Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's no fool.

"There is an all-too quick minded and quick movin' human in this house."

"I will be lowering myself into this basket immediately upon hearing her foot-steps.
The others are all too daft to hide.
I'm ashamed to even know them."

Audrey grabbed a freeze-dried chicken strip and took shelter in my new baskets. I expect she was planning to be in there over lunch & dinner while the more brave of the feline group attempted to make friends and enjoy the attention coming from a three year old grand-daughter.

"Do these two love each other, Nan?"

"You are nice, Sierra."

"Can I give Annie a bite of my tomato, Nan?"
"Let's share this one, Annie."
"Good Grief" thought Annie.

It was a sleep-over at Nan's last night. We had lots of fun and the cats certainly had their feathers ruffled a bit. Now Ry is home and it's time for a nap while Audrey continues checking from room to room for the little grabby hands.
hugs, Deb  


  1. Ah, Audrey is most definitely of the "dear Isis, run for my life" mentality with kids around!

  2. Riley is so cute with the kitties!
    Lily, WA, USA

  3. I love photos showing relationships of people, especially children, with cats? These are great!

  4. A little girl and her kitties! So sweet. :)