Friday, June 21, 2013

Fabulous faces

I made great strides with my two, new, scaredy-cat kitty-clients this week. These are the cats I referred to as 'challenging'.

One look at those faces and they had me. Flash & Quincy just needed a bit of time and a quiet cat-sitter to take the chance of getting to know yet another human being. The first day with them was very un-eventful. Flash made himself visible but Quincy watched from under a chair as I set about laying out their dinner. I let him be.

The next morning both Flash & Quincy followed me into the kitchen and we have been fine ever since.
I am now able to pet them both while I give them their favorite treat.

                                         Quincy & Flash
They had a bad start, these two. Eventually they were abandoned by their owners.
But now, they have won the lottery and will find each day ahead that they are now living in paradise.

Flash is the most curious.
It took a little more time with Quincy
They aren't litter mates as some would think. But they are two male, neutered cats that seem to love each other's company and are quite pleased with themselves how life has turned out for them.

Penny is a 'comfy cat' as long as her bowl is topped up.
She's not much for playing but wouldn't pass up a game of 'find the treat'.

And Zoie..well, she's still in her window, madder than a cat with its' tail in a screen door but I keep reminding her that mom will be home in the blink of an eye.

I also cared for a Devon Rex today but unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to take a photo.

I'm changing up the cat bag for the weekend.

New files, new toys and a bit of nip for those who like to indulge. Of course, I always have a bag of freeze-dried chicken. Who can resist?
I have calicos, tabbies, grey and whites & three orange and whites to keep me busy.

We are expecting rain and stinkin' hot temperatures for the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. 
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hugs, Deb


  1. They are all so beautiful. You have the best job in the world!
    Jane x

  2. We want you to come down to SC and be our cat sitter! PLEASE!!!

    Those are some beautiful photos.

  3. I always love the cat eye candy you share with us. Quincy and Flash are so adorable!

  4. I'm glad those two found kitty heaven. I'm picking up my foster litter tomorrow and really looking forward to some kitten antics!

  5. If you were cat-sitter to my girls they would be constantly sending us off on holiday!

  6. Flash & Quincy do look like littermates. I think you love your job. ( seems wrong for me to actually call it a "job" )

  7. Poor little Flash and Quincy, you can see the wary look in their eyes in contrast to soft eyed Penny.
    Cat's don't forget anything from the past. Poor little Willow had to have drops in her eyes when she was a kitten and still to this day will not let you stroke near the eyes.
    Have a lovely weekend

  8. Looks like you have all my cats except Gyp in there -- Lizzie and Stimpy.... I love seeing photos that look like them, knowing full well that no two cats really are ever the same!

  9. All your kitties have a happy home! Love them all, cute photos!

  10. So happy Quincy and Flash hit the jackpot :)

  11. You definitely have the best job in the world! Seeing these beautiful faces put a smile on mine, XOXO

  12. It wouldn't surprise me that Quincy and Flash are a bit wary, with that kind of background.

  13. I agree with crafty cat corner. Cats do carry their history in their eyes. I always thought your Annie was the perfect example of that. That's why I enjoy seeing her so much as her eyes have changed dramatically since she came into your loving care.

  14. Awwwww, so very very PURRecious!!! I love cats. Cats rule.

  15. You may be one of the few people who actually look forward to going to "work" every day! You followed your bliss when you took up your career and it has made you happy as well as a lot of lucky cats. Have a pleasant weekend!

  16. Adorable kitty clients for an adorable cat sitter!!

  17. You have the cutest clients!
    xo Catherine

  18. Flash and Quincy are very handsome. I agree with Catherine -- you have the cutest clients!