Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Spring brings much life to Fox Grove

There are babies all over Fox Grove; fox, squirrels, tree swallows, house wrens and chipmunks.

Mama house wren

Pa & ma tree swallow
 And I know by all the noise in our maples that we have blue jays nesting up there along with black crows. Yesterday I spotted two baby piliated wood peckers.
The woodpile behind the veggie garden is full of chipmunk nests and I hear babies 'chirping' in the wood-lot but have no idea what they are. It's like a maternity wing around here.

And my tree frog, Tao, is back in his bird house and settled right in.
Look up.
 I really hope he stays all summer. He is comic relief. He loves to watch me garden
and yes, I talk to him. :))) He moves his head from side to side when I do.
So he has an identity crisis. 

We have a lone wild turkey living in our woodlot and sleeping in the trees.
She is alone and that bothers me. So, I have adopted her in the way that I feed her daily and refer to her as Thelma. I feel sorry for her as I expect she has been shunned from her flock for some reason. Last fall we had many flocks of wild turkeys feeding here and now we have one lone female. Something happened. She is very nervous when she sees anyone and will run towards the woodlot only to return in a few hours to the feeders again. I put apples and seed out for her at dinner-time each and every evening so she can depend on something. I hope she finds a mate unless this is her preferred life-style. lol

The summer is when I enjoy displaying my pottery in my cluttered country cottage china cupboard. And hopefully find a few more lovely pieces on our excursions.

Our lilac season is nearing the end. It's been wonderful having these beautiful and fragrant blossoms to enjoy.

And these two are doing great.
Annie's health is good and Wilson has a love for life.
And we sure love them.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

be kind,