Saturday, March 17, 2012

Entertaining Audrey

The geese are arriving home; one flock at a time. Audrey is beside herself with glee. They are loud and no matter where she is in the house when they fly over, she runs for this window.
She never misses a thing. And every-time I turn around...she's there.
She's interested in everything I do.
She's becoming a kitchen and office cat.

"Hi Deb...did ya miss me?"
and she always checks on her momma. Annie always looks like a sad sack but she's fine and happy, believe me.
After a good, long walk with Kane and then a second one by myself,  (yep, doing 2 now a day)
I've been cleaning mostly and planning to move things to the deck. 
In between cat-sitting , that is. No new clients this time; all regulars and lots of them.
I got to visit with 3 of my favorite tuxedo cats this morning.
This coming week it's
Tabby's, Tuxedo's & Torti's, OH MY!
And Toady called...he misses me already. I'll be caring for Helma, the German shepherd next week again. She's a magnificent dog, owned by a friend of the retired-guy. He actually sees her more than I do but I do love that dog. But I am Just Cats...she's an exception.

It's a gorgeous day.
                                                         and Mr. Ed is soaking it up.

I have a question for all my readers. Do any of you live with a FIV positive cat? I would like to hear about your cat's diagnosis and how you care for the cat.  Any advise for someone who's cat has been diagnosed with this would be appreciated.

hugs, Deb


  1. Love your kitties. I think Audrey and EMily are channelling each other these days.

    No FIV kitties here!

  2. I don't think those geese have much to worry about, even though they are being silently observed.
    I had been thinking of you lately and wishing I knew someone here in Tennessee that had your qualities of "Catlover/ catsitter/ nice person/ trustworthy and lovely soul". I must take a longish trip this summer and need someone to watch over my 3 senior citizen kitties! I will keep looking, and with some luck, perhaps find my cat whisperer.

  3. Two of six are FIV positive, one I raised from a kitten, literally, a bottle-fed orphan who must have got it from his mom and the most recent, a stray who decided to adopt me. The others are vaccinated against it. I don't treat them any differently, I worry and fuss over them all! And, I think Audrey is beautiful! I can't believe she wasn't the first to be adopted. - Ann

  4. All the kitties are, none of my cats have ever tested positive which I'm so thankful for!

  5. I wish you were in california, so you could do cat-sitting for me :)

    Hi, A friend of yours Knatolee, sent me over here. I have a FIV+ cat. He is no different than the rest of my other 4 cats. They mingle, play, eat and even fight (friendly) together. FIV is not transmitted as easily as thought. The one thing you should worry about is the secondary side effects of the disease. Usually FIV cats have stomatitis and herpes virus. My cat has all of the above. If your cats have ever been vaccinated fir FIV, they will show + when tested, but that doesn't mean they have the virus. My vet won't even vaccinate cats for it any more. She beleives it doesn't do anything any way, and it only causes more complications.

    Please contact me if you would like more info.

  6. Hooray for the geese coming home! And we saw two ducks on Saturday ~ now that really does mean spring is here! :)

    2 walks a day ~ good for you!!

    And don't you just love it when kitties follow you around? Except when you are trying to make supper and they get under foot. Haha!

    Happy week to you!
    xo Catherine