Sunday, April 29, 2018

Just checking in

It seems that I have a big job ahead fixing photos. From what I understand, for some reason or other the Postimage hosting service that I use for my pictures has suffered some kind of attack on their .org domain address and it is being blocked. Their backup server domain (.cc) still works but it appears that I would need to change all the .org picture urls to .cc

Not being real technical on these matters, I don't know how to make this change on a global basis in my blog, and it's too much work to go back and edit each post, so at this time, my pictures just won't show up until the folks at Postimage get around to figuring out why their .org domain is being blocked. ( If anyone really wants to see any of the old pics in my blog for some reason, just copy the url for the image and edit the .org to .cc ).

I'm so busy with other more important things right now, this annoying little glitch will just have to wait. Why do these stupid things happen at the busiest times?

However, there may be some good news!  While playing about in Blogger, I discovered that there is now an option to upload my images directly to my blog... no hosting service required it seems. So at least for now, my new blog posts should work (we'll see when I publish this one). I have no idea how long this will work but we'll give it a go.

Spring has really arrived and this time I think it will stay. We have had warmer temperatures and above freezing at night. It was warm enough to be out raking and cleaning up the property all last week. And around here that includes a bit of an audience.  Even Simon and his friends were out and about.

Our neighbours' cat David is here every day.

 I'm out no more than a few minutes when I hear  "Yeow" behind me. Then he flops to the ground and does his infamous roll in the dirt. He's getting older and today I noticed that while walking behind him I startled him when I touched his back. I don't think his hearing is what it used to be. I know the resident critters will rejoice.

I'll make this a short post just to see if it works.

Have a great night everyone!


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

No pics?

I am having some issues with my site where photos are not showing up, I have been through this before. :(
If you are on Instagram drop over to Life at Fox Grove for some up-to-date photos.

I'll be back.
Be kind,

Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter fun.

 Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt for the grandittles was a much darker day than last year but at least the rain stopped early that morning. 

Off to the wood-lot...
 It was fun, as I never doubted it would be, and all one hundred eggs were filled by the Easter Bunny with delicious surprises. 
The adults always get right into it, too. My daughter scored an old $5 bill that she found under the leaves. lol
Pizza, fruit and cupcakes were gobbled up for lunch
 and then it was a free-for-all as they ran around the property playing and eating chocolate eggs. 

                                                                  Two of my kiddos
                                                     Easter in Canada's North  

Easter is my favorite time of year but this year Spring is playing tricks on us. She's very fickle, indeed, but as I look out the window the birds fly over-head with beaks filled with twigs and grass and that's enough for me. 

We had an unfortunate incident at the mouse-house this morning involving a European Starling. One hit the window and was stunned on the ground. 
We brought it inside the garage to keep warm and then discovered the wing was damaged.
 Off to the Wild Bird Center we went. I'm always so thankful for these wonderful volunteers that greet you with a smile even on a long holiday weekend.
                                      Wild Bird Sanctuary
We left the starling there for a complete examination and hope that it is without further internal damage. I'm to call in a few days and, if I wish to, I can bring it back to our property to return it to the flock. I will do that since many more seem to be staying.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.
                               Audrey was hiding on the kids.
It's time now to think Spring (cheeky thing that she is) and start planning.

Be kind,