Friday, June 7, 2013

Beautiful black and white.

It`s been raining a lot lately. But that didn`t stop Sue and I from walking today. We burned enough calories for me to indulge in chinese food for dinner.

I finished up cat-sitting gorgeous Dominique the other day and forgot to show her off to you.
I just adore her.
She loves to be groomed and will sit next to her brush to remind me.

I`m typing with my left hand today since I sliced into my right middle finger on a cat-food tin. Of course, it was one where I was feeding some ferals and I had to drive home with my hand up in the air and wrapped in a Tim Horton`s paper napkin. That was fun. By the time I got home it looked like my hand  had been attacked by a rabid raccoon. It hurt like blazes and I was in a hurry to get some peroxide on it.

I`ll be caring for this little family very soon...

plus 2 more that are not photographed. One is too shy but I will try this time for you and the other is an outdoor-only cat in the summer that I feed on the porch and don`t often see when I am there. He does come in during the colder months, though. I am looking so forward to caring for them again.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ouch!
    Sorry about your finger =(
    Hope it heals quickly.
    Love the photo of Dominque! What a cutie!

  2. Sad about your finger, hope it quits hurting soon! The cats are so cute! What a great job!

  3. I love black and white cats (actually dogs too--) so I really enjoyed these cuties! What great markings--not the typical ones you see.

  4. I love the black and whites and these are no exeption, the one on the left could almost be Princess.
    It's funny the brushing.... some of ours love it and others run a mile to avoid it.

  5. Hope your finger heals lickety-split and that it doesn't hurt too much. It's been like a deluge here - remnants of the tropical storm. Today everything looks bedraggled but at least it stopped raining!


  6. They're all so beautiful! I'm sorry you cut your finger. I hope it heals soon and well. I can tell the sweet kitty enjoys her brushings. She's really leaning into it! :)

  7. So many cute kitties here. I hope your finger is feeling better!
    xo Catherine

  8. A lot of cuties today. I've always liked the name Dominique.