Saturday, September 12, 2015

A birthday wish & a lovely piece of pottery

"A Very Happy Birthday" to my wonderful friend of 39 years, Mary.
The above photos were taken at my son's wedding. I cherish these photos and it is a constant reminder that we need to get together again and kick up some dust. We met in the '70's and worked together in Toronto. We have stayed close friends even though there are many miles between us.

                                     Fall in Toronto 1978

(shopping on our lunch-hour)
 Proof we were young once. 

"Have a fabulous day, Mar. I wish so much I was there to share a meal and a glass or two. Enjoy YOUR day with family and friends and know that I am there in spirit. lol" 

Someone else has a birthday soon. 
 More on that later. ;-)

Here's my latest pottery find.
It fits right in here and I love it to bits.

hugs, Deb



  1. oooooO! Happy Burfday's ALL round....! :0.
    Lovely! And..Another burfday coming up.....
    Wonder who that can be...! =(^..^)=.

    And...I see from one of my many pussy~cat
    calendars, to the left of me, that tomorrow is
    Grandparents Day...In Canada and the USA!

  2. Love your new butter dish. Hand thrown/made pottery is my favorite.
    Hugs and purrs...

  3. It's wonderful to have long time friends! Cute pics! Charlie just turned 17 and we've been having some stomach issues. I've put him on a new diet and hope that helps. He is such a sweet ole thing!

  4. Good friends are precious, enjoy your weekend xx

  5. Happy birthday Mary. I love that picture of you two. Oh my! Will miss Audrey be having party this year?

  6. You both have certainly not changed much at all - still two beautiful ladies!
    Hope Mar enjoyed her birthday and the two of you catch up in person again soon.

    My best friend and my brother call ME Mar - they're the only ones who do!

    Mary -

  7. Happy Birthday to your Friend . I love the older photo of you two as well . cute pottery find, Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !