Friday, March 2, 2012

Stepping it up a notch

3 little tea-cup hooks finished off my country french cupboard. I knew something was missing and it took seeing some of the beautiful cupboards in many of your blogs for me to 'get it'.
I hung 3 cheerful tea-cups, added a few Easter tree ornaments and now I like it.

European customs intrigue me. I love the idea of everyone stopping whatever they are doing at 3:30 pm each day to sit and have tea. What a great tradition, don't you think? We should all do that, just like they do in England.

Did you know 'High Tea' is called that because it is taken at a high table? It also includes a heavier meal such as steak and kidney pie rather than the traditional scones and finger sandwiches.  Another reason I love blogging because I learn something new every day.

Lily is doing well today. This is not today's photo but one I love.

She ate, she lapped, she purred, she wandered, she snoozed. I can't ask for anymore. It should be a fun weekend ahead. Cat-sitting and family birthday celebrations. I always love an opportunity to see lots of family which includes my sister and all her clan. Our son, John, will be 28 next week so we are ready to start celebrating him. Yesterday, I got some 'nana' time in with Riley who is growing like a weed.
She'll be 2 soon. I brought her some kitty and princess stickers and a loaf of pumpkin bread. These are two of her favorite things right now. That's a nana's job.

hugs, Deb


  1. Nice pictures and lovely tea cups. So good that Lily is ok.


  2. Perfect addition to the shelf! Love the hanging teacups for sure. Everything looks so Springy! Oh that beautiful Riley is growing! I know you enjoy your Nana time! I sure do! Hugs to you and all the kitties and a special hug for Lily! Linda

  3. glad to hear your baby lily is feeling much better..and Riley is just too cute..glad you got to spend time with her..I love your easter/spring colletions..;)have a great weekend;)

  4. How do Nanna's know this stuff?
    Jane x

  5. Thank goodness lovely Lily is feeling better. Has Ed resumed his cuddling? That's the gold standard for determining recovery, isn't it!. God bless them both. All of our love.

  6. Hi Deb...

    Ohhh...your hutch looks sooo pretty all decked out for Easter! I love that you added the three cup hooks...the teacups are sooo beautiful! Love that idea! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us! And...that little Riley is just precious! I have 10 grandchildren...two are granddaughters!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by for a visit! I sooo enjoyed your sweet note...thank you!

    Warmest wishes,