Saturday, September 26, 2015

Some favorite things

I found myself in amongst the fall decor at a favorite shop on Friday.

Three little white foxes now live in my step-back cupboard. :)))

I'm always playing with this cupboard.
I changed up my wall to accommodate a beautiful print I found and just had to have.

Cats, birds, fox & flowers. These are a few of my favorite things.

Sierra has given up 'helping' me rearrange my cupboards. She's apparently had enough.

There are always lots of visitors to the mouse-house and today was no exception.
My sister & her hubby came for dinner. But first, I dragged her out for a long walk around the neighbourhood.
We headed for the pretty houses, of course. haha!
It's wonderful to see her walk without a cane now. After two hip surgeries she is as good as new. 

After a filling dinner, which included a beautiful flan for dessert, here they are having 'just a taste' of a recommended ice cream. A favorite of the retired-guy's. We were so full but there is always room for a taste of ice-cream, right? Cherry with chocolate chunks in a baby cone. Yum!
                                                              Diane & Frank


I've been leaving a little snack out for a raccoon that started coming by last summer while still a baby. I first noticed it under the maple above the bench at dusk one night (darn near scared it half to death) and the next day the feeders were down on the ground and completely emptied. The bottom of one feeder had been pulled right off. Only the fingers of a raccoon could have managed that. I felt sorry for it as it was so young and obviously hungry. So, since then, every night ( have not missed one) I leave a bit of food under the tree for it. Every morning the food is gone and the feeders have not been touched. At least the little beggar is polite now.

Hope you are having a fun weekend.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Dinner looks like it was lots of fun! Nice company, too!

    I love the print of the wren....beautiful!

  2. Happy Sunday Deb! love all the pictures and the new foxes are very cute!

  3. And elephants to l see!! :).
    All looking lovely, I love and have lots and lots
    of bits and pieces scattered about the place....
    though mostly pussy~cats!
    And Sierra!x Bless! I think pussy~cats tent to
    supervise rather than help...! They seem good
    at it!

    HeHe! Raccoon! Have'nt had raccoon in years....
    Can't get it over here in the UK. Never mind!
    I have rabbit for dinner to~day!
    And...That's an unusual name for a raccoon...
    Source...! :).

  4. These are a few of Deb's favorite things ... I'll be singing all day! :) :)
    Love the bird print and the new fox. I'm sure your resident raccoon appreciates your help. Sierra is such a good helper.
    Purrs and hugs ....

  5. Always room for a tiny bit of ice cream! Love the little white foxes and your step back cupboard is always a delight for the eyes! Poor Sierra, you wore her out.

  6. Deb, you hit the nail on the head. Some don't like to feed wild-life and feral cats. But we've found over the years that if you feed them, they don't do any damage... don't go through the trash or tear apart feeders, etc.

  7. You do realize that (1) you'll have to give the raccoon a name and (2) if it's a female, you'll have a family of raccoons to feed and name ;-)

  8. The fox decorations are cute!

    I passed by a raccoon last night coming home... would have never seen it if it hadn't moved. I said hello and talked to it for a bit. It just stared at me like I was completely mental.

  9. Lovely photos . Glad to hear your Sister is doing so well . Oh maybe this little Raccoon has a family near by to . Cute white foxes and love the Wren painting , Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  10. Isn't it supremely fun to find an items or items while shopping, that just make your heart sing? I scored at the resale yesterday too, and today is such a lovely day, that my weekend feels well spent. I love Sierra's expression!

  11. I'll have to come back and read about the raccoon. I'm still thinking about the flan and ice cream...

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  14. Love the little foxes!! So many people around here shoot raccoons. :( I am glad you are feeding yours. Wonderful creatures.

  15. Oh dear...that little Wren is so cute! Love that!
    Foxes are cute too!
    How nice to have your sister over!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)