Thursday, June 20, 2013


My kitty-client, Zoie is always on bird-watching duty.
She is a bit miffed at the cat-sitter because she would like to be outside where she can really get close and comfortable with the local birds but alas, she must stay in.

"Please don't be too mad at me, Zoie. I brought you lots of toys and treats to sample."
                               "Hmmmmph! This time-out business is for the dogs."

hugs, Deb


  1. She may be a little miffed, but isn't she beautiful!

  2. Lovely happy cat!! I saw on the animal channel where people are using cat doors connected to a walk plank that is covered with wire that leads to a fenced in area in the back yard - including on top - so that the cats can get outside, but not run off and be safe from neighbors dogs. Was really neat!

  3. Zoie just needs to remember how lucky she is to have you!

  4. Zoie has the same look on her face Lizzie Cosette gets when watching. Most intent. How sad to live in a world where you can never fully actualize your dreams. Or so Lizzie tells me.

  5. Poor Baby,
    How she suffers--by that beautiful window, on the comfy sofa, surrounded by toys, treats and the world's best cat sitter =)
    She is a beauty!

  6. Close and comfortable... yes, that's one word for it!

    Zoie's a beauty!

  7. Such a cute post--my kitties spend all their time watching birds thru the window too. If a fly gets in the is history!