Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's do lunch

To celebrate Canada Day weekend, we tried out the Waterfront Gastro Pub Sunday for lunch.
I pass this gorgeous building every day when I walk Kane.

It is only blocks from our home so we walked over and met Jess and Mike.
We sat on the patio over-looking the Mississippi River. Beautiful view; can't beat it.
We were the first ones on the patio so I snapped a few photos.
I chose 'the lonely vegetarian' which was amazing
 along with a beverage of half iced-tea and half lemonade.

 Everyone loved their meal.
The retired-guy googling the answer to a very important question. Something about which celebrity chose the same drink (half tea/half lemonade) as his favorite summer beverage. It was Arnold Palmer. He called it the Half and Half. The guy has taste.
It was nice to have these two busy people take time to 'do lunch' with us.

 I am recommending this restaurant to all my friends. Good service, too.
Mama and mama-to-be. Only two months to go so it's getting exciting. :)

Walking home we passed by this..
I'll have to ask my walking-buddy, Susan at what it's called. She's the garden whisperer. Amazing, isn't it.

Since we had to leave Kane at home over lunch I took him for a drive by the river later.
As you can see he fancies the wind in his face and the smell of the water.  Then he suckered me into getting ice-cream.

hugs, Deb


I'm always with company while I chop away at dinner preparations.
Fresh basil for stir-fry

Sierra is the kitchen cat. She is either sitting on the front porch or watching me flit around in the kitchen.

I captured her waiting for the mailman yesterday.
Every weekend is a loooooong weekend for this gal. She misses her special delivery hug.

Hope you enjoy the firework displays this weekend. I'll be sitting at home with a dog who is so terrified of them I'll be closing all the windows, too. I haven't been to them for twelve years but honestly, I really don't care. I'd rather stay home with some popcorn.


hugs, Deb

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Canada Day

'Happy Canada Day' weekend to all my Canadian friends.

(if you are Canadian you have won the lottery)
hugs, Deb

Friday, June 28, 2013

Fostering ...for me, that's a hard one.

(only 6 days old here)

Yes, this is her at 7 weeks. On the back of this picture it says 'Audrey at 7 weeks. Will be ready to adopt in 3 weeks to a loving home. HA! I was doomed.
She stayed along with her mom.
Boy, did she 'work it'.
This is the day the adoption papers were signed at 12 weeks.

That was the end of my 'fostering' for the animal shelter for awhile.

Cat-tip-for-the-day =^..^= Let's save some money.
Have I got a great cat-tip for you today.
We all want to save money, right? I know I do. 
Dry cat food is cheapest in the largest bags available. Smaller bags are purchased because the owner does not want the food to go stale before the cat can finish it. I also think that we just get used to buying smaller bags and boxes of products and don't even look at the difference in price of the larger bags. Just divide the large bag into smaller portions in tupperware or any type of well-sealed plastic containers and freeze the remaining containers. Your food will not go stale like it would just sitting in the bag and each container is as fresh as a brand new bag for kitty.
My cats love when I open a new bag of kibble. I guess it's like me and my new box of ritz crackers. Oh yum! Crunch..crunch. By freezing their food, each container is like a freshly opened bag. 
You will save money.
Many of my clients do this and I think it's great.
I, as a cat-sitter, know for sure that kitty will not run out of food while on my clock, either.

Please note though that I do recommend soft food for cats over the dry. Nothing puts weight on cats quicker than an all dry cat food diet. Speak to your vet about this.

A rainy weekend ahead. I'll be house-cleaning and cat-sitting.
Have a good one.

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hugs, Deb

Thursday, June 27, 2013

And up this week...

Time to show off my stay-at-home kitties this week.

First up, the charming and oh, so handsome Billy.

Just looking at this guy tells you the type of personality he has. He is a poster cat...loved by many.

I finished up with my 'challenging' cats, Flash & Quincy. Each day I saw progress as they took little baby steps towards trusting me. I was able to pet them and massage their backs. They just need time to heal and they will be ok. I smile just at the thought of the wonderful home they now have. They have a road ahead of them but I have no doubt they will be relaxed & trusting family members soon.

Their deck is always active with pigeons, squirrels and all kinds of song-birds. What a gorgeous garden they have.

and the elegant Ebony.

How I love caring for this cat. She is so sweet and just a little mysterious.

And I must show you, once again, the lovely Dominique.

We have been spending quite a bit of time together. She is alone so when I arrive she has had time to gather up her brush and toys and sits ready for a time at the spa.
She loves to be pampered and I love to pamper her.

I also cared for Parker, Jennie & Willow, Otis, Rosie & Lola.
I'll post photos soon.

Sadly, we lost little Emma a few weeks back. She was the little black and white diabetic cat that I so fondly wrote about. Her owner dropped over to tell me that they had to make the difficult decision to let her go after discovering that she had a tumour and was not doing well. I held it together but cried when she left. Emma had been in my care for years and I will miss her so very much. I guess there is a down-side to every job and this is surely it for me.
Rest in Peace,  darling Emma.
hugs, Deb

Do-it-yourself cat beds

Here are some cute and trendy do-it-yourself cat beds.

Love this one...

Planter Bed

Two-paws-up for this one...

Not too sure about these. I can see Audrey rolling off and falling on her noggin.

These are all cheap, fun and look very comfy; including the last one if you happen to have some big cushions lying around. No need to buy the expensive beds anymore.
I am always looking for 'cheap' ways to care for and entertain the cats. I don't believe we should be spending a pile of money on all these beds, toys, treats and whatnot when a cat appreciates the cheaper version just as much if it does the trick.
Remember a post I did awhile back about making a cheap toy for your active cat? Take an empty toilet paper roll and place some treats in the center. Fill both ends with tissue paper and throw it on the floor.  Cheap, easy, fun and no big companies get richer. I like that.
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Snack time

It is very hot and humid here right now. I'm busy running from house to house caring for stay-at-home cats and checking off my board as I go. I'm very organized which probably raises an eye on those who knew me years back.  Funny how you change with age. I keep track of my cats with a black board, a calendar and a day-book. That way, no one gets missed.

I stopped home to have a snack and thought I'd show you one of my favorite blue and white tea-cups. I use this china in the summer for my herbal teas. I drink hot tea all summer as I'm not much for iced-tea but if you add 1/2 lemonade to 1/2 iced-tea it is delicious.

I enjoyed a cup of Earl Grey tea with an apple scone. So good!

This is called Countryside. Made in England. I do have a pair but as you can see I do a lot of mixing and matching. More fun, I think.

This is my favorite blue and white tea-pot.

and with my tea today I had to add some honey.
Fresh from Natalie's bee farm.
Hands down this is the best honey ever and I know my honey.
Drop by Natalie's to learn all there is to know about raising bees, chickens & ducks. You'll meet her wonderful doggies and of course, my all time favorite, her four cats.

Here are a couple of the kittens that were at our local pet store last Saturday. They were brought in just for the day to hopefully find a loving home. Aren't they so sweet.
 I hope these two find a home together.

                              "Hey, where's my snack?"
"You look evil,  Audrey. But then I expect you have been practicing all morning."                                                                                   

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hugs, Deb

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

and the winner is...

"Oh, Audreeeeeey, where are you? You have to pick a winner for me."

"Oh, Lord have mercy. She's home."

"Shhhhh...she'll never find me."


"Ahh...I've just about had enough of this woman."
"She works me to the bone."
"I'm doomed to a life of answering her needs. There is no winning this fight. I'm off to do my job. 
Someone please call the OSPCA."

"Audrey, are you up?"

"Of course I'm up you crazy ol' bat. I'm up, I'm dressed and 
 I"m in the dining-room already."

"That's wonderful, sweetie.  Now go and sit on the first paper with a name on it that you find. They are all over the house.

"Oh good grief."
"There's no fighting this.
I'm off to find a name and sit my tooshie on it.:"









"Hey, Robin. I'm sittin' on your name.
You are the winner. Congrats...I'm goin' back to bed." 

"Thanks Audrey for helping me pick a winner.
You are all that and a bag of freeze-dried chicken treats. Love you."

Robin, send us your mailing address to

Hugs, Deb