Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Checking on 'the boys'

Thank you all for the nice comments on our 2nd grand-baby to be. Brittany had an ultra-sound done yesterday and all looks fine. Everyone in my family likes surprises so there will be no finding out if it is a boy or girl until the birth.
I visited Jack and Ford today and found them basking in the sun on the window-sills. The house overlooks a bush and the wild-life was very active in the warm afternoon. They are doing great and always welcome me with figure eight's and loud purrs. All but pining for their special treats, they just go about their day while I'm there. Treats are handed out before I leave.

I posted a few days back that I broke my camera. I will post some new photos (like above) & some will be from awhile back. If you notice I am showing you photos that I have posted before, that's why. I just prefer pictures taken with my better camera.

When looking for a new toy for your cat,  shop at home before buying the expensive toys at the pet store. They are ridiculously priced. Baby socks with a bit of nip in the foot and tied with a short ribbon make for lots of excitement. An empty toilet paper roll with a few feathers tied to it with a bit of ribbon keeps Audrey busy for hours. I buy a bag of feathers at the dollar store and make toys all year with them.
Or take an empty toilet paper roll, place kitty treats in the middle and stuff both ends with tissue paper. Throw on floor and watch the cat have fun getting to the treats. If they don't pay attention to it, have them watch as you place the treats inside.

hugs, Deb 


  1. I'm going to try the toilet roll and treats..well, not me personally...because I'm vegan...but the cats will love it!
    Jane x

  2. Deb...I don't know why but my Tina does not seem to be interested in toys unless she can use them for over at my blog..tina has a new posting on my sidebar...she has such exciting news....

  3. Toilet rolls are a big hit at our house. Just plain old toilet tolls! And pens and pencils. My crew doesn't care for store boughts at all except those containing nip. But then, a few of them get quite testy on nip!