Friday, June 21, 2013

Finding the comfy spot

With all the beautiful grass, gardens and landscapes

you would expect a cat to find this spot rather uncomfortable.
I guess old habits are hard to break.

I know Audrey's comfy.
She snuggles right in there with the oldsters for an afternoon nap.

Lily and Ed now have this
added to their food daily. The b vitamins are very important for them and as they age they very often do need a supplement.
hugs, Deb


  1. I guess concrete can be cozy...?
    Beautiful photo of Audrey and the Oldsters!

  2. Cats will lay on just about anything! Love the shot of Audrey with the oldsters :)

  3. Mr. Ed is 25!! That is remarkable. My oldest is just 10 now, still a youngster. I've never had one live past 15.

    I wish my cats got along like this too, they would never snuggle up together like this.

    May I ask at what age you started the B vitamin supplement for them?

  4. I started only a year ago. Lily's B levels were very low so that got me starting to give all three of the seniors some supplements. I would ask your vet about that.

  5. Whatever's most convenient for the moment is quite comfortable!

  6. I love how Audrey just joins in for the nap!!

  7. What a wonderful group shot. I've started Konakitty on something similar; I think it's helping.

  8. I squealed when I saw that photo of the kitties all cuddled down!

    Where did you find the kitty vitamins? I can't recall ever seeing something like that in Pet Smart....

    1. You have to purchase it from a vet clinic. It is around $24.00 a bottle.

  9. Audrey knows where she's needed ... or where she wants to be! ;D