Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quiet company

Just when I think I'm alone, I feel two gorgeous eyes follow me around the kitchen.

She is quite at home now. She has her favorite spots where she is entertained for hours by the going's on in the room.
She is so quiet until she finds a toy mouse and then all hell breaks loose.

She purrs and once again it is unique and musical,  just like the others. She has her shadow and that is good, most of the time.
Her lion cub keeps her busy.

She has blossomed into a masterpiece, this cat.

Have a fun day. I'm off to cat-sit and then a long walk with Kane.

hugs, Deb

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sugar Shackin'

Temple's Sugar Shack
We stopped in today for the best pancakes and maple syrup.
Then off for a bit of a hike with Kane.
The sap travels through the blue pipes

These buckets were empty today.
The season was cut short because of recent warm temperatures.
Along the trail
Food left for the birds by hikers
There are many little bridges with names.
I'm on the Coyote Bridge

Proof that a bear has been by. Gotta stay on your toes around here.

Couldn't resist. I ate way too many pancakes.
We took a peak inside one of the buildings where they turn sap into syrup.
Nothing goin' on today. The season has come to an end by the looks of it.
Did I mention they have the best coffee ever?
So get down to Fergusons Falls, Ontario for breakfast soon.

hugs, Deb


 Annie & Lily are my lap cats. Sometimes it can be a problem but most times they don't mind sharing me.
There's an interesting question. Do cats share? Of course they do. They share litter boxes, cat bowls, water dishes, toys and scratching posts and trees. Cats really do not have a problem at all to share what they consider to be theirs. In our home, I often see 2 cats sharing out of a bowl when there is another bowl of food right next to them. Now, they are proving to me that they can also share their 'person'.

I shopped in Almonte again this week and came home with another tea-cup and a mantel clock.

I didn't need another tea-cup and I don't have a mantel. Oh well!

Playing with my cupboard again.
I am never alone in this process

It's a cold, sunny day today, only 6 degrees,  and the sun-worshipers are in their glory.

After cat-sitting, we are off to the sugar bush now that the sap is flowing again.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Black Teacup

Here is another of my mom's beautiful tea-cups. This one I love because of the black background.

Chugai China

I love the turquoise on it.
I'm having coffee in it to accompany a home-made bran muffin.
Yes, that's allowed.

The Canada Geese are on their way home now and they have a very devoted audience. 
                                                             Annie & Audrey
I'm linking up with for Friends sharing tea and for Tea-cup Thursday.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ed & cat-in-window

The cats spends a lot of time in one part of the house lately; behind the couch.
Ed thinks behind the couch is a little bit of cat paradise. The sun hits here every day and keeps it toasty warm. It's cozy and tight and the backyard trees are in view. Just what his old bones need. And he always has company whether he wants it or not.
"Hi Audrey"  She is always ready to spring....
There are beds, scratching posts and toys back there.

Soon it will be warm enough for all the cats to be out in the screened-in porch. But for now this will do.

One of our beauties prefers her little condo.
but for some reason, Audrey always finds her tail to play with.
Yes, I always know where to find Ed these days.
but it's raining today. No sun for the worshippers.

A cat-in-window for you from yesterday's walk. I cannot resist a white cat. 
He is looking at Kane, my dog. I'm sure he is thinking..."That is the ugliest thing I've ever seen".

Easter weekend is getting very booked up for cat-sitting. Some clients want a full week so they can travel further. Most are regulars and a few are brand new clients. I get very excited about meeting new cats. Much like a kid....can't help it.
It's going to be a busy few days as I am having the dinner for the whole gang again.
Today I found a table-cloth protector (did not know they existed) so I can use my new one from Peru that my daughter, Allie brought home from her trip. It's one of those things you cannot replace so the thought of wine spilling on it kept me from wanting to use it. Now I can. One of my family members said that if I serve dinner on that table-cloth without some kind of cover he will eat on the front porch. So, now he can eat with the rest of us. :)

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pickin' up

The sun is back but oh baby, it's cold out there.
It's easy to find the sun in my home.

Most of my clients have returned and I only have a few kitties to visit today.

That means I can work around the home and do more spring cleaning. Might as well face it, it has to be done. And when the sun is shining, I don't mind at all.

There is lots to pick up around my home. Why? Because Audrey knocks everything down from high places if at all possible.

Oh yes, she's a doofus; a menace in the office. Papers everywhere. I may have to re-think this 'office cat' title that she so badly wants. How do you get a kitten to pick up after herself?

My orchid still lives. That's 1 for Deb. Thank you to Natalie from Knatolee's World for the advice on watering my orchid and keeping it alive. Natalie seems to know a lot about a lot...heaven's she raises bees and chickens and ducks and....oh! just go visit her. Her advice was to place an ice-cube on the soil weekly and it seems to be doing great. Her name is Sadie. That's right, I named her. I'll do whatever it takes to make her live.

Dinner out with Grandittle tonight. Yah!

hugs, Deb

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lola, it's cold outside

Well, so much for the warm weather. Today it was cold and windy. I feel for the early birds that have arrived back home. Today they would have regretted their decision, I'm sure. I brought in some plants I had placed on our patio table. They would have froze over-night and I would have cried.

Last Friday on my afternoon walk (without dog), I wore a short sleeved sweater and open shoes. It was sunny and warm. Today I am back in winter gear.
I have a walking partner for my second daily walk now. While the doggy sleeps I head out with another local blogger, Sue from Just Sayin'. Drop by and visit her.
We are determined to do this daily walk ( 1 hour) and no freezing winds and cold temperatures are going to stop us. Well, not today anyway.
Part of our walk takes us over the 'back bridge' and along the Mississippi River. It is so beautiful along the water but very windy.We almost blew off the bridge today but we hung on like the Great Canadians we are.

You've met Lola before but it never hurts to look at her again. She is beeeeeautiful!
She is black and white and under the black hair is a layer of white.
Have you ever seen such a lovely coat?  It has a silver shimmer to it. She is so, so pretty. She is a shy little thing but  lets me give her chin scratches, finally. She is another very lucky kitty that was found lost and foraging for food.
 She now lives in the lap of luxury.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm toast

First off, a couple of cat tips for you.
It has come to my attention that the petroleum in cat hairball remedy can cause diarrhea in cats. Also, I have just read that mineral oil (also found in petroleum jelly) used in excess can deplete Vitamin A in your cat.
From this research, I am now in favor of giving your cat canned pure pumpkin which is a fibre and will help eliminate excess hair from the cat's stomach. Also comb your cat daily if it is a groomer. It will help to rid a lot of the loose hair.

This is a product that is new to me. One of my kitty-clients is on this and it is helping with his joint pain.

I think I will be talking to my vet about possibly putting Ed on this. Since his accident last summer (fell off the couch and did damage to his back left leg), he is 23 after-all,  he has a funny gate to his walk now. He still does the stairs everyday and jumps up on the couch numerous times throughout the day. I don't think he is in any pain but cats can be very stoic and it is hard to know sometimes.

 I'm glad the weekend has come to a close. I am toast. This had to be one of the busiest weekends ever for cat-sitting. Great fun, enjoyed every minute of it, got to see lots of my favorite kitties but I'm done like dinner.
Buddy (from Bud & Chase) gave me a 'cat in window' for you.
Here he is watching 2 morning doves at the feeder.
He has lots of beautiful windows to sit at and 'hunt'. Actually, these two boys do go outside but not on my watch.


Back home, all is peaceful and quiet.
Well, while Audrey is sleeping anyway.

Sierra, Lily, Audrey & Ed
 She is one of the 'big guys' now, joining them all on the couch for the afternoon siesta. And they all accept her which I am grateful for.

hugs, Deb

heaven bound

Can it possibly be that we have competition in the 'office cat' category?
I have added another bed just in case.
Audrey loves her Uncle Ed

Next to my own mom, my mother-in-law was one of the best bakers I ever knew. I have a book full of her recipes and I love them all. She is now in a nursing home and doesn't bake anymore but the memory of all her 'delectables' is very fresh in my mind. You know I love muffins...oh yes, and these bran muffins are the best ever.
You might as well be doing your body some good if you are going to dive into the carbs.
So, here goes...
Bran Muffins
In a large bowl add...2 beaten eggs to 1/2 tsp. salt. Add 2 cups of brown sugar and 1 cup butter.
Then add 2 cups of flaky bran cereal.
Mix in 2 cups of sour milk. (take 2 cups of milk and add 1 tsp. of vinegar to make sour milk)
In a separate bowl, 2 cups of all purpose flour
add 2 tsp. baking soda
Add to wet mixture
Fill muffin cups 2/3 full. (24 muffins)
Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes or until nicely brown on top 
Oh, did you notice I found another pretty tea-cup in our local antique/thrift shop.
It is Phoenix China..made in England and it's short, round and has a large handle. It is stamped with wings and RCAF Trenton, Ontario. 
 Since my mom has passed on, my sister Diane has become, just like my mother was, an excellent baker. She has mastered pie crust and her pies melt in your mouth. We enjoy lots of her goodies and one of these days I'll give you her meat pie recipe for those who love 'tourtiere',  (Diane's style).

I am staying close to home today as I have many beautiful cats to care for this weekend.
Cremes, tabbies, marmalades, grey's & calico's 
I'm in kitty-heaven.
Which brings me to this...If the thought of 'heaven' doesn't make your eyes cross, do you think animals go to heaven?
It's always been a bit of a debate in my home so I'm wondering what you think. The Christian faith believe that animals do not have a 'soul' heaven bound for them. Pfffffffffffffffffft! This doesn't sit right with me. When they add such beauty, innocence, love and peace to our lives, how can this be? Personally, if there are no cats or dogs in heaven, I'm really going to have to re-think my end of life plan. It doesn't sound so heavenly without them. And what would I do with myself? "No Kane...
...oh my goodness!"
I'm just having fun but seriously it did cross my mind.
How could Annie have the face of an 'ol soul if she doesn't have one?
"What do you think, Toad?"

Anyway...enjoy those muffins and add some honey on top to make them more 'heavenly'.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Meet Puff
This guy is way too pretty to be a boy.
 But he is and he's a boy that never purrs. Never! This is the one and only cat I have every met in all my years of cat-sitting that cannot (or will not..hmmmm) purr.

 He hangs out in paradise every summer. Wouldn't that make you want to purr.
                                               That's Puff.

hugs, Deb

Marmalade moments

"Ummm....Toady, someone is here to see you."

"Pay attention, Toad"
"Well, finally. Cat TV".

It's a day of the marmalade cat. Walking home, I came across this dear oldie.
Happy to be on the old familiar porch once again.
after a some-what shorter winter than usual..
                                    I was told he's nearly 20

hugs, Deb