Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm toast

First off, a couple of cat tips for you.
It has come to my attention that the petroleum in cat hairball remedy can cause diarrhea in cats. Also, I have just read that mineral oil (also found in petroleum jelly) used in excess can deplete Vitamin A in your cat.
From this research, I am now in favor of giving your cat canned pure pumpkin which is a fibre and will help eliminate excess hair from the cat's stomach. Also comb your cat daily if it is a groomer. It will help to rid a lot of the loose hair.

This is a product that is new to me. One of my kitty-clients is on this and it is helping with his joint pain.

I think I will be talking to my vet about possibly putting Ed on this. Since his accident last summer (fell off the couch and did damage to his back left leg), he is 23 after-all,  he has a funny gate to his walk now. He still does the stairs everyday and jumps up on the couch numerous times throughout the day. I don't think he is in any pain but cats can be very stoic and it is hard to know sometimes.

 I'm glad the weekend has come to a close. I am toast. This had to be one of the busiest weekends ever for cat-sitting. Great fun, enjoyed every minute of it, got to see lots of my favorite kitties but I'm done like dinner.
Buddy (from Bud & Chase) gave me a 'cat in window' for you.
Here he is watching 2 morning doves at the feeder.
He has lots of beautiful windows to sit at and 'hunt'. Actually, these two boys do go outside but not on my watch.


Back home, all is peaceful and quiet.
Well, while Audrey is sleeping anyway.

Sierra, Lily, Audrey & Ed
 She is one of the 'big guys' now, joining them all on the couch for the afternoon siesta. And they all accept her which I am grateful for.

hugs, Deb


  1. Cosequin is a good product-glucosamine/chondroitin. The orthopedic vet that did Coco's knee surgery likes Dasuquin and Glyco-Flex II. Coco is on the chews and while she doesn't gobble them down, I can break them up and pop them in her mouth and she swallows them.

  2. If pumpkin doesn't help, you can try miralax, 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. That is what the vet I work for uses, and yes, you are right about the petrolatum/petroleum jelly/mineral oil based products.

  3. Cosequin works great for my senior. It's made a big difference in his ability to use his ailing back legs.

  4. When Banjo was having his tummy problems a few years ago, the vet had me feed him a tablespoon of canned pumpkin with his food. It really did work! Sometimes 'nature' makes the best medicine!

    Happy Monday Deb and kitties!
    xo Catherine


  6. I use pumpkin to firm things up when foster kittens have diarrhea and to help ease things when there is constipation.. fiber is such cool stuff.

    I used cosequin for Em when she had early arthritis, and for Jack to help soothe his bladder (it is good for kitties with urinary issues too) I was told the small dog version has less added extra ingredients

  7. Not heard about pumpkin and something to think about.I love the snuggly pictures. Nothing like cats snuggling together.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. I have heard of pumpkin but haven't tried it. So I need to do that. Will they eat it willingly?? Thanks for that tip. Hope you got rested up. Have a great week.