of the lot lately; eating where the perennials are. But they always love to check out the grass after it is freshly cut. I cannot get too close so the photos aren't great but to be honest, I don't want to get too close to them. They have grown so much that I can't tell who is who anymore. They are all as big as the parents.

I am so happy to see the mourning doves back at the feeders and a family of five blue-jays. The chickadees are still the friendliest of all and everyone is making the best of the new feeder.

I'll be adding suet this winter and will share a great recipe from my friend, Susan at The birds devoured it.

hugs, Deb


  1. Boy, those tomatoes look good! I hope we stay warm long enough for mine to ripen!

  2. My little tomatoes are going like crazy now too! I eat a few every time I take the dogs out and will dehydrated another few batches to use later on salads. That's a beautiful bird feeder. I need a new one this year. That looks perfect with the places for suet. LOVE the pic of Audrey!!

  3. I just love the spot with the bench and bird feeder, and the area with the turkeys. It's so pretty! Those turkeys look huge! And what a perfect fall picture of Audrey.

  4. Lovely photos ! I think the Turkeys have roosted there now they seem to like it there very much , cant blame them looks like a wonderful place you have . It is as humid as heck here more so then last month for us down here seems to get more humid as each day comes when our Miggs wants to be indoors it means it is to hot out there . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. It's rare to see Audrey without her patented glare!

  6. Audrey is such a pretty girl! Love her fur color. I would prefer turkeys to the skunks I keep seeing in our yard...thank goodness I have Patty O'Malley to guard me from getting too close! Wonder what is so attractive about our yard? Time for some research!

  7. I can imagine what Audrey was doing: playing about with some ribbon when...a moth! The most astonishing thing!

  8. Sweet Audrey, such a gorgeous kitty!
    Wow, a lot of big turkeys now - hope they don't eat your plants, or the tomatoes!
    Glad the wild birds are visiting - always lovely to watch. Catching pix of the chickadees is hard, they are really fast little sweeties with very loud voices for their size!
    Hugs - Mary