Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and bidding October farewell.

"For cryin' out loud...."

There are some things you just have to put up with when you are the youngest in the household. In Audrey's case, it's getting sat on or stepped over.

Did everyone have a Happy Halloween? The forecast was snow (eeeek) but it never came. The weather was just fine for trick or treating. The little ones went door-to-door, had lots of fun and too much candy. Just the way it should be.
Gwynn didn't go door-to-door but she did go to a few parties in her little strawberry costume.
We had lots of fun with our little monster, Bradley and the lovely butterfly, Riley.

We had a 'scary' pumpkin this year.
I hope Sierra doesn't have nightmares.

It was a fun halloween.

I hate to see October leave us. We had our share of rain but it was a beautiful month of fresh, cool weather, warm sun and the beauty of orange, gold and crimson red. How often did I stop to take in the gorgeous sight of a long road lined with the colours of autumn. The sweet call of our October roads. (Thanks JT) It's those times you feel so alive.

                                          Discovering the beauty of October.

Well, it's time now to make some soup and bundle up.

"So long, October. I will miss you so much. More than you know."

stay toasty,


Thursday, October 30, 2014


                        You Freak Meowt...Audrey
                              And I'm Not Kitten. 

                              ''HAPPY HALLOWEEN'' 

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things keep moving along.

Audrey has reluctantly been planning her move all day today. We have gone through her toy basket and picked out the 'favorite' ones and the rest will be donated to our local shelter. I have been getting rid of more 'things' I don't want or need. Much of our belongings will stay in the old house with my daughter and be moved when the main house is built; mostly larger furniture and such. But for now, I just want to lighten the load, so to speak.

" know that you can't bring all your blankies with you, right? I'm afraid you will have to leave a few in storage for awhile."

"How did I get dragged into this."

And here are the latest photos of the construction. We've had great weather and we have great workers so things are moving along nicely.
You can see where the stair-way will be to the apartment above.

The little door on the right leads you to the stairs.
Look at the mud here. I keep wearing a pair of shoes out here that have been destined for the garbage for weeks now. The mud section will eventually turn into our driveway.
The dormer window will be above the kitchen sink.

Tomorrow the roof will be finished (shingled) and stairs put in.

Meanwhile, I'll be cat-sitting two of my favorite kitties this weekend. Photos coming; more tears, too, no doubt.

There is not much time to get ready for Halloween. My grandittles will be by on Friday night; even little Gwynn. I'd better get some 'special treats' ready. And they'd better bundle up as it's going to be chilly.
Hot Chocolate, popcorn and Hocus Pocus  night.

BTW - It's National Cat Day today. So, you know what to do.

Stay toasty,  Deb

Monday, October 27, 2014

And on it goes...

The sun is finally shining again so we were out to the lot today.

A little more on the construction of the carriage house.
(photos taken over the course of a week)
in-spite of all the rain.

This is the double garage (which we will keep heated) and the section for the stairs to the one bedroom 
All four walls and roof will be up by Thursday.

MUD is the word of the day. You need to wear old shoes or rubber boots when dropping by to see the progress.  Gravel should be brought in at the very end to make it a little less ugly here.

The weather is changing rapidly and mornings are very cool and dark until well after 7 am now. We are hoping to get in to our little 'mouse house' before the snow flies.
"Oh, do drop in for tea. I'll find you a spot to sit." 

I'm preparing lots of drive-thru lunch spots for our local birds. No lack of trees for hanging feeders, that's for sure. I'll hang some close to the house near windows so Audrey and Annie can continue their love of bird-watching in the mornings. I'll be joining them with a hot coffee and my camera.
I can't let boredom get these cats.
That's why.
It will be a 'teeny-weeny' residence for the winter so the cats will have access to both levels through a cat door. I think Audrey will get a big *bang* out of that.


'Ol Kane is doing a little better but still not back to himself.  "His age will compromise his recuperation.", said Dr. King. Oh Dear! Antihistamines and Surolan drops in the ears is what we are working with. This is in case he has an inner-ear infection. At home he does quite well but we had another walk through the neighbourhood yesterday and he tittered and tottered quite a bit. He wants to get outside which is a good sign but his walks have to be kept short for now. I really hope this soon goes away poor Kane.

He's been enjoying some of his most-loved meals lately...roast chicken and veggies being his favorite. And he wears one of my daughter's sweaters while he sits around the house to avoid a chill. He had a relaxing Sunday evening snuggled in his sweater and cozy on the couch while he...I mean we...watched Downton Abbey. I only hope to have this life when I'm 80.

I wish you all a good and peaceful day.
Stay toasty,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's up with the critters?

Our Kane seems to be improving as each day goes by and was out and about for a walk on Friday. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. The sound of him crunching leaves and tottering along did my heart good. I know that this disease will take a toll on him because of his age but just getting him out for his daily walks will keep him a happy dog.

Sierra spent the morning on the deck while I cleaned up the front of the house and gathered up one million leaves.
                                     Worshipping what's left of Fall's warm sunshine.
She still loves the mailman.
Annie is never far from Lily. I think she fancies herself to be her nurse-maid. She's such a good cat with a big heart for those that need comforting. Lily is heading into her 19th year now and she needs watching over.

and lastly, Audrey. I asked her if I could please take a picture for the blog folks.
Here you go...

Did I ever mention she hates the camera?

Do you have a tradition on Halloween night that brings together the family?
Here's one that we enjoy and never tire of no matter how many times we watch it.

The Movie....                                      Hocus Pocus
These sisters always make me laugh.

I have a scarf to finish and a hot chocolate to make on this cool & windy October night.

Stay toasty,

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's that time again to store some nuts

Someone has spent much of the morning watching the squirrels scamper back and forth looking for food to store.
Yes, it's that time again. They are very busy collecting anything they can eat. 
I noticed one yesterday burying something.
Next Spring we will find walnut trees growing in the oddest places.

"Those things are real nut-jobs."
I had a bit of fun with the old step-back cupboard again.
I love changing things up for the seasons.
And with a dizzy dog and a retired-guy down for the count (pulled a muscle in his back
pushing rocks around) I've been house-bound more and drinking lots of tasty tea. 
I'm also still purging 'stuff' that I no longer want or need. I could probably do this until I am down to one tea-pot but I will stop myself at a reasonable point. Some things you just can't let go of.

I have one kitty to cat-sit for this weekend. It's so odd to see my calendar almost empty. Most of my clients have now been given another cat-sitters' name to interview for future travelling. Its been hard to 'close down' my service but life moves on and changes are inevitable. I really hope to keep in touch with all my clients when we have finally moved on to our lot. I will, no doubt, be back and forth enough just visiting the family to drop in to say "hi" to my old charges. I already miss them.

The sun is peaking through the trees right now so it promises to be a nice, Fall day. I plan to get Kane out for a slow walk today if he is up for it.  The dairy queen is on the agenda, too. The old guy deserves a plain soft ice cream baby cone for the week he has put in. Bless his heart.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
I wish you all Peace and Happiness.

hugs, Deb  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's hard to smile these days.

We have to look for the 'little things' ...
Violets are still blooming in spite of the treatment they get from the cats. 

I made two dozen pumpkin muffins today. Surely, that should keep a certain person around here happy for awhile. And the dog.
And, some pumpkin orange spice loose tea.

Although Kane does stumble a bit he seems to be improving.
He walks like a dog that is not sure of his footing and if he gets going too fast he stumbles, but he is better than he was. We are thankful for that.
He has had his three pills and is enjoying all the extra 'fussiness' going on around him.
He loves the car so of course we took him for a drive. He slept through it, though.  
He is walking on his own but very carefully.
We managed a walk around the neighbourhood today which he enjoyed.
Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions.
It all helps.

Things are really moving fast on the property. That's good 'cause we have to get in there pronto. The weather has been the pits lately; way too much rain. We have great guys working away on our building and they are not letting rain get in the way but sunshine would be appreciated.

The birds are coming to the feeders. Yah! I have filled them twice now.

I cared for these two beauties the last few days. I expect it will be the last time so I spent as much time with them as I could. I'm so happy to have known them and will surely miss them.

Hope you had some *smiles* today.

With the loss of one of Canada's brave soldiers, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was violently murdered by a lone gunman on Wednesday in front of the National War Memorial near our Parliament Hill, it is hard for all Canadians to smile these days. Our hearts are broken for his family. Such a waste.

He was known by his friends and loved-ones to always have a smile on his face.
"Rest in Peace, Nathan.We pray for our country."

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


"Oh, sweet baby James"
James and Kim Taylor
I came across this photo and wanted to share it only because I thought it was so nice of them both.

James Taylor has always been my favorite musician and song-writer. I love his voice and have seen him live three times now. At the last concert I was lucky to be close enough for a little hug as he walked by. Damn...if I didn't feel 18 again. :)
My favorite JT cd is called October Road. If you have not heard it you may want to add it to your Christmas list. "Oh, did I say 'Christmas'?..."sorry!"

Monday, October 20, 2014


Our doggy has been diagnosed with Vertigo. (Vestibular Syndrome.)
Kane began to stumble and walk in circles last evening. He was pacing up and down the hall which was not a usual thing for him. We took him out to the yard for his last pee break and got him settled for the night but the next morning once he stood up he began to stumble again. His appetite was fine and he did not seem to be in any pain but he was most definitely out of sorts.

Off to the vet he went and within minutes of describing his condition Dr. King said it sounded like Canine Vertigo. She gave him an examination and watched as he wandered around her office.
She then prescribed ear drops, antihistamines and three holistic pellets (a remedy) that should help stop the symptoms.

He seems to have settled nicely tonight and enjoyed a bit of roast beef (and his pill) with his dinner. We'll see how he is tomorrow.

                          "Don't get up too fast buddy or you'll get the dizzies."

I found this on-line...


Your vet will need to do a full physical assessment of your pooch. This will probably include an ear examination and neurological tests to discover if the ear or the central nervous system is the cause of the problem. The vet needs to eliminate other possible causes of your dog's symptoms, so he could perform quite a battery of tests. Once he knows the cause, your vet will prescribe the right treatment. Motion sickness drugs help relieve your pet's nausea and if the vertigo stems from an ear infection, then he'll probably prescribe antibiotics for that. The treatment really depends on the cause, so there isn't one universal treatment for the condition. The good news is that vertigo usually only lasts for a couple of weeks at most, and you can play an important part in your pet's convalescence.


While your furry friend is receiving treatment and recovering, he really needs you to provide a calm, supportive environment for him. Chaos will only make his feelings of confusion worse. You might need to carry him outside to potty. Also, you may have to bring him breakfast in bed and feed him by hand until he regains his sense of balance. Veterinarian Karen Becker suggests giving your pet calming herbal essences, such as chamomile, passionflower or valerian to alleviate the stress your pet feels during his illness.

"Breakfast in bed it is, Kanie"

hugs, Deb

Plans for Mootie and Pip

Mootie and Pip are presently indoor-outdoor country cats. They have been praised by their owner as being the best little mousers around. They spend their days hunting in Susan's back field and then wander inside to have a bite to eat and a snooze when the sun disappears. With that in mind, after talking to Susan about the changes in her life and how she had to find a new home for her cats, I contacted a friend, who I actually met through her blog, who I thought may be able to take them in.
Some of you might know this amazingly kind and wonderful woman, Natalie from Knatolee's World. If you haven't met her you need to get right over to her blog and have a look-see. Natalie and husband, Gordon, are big animal-lovers and have adopted many homeless cats, dogs, pigs, fowl  and soon, ponies, and given them a wonderful life on their hobby farm only an hour and a half from my home. Natalie and I discussed the needs of these two cats and how they would fit in at her farm as pampered barn cats. There are two cats who presently reside there as barn cats (Redmond and Missy) and they are fed daily, loved-up on demand and spend their time frolicking around a 4,000 sq. ft. barn that has heated areas and a big hay-loft. Natalie mentioned that their home and barn are a good distance from their road and that their cats never bother to wander near it. They also follow Natalie around as she does her chores. Susan felt that this life would suit her cats perfectly. They are still quite young and could continue to have freedom to explore and hunt and still be cared for with love and commitment from Natalie and Gordon. She was overjoyed to hear that they may be able to have the perfect cat life and stay together after-all.

Natalie plans to keep them isolated for awhile until they are used to their new home and then she will slowly introduce them to the other animals. Her cat, Missy, has just recently arrived at Natalie's and, after having some time to settle,  is now able to have freedom of the barn and she has become good friends with Redmond.

                                                This is Missy, the new barn kitty at Natalie's.
You can read all about her on Natalie's blog. Fingers crossed all will go smoothly for the two newbies. I know Natalie will keep us all posted on how they are doing. With pictures, right Natalie? :)

Could you please keep my dear old dog in your thoughts today? I am off to the vet with him as he has been stumbling since this morning and is in need of some tests.  :(
hugs, Deb

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mootie and Pip



have been kitty-clients of mine for over a year and their lives are taking a bit of a turn right now.
Their very caring owner came to me today and asked if I could help in any way to find them a good home. Her life is changing, her home is sold and being a senior, she will not be able to care for them anymore. I spent some time with Susan going over all the details about the cats, closed the door after a hug and had a good cry. It does not take the world ending to send me over the edge these days what with all the changes my life is taking and this news just broke my heart. I love these cats and knew that their future was in jeopardy.
I prayed for these cats. "Please don't let them end up in a shelter again."  I contacted a few people, after a strong cup of tea, and one in particular that I knew would listen to their plea.  I'm all teary again because this has a happy ending. I love 'good tears.' I'll give you the details soon.
Just know that prayers are answered.

hugs, Deb

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's all good in the end.

I always have company in the kitchen. Today it was Audrey.

I hope she doesn't read this because I am about to blow her cover. She's been a little more clingy since Joe and Rae-Rae arrived six months ago. She is terrified of Joe and avoids Rae like the plague. Neither cat has ever touched her but Joe does strutt around like he has intentions. He is a big cat; a bit of a bully,  and it scared her from day one. Rae hissed at her when they first moved in and Audrey was so insulted that she has never forgotten. So, she is a bit more sucky with me and wants me to spend more time with her now. She lets me groom her any time I want. Before I would have my hand chewed off and she'd box me with her back feet. Now she purrs. I can carry her around like a baby and she stays put. She has even fallen asleep in my arms. She'd never admit to that, though.

I'm really enjoying this change. I know that the up-coming move will be a stress on our cats but in the end, this gal is going to be happier. She may go back to her 'old ways' but for now I'll enjoy the sensitive side of Audrey. :)

(note the peachiness to her coat in certain light. It's very hard to see but she has a lot of her momma in her.)

We have a dry day today which means great for building. There have been many changes since my last photos and I'll post them over the weekend. I'll be hanging two more bird feeders on the lot to encourage the local birds to drop by.

I have some beauties to care for this weekend and then, other than two of my regular kitty-clients, I will be closing down for now.

Some hard days ahead. I'll be returning keys and saying "Good-bye" to so many lovely people and their beautiful cats. I'm so happy that I have photos of each of them to keep in an album. I know there will be days ahead that I'll be missing them and perhaps this will help. It was a privilege to care for each and everyone of them.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What made you smile today?

It's a rainy day here in Ontario so best to find a few things that make you *smile*.

For me, just thinking that I'm going to have a country mailbox soon.
Here are a few from Pinterest.

Well, mine won't say U.S. Mail but ....I'm lovin' a red mailbox surrounded by flowers.

Actually, in no time flat it will look more like this around these parts.
Hanging a wreath at the box looks so welcoming for the postman.
Seeing Sierra won't be able to greet him it's the least I can do.

I bought a new double-tray bird-feeder today and will fill it this weekend.

I found this on pinterest, too.
This is the idea we are going for as you can see the house is attached to the carriage house.
Ours won't be this adorable but the fun is in the planning.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And the construction begins.

I hope all my Canadian friends had a very Happy Thanksgiving. Our family will celebrate this coming weekend with us when our lives calm down a little and we can enjoy entertaining with a big family dinner.  I am looking forward to having them all home.

Our Fall weather has brought out all the sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens again. I picked up the knitting needles this week, too, after having them stored away over the summer. I think I'll try to be a little more creative this season.

We have summer-like weather today. Rain is in the forcast for the next few days which will hamper our building but it should soon pass.

Our grands, Riley and Brad came out to the lot to have a ride on the old tractor yesterday. It was a gorgeous day and the leaves are still quite pretty. Nothing like a week ago, though.  I somehow talked them into sitting on the bench at the gate for a photo with Nan although it's obvious Brad has other ideas. Ry is always a ham for the camera.

I wanted to show you some of the construction on our lot. I have so many photos but will not bore you with too many at once. This is the start of the construction; mostly the foundation being prepared. If you are a 2 year old boy you will love this. ;-b

Keep in mind this is a carriage-house.
We will be 'tiny home dwellers' for awhile.
"God, give me strength"

If you are short of me.

We are surrounded by at least 50 maples

Filling in the foundation.
Ok then...definitely not the pretty part.

If you're still here...bless you. The next post will be of the building itself.

I have been hanging bird-feeders on the lot to let them all know I am here to feed them this winter. While sitting on the bench with the kids I noticed a chickadee visiting one of the feeders.
I hope he tells his friends.

I'm off to kitty-sit two black beauties.
I can't end this without showing you a cat photo.
Audrey and I were looking at her baby pictures this morning.

Here she is at 4 weeks. 

Thanks for coming by and hope you have a great day.
hugs, Deb