Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cat in a window

Audrey finished her book and now she's busy watching the retired-guy cut the grass. So I guess I actually captured two cats in a window today.
When she's done we'll play 'kill the feather on the wand'.
I have 'gone frenchy' in the dining-room. The pansies are from the garden and the spirea is off our bush. These were blossoms with broken stems so I brought them inside.

The box is actually bilingual.

Our weather has changed again. Today it was sunny, windy and much cooler. Great weather for walking.
A beautiful sight to see on an almost 5k walk. This little one looks like it is recovering from surgery as its' back is shaved in one spot.
                                                         White on white. Gorgeous!

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=keep kitty cool. 
In order to keep cats hydrated in the hot weather, try adding ice cubes to their water bowl.
They tend to find them quite interesting and along with batting at the cubes they will drink more water. Except for Audrey. They terrify her.

To Anonymous who left me a message from Kemptville - all I can suggest is that you speak to them at the Ranch and see if they will take them in. That is, only if you feel they will be cared for properly there. As far as rescues in Kemptville,  Country Cat Rescue is presently full  but may be able to suggest another rescue in the area.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, what you doin' with MY box?
    Fleur xxxxx

  2. I love your Fleur box--a perfect accompaniment to your cupboard! Sunny and cool here too; hoping it will last, XOXO

  3. Love that flower box!! My kittens go crazy over the ice that cascades from the dispenser.

  4. Love that ice cube idea! We'll try it out! Our cats are blissed out with summer so far. Love your flower box! Hope you're enjoying summertime!

  5. OMG! Cat + window = Perfect combination!

  6. Good idea on the ice cube. And I love your white on white! The fleur box is incredible -- wish I'd found that one!

  7. Funny about the ice-cubes thing... most love them, especially Ghost. But I've a few that will run when you drop them in the water.

  8. I love the fleur box! That Audrey keeps me so entertained!

  9. Sweet Audrey. And smart, too!

    Our cat Sam loves to play with ice cubes. She bats them around the floor like she's a hockey player. That's a good tip about adding them to her water bowl.

  10. I'm afraid I can't put ice in the water bowl. Maeve freaks out over it, too. Love the bilingual flower box!

  11. Cute! I love your flower box, too.
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    ~ Megin of VMG206
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  12. That flower box is perfect! I just love it!
    And I love that white on white in the window. We tried to adopt one last week but the foster mom thinks she should go to a home where she will be the only kitty. We are all alone right now as out last little one left us in February but we want to have 2 or 3 at least so she couldn't come. :( I have a hip injury and can't hold a kitty who is more than 7 pounds on my lap and that is where kitties seem to want to be! But tiny ones are very hard to find - at least homeless ones! I have looked at hundreds online for an older one who will probably not fill out too much more. If you have any suggestions... let me know!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. My mom regularly gave ice cubes to cats in the summer in their water dishes. They liked it.