Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kane's secret garden

The last day of Spring took us out-side to enjoy the sun, cool breeze and the beautiful flowers. This is Kane's favorite walking area. Off-leash and not a care in his head, he wanders around thinking he owns the place. He has many resting places.
Shade man.

Yes, it is a local grave-yard that I stumbled upon ten years ago while out walking the same dog at a much quicker pace. It was a cold wintery day and we took refuge here to get out of the wind. It was like finding Kane's secret garden even though it was all snowy and white.

Behind the grave-yard is a bush that has well-travelled paths both by walkers and wild-life. I love it here.
And did I mention how quiet it is. Oh ya, it's quiet.

hugs, Deb


  1. Nothing scary about a graveyard--just a quiet and contemplative place to walk or sit for awhile. I like the ones that are connected with an old church or chapel.

  2. glad to see Kane's still enjoying his walks. Looks like a great walking place and a glorious day!

  3. Kane is such a beautiful dog. There is something familiar about him I've never had that feeling about a dog in a photo before. Ha. Sounds silly.

  4. So beautiful Deb! I so enjoy seeing pictures of Kane! I love walking through cemeteries also. Sad, interesting, quiet and reflective.

  5. So lovely Deb! I so enjoy seeing pictures of Kane...just beautiful! I enjoy walking through cemeteries also...something so interesting, reverent and reflective. There was an historic cemetery up in Saco, Maine that was very historic and so lovely that they even used it for wedding photos...imagine!

  6. He knows peace when he finds it...clever boy!
    Jane x

  7. What a peaceful, happy place to relax, XOXO

  8. Cemeteries are peaceful places, after all. Kane looks very distinguished!