Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'm always with company while I chop away at dinner preparations.
Fresh basil for stir-fry

Sierra is the kitchen cat. She is either sitting on the front porch or watching me flit around in the kitchen.

I captured her waiting for the mailman yesterday.
Every weekend is a loooooong weekend for this gal. She misses her special delivery hug.

Hope you enjoy the firework displays this weekend. I'll be sitting at home with a dog who is so terrified of them I'll be closing all the windows, too. I haven't been to them for twelve years but honestly, I really don't care. I'd rather stay home with some popcorn.


hugs, Deb


  1. Aw poor Kane. Hope the fireworks aren't too loud. Over here we can watch the displays from our backyard; which I'd rather do than drive downtown, try to park and fight the crowds.

    Sierra is so adorable waiting patiently... No wonder she gets hugs!

    I love how each cat has their own routines. Too cute.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. "We" will be watching the fireworks on TV. Mina is my kitchen kitty -- always watching -- hoping! :D :D


  3. My sheltie, Gwennie is terrified of fireworks and thunder. The anxiety levels seem to be going up as she grows older (she's 10 now). Fireworks have been going off all over the place since Thursday.

  4. The shot of the cat is splendid. Our new kitten is awfully energetic-I had just about forgotten about the energy of kittens ;]

  5. Happy Canada day to you! I'm not a big fan of fireworks! Pretty from a distance!

  6. We have a huge fireworks display down at Ft. Vancouver National Park, tons of people who drink and get nuts, we went one time, left before the fireworks even started too much for us and a toddler..Never have been back, my two cats huddle in both of our bathrooms, I put on soothing music and keep a fan in each bathroom going, they are fine..but we don't venture out as we don't want to lose our house to the nuts who pop off illegal firecrackers in 35 years they have let loose two time illegal stuff, poor doggie who must listen outside, I implore my neighbors to keep them inside, 99 percent of do...our cats that passed last year in july hated the fireworks I had to keep them in all day and night, they were really inside kittehs, they are safer, happy holidays, love your blog!

  7. I have a kitchen kitty too!!! She likes to climb onto the refrigerator and watch all the comings and goings!!!

  8. I always head downtown in Ottawa with friends for the day, go to the museums, that sort of thing. It's the one day of the year Canadians go nuts.

    Happy Canada Day!

  9. I love fireworks and none of my cats seem to care at all.
    Poor Kane. I think fireworks bother dogs more because they're not comfortable with things they can't figure out.
    Give Kane a big kiss from us.

  10. I will be staying home too and for the same reason. Both the dog and our cats hate loud booms. We watch the 4th of July celebration on our PBS station. Isn't it fun to have a helping paw in the kitchen? Mary A