Friday, September 11, 2015

A 'no-go' zone for now & it's apple time.

Not long ago, Kane and I were out and about the property, enjoying the cooler weather when we made a discovery.

He loves to go where no one has been (in his head) so he wandered up the path to the old stone wall and I followed him. To be honest, if I don't follow him this 15 year old dog could end up in another county. It is just over to the left where I have my little cemetery for our beloved cats that have passed on. Kane and I wandered over and it's then that I noticed a tree had split, was hanging over that very spot, and was held up only by a neighbouring tree branch. This special little place had become a 'No Go' zone. :(
                                                     Hanging right over the cemetery
  I like to tidy up around the fence; brush the leaves away that, with even the slightest wind, fall from the little maples and rake between the stones. The old stone wall was built by my ancestors over 100 years ago. I love to visit here; and it's then that I feel close once again to these cats that I miss everyday. Nine very loved and very missed family members. Btw - we have owned this land for many years and these are cats that have lived with us over the last 30 some years.

All nine of our beloved cats lived a long life. The youngest to pass away was our Tina at 15 years. The oldest was Mr. Ed, our Siamese, in his 26th year. All the others were between 18 and 24.
Still, time with them was not long enough and I miss each and everyone of them.

We will be having the tree removed this fall before the snow flies and I can once again get in there to fuss and fiddle.  It's a place for me to go to calm the soul just by being near them again. And we all need that at times; there's no doubt about it.
     =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^==^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= 

                            It's apple time
 and I was in the mood for apple cake (again). This time it's a blueberry loaf recipe only I changed it to diced apples.

These are saved and go out for the birds and chippies.
 The blue-jays love them.

 This recipe made one large loaf with enough batter left over for three muffins.
Oh, you only see two.
It was delish!
1/2 cup of butter melted and cooled
2 cups flour
1 1/4 cups sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup milk
2 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups diced apple
cinnamon and sugar mix (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Grease or use parchment paper on a loaf pan
Sift flour,sugar,baking powder,salt in a large bowl
In a small bowl whisk butter, milk, eggs & vanilla
Sir wet into dry just until blended. Fold in apple pieces.

If you have batter left over just make muffins.

Sprinkle a mix of cinnamon and sugar on top.

Bake for 55 minutes.


Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. 

hugs, Deb


  1. It is soul calming to be near them . It's peace and the recognition of continuity across the generations , both feline and human, They rest next to the old stone wall that your ancestors built. History and love, bound together.
    We're glad the cooler weather suits Kane-dog.
    He's a dear.

  2. Oh to have that stone fence made by your ancestors on the property is amazing, and a nice peaceful place for your beloved passed pets , talk about connecting with all the spirits there ! My those apple muffins and cake sound and look YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing , hope you have a good weekend !

  3. The pet resting place looks peaceful. Good ole Kane - keep mum company. The apple cake looks yummy.

  4. Hi Deb, long time not comment but still reading.
    What do you think gives your cats long lives? My Kitty and Fred reached 14 but that's the longest I've ever managed to keep them.. I recently changed all of ours diet to a kibble that has no wheat, I wonder if the wheat is not good for them. Kitty and Fred always had moist food, chicken, hearts, mince, fish etc but this lot are not keen on fresh.
    I know exactly what you mean about still missing them all, I find it hard to look at phots of all of my past cats, each one had something special.

  5. I have a good apple cake recipe but I'm not sure where it is so I'm saving this one! Looks delish.

    I miss Gypsy and Stimpy. They were cremated and here with me, Stimpy in a box with his toys, Gypsy (a tinier tin) in the window he loved. I don't "see" them everyday but I know they are there and miss them sorely. Especially little Gyp, so much more recently. I'm glad you have a spot where they are all together.

    And yes, beware of that tree! Definitely no-go!

  6. The cake sounds delicious! Yes, that tree will have to be dealt with before the snow comes, because it can't be left as is.

  7. I love that old stone wall. That is such a pretty spot. Those falling trees can be dangerous. I worry that Poppy will come home and find me pinned under a big limb. :) We had another huge limb fall across the grape vines Thursday night. Keeps me busy picking up sticks and limbs. I still love having all the trees. Take care.