Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's hard to smile these days.

We have to look for the 'little things' ...
Violets are still blooming in spite of the treatment they get from the cats. 

I made two dozen pumpkin muffins today. Surely, that should keep a certain person around here happy for awhile. And the dog.
And, some pumpkin orange spice loose tea.

Although Kane does stumble a bit he seems to be improving.
He walks like a dog that is not sure of his footing and if he gets going too fast he stumbles, but he is better than he was. We are thankful for that.
He has had his three pills and is enjoying all the extra 'fussiness' going on around him.
He loves the car so of course we took him for a drive. He slept through it, though.  
He is walking on his own but very carefully.
We managed a walk around the neighbourhood today which he enjoyed.
Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions.
It all helps.

Things are really moving fast on the property. That's good 'cause we have to get in there pronto. The weather has been the pits lately; way too much rain. We have great guys working away on our building and they are not letting rain get in the way but sunshine would be appreciated.

The birds are coming to the feeders. Yah! I have filled them twice now.

I cared for these two beauties the last few days. I expect it will be the last time so I spent as much time with them as I could. I'm so happy to have known them and will surely miss them.

Hope you had some *smiles* today.

With the loss of one of Canada's brave soldiers, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was violently murdered by a lone gunman on Wednesday in front of the National War Memorial near our Parliament Hill, it is hard for all Canadians to smile these days. Our hearts are broken for his family. Such a waste.

He was known by his friends and loved-ones to always have a smile on his face.
"Rest in Peace, Nathan.We pray for our country."

hugs, Deb


  1. A sad day, to be sure. Our hearts go out to the soldier's family, and the rest of Canada during this disturbing time. Some extra kitty purrs from Tigger and Belle probably felt really nice!

  2. We can honour Nathan by refusing to be terrorized. Let's continue to live in love and peace. We ARE Canadian!
    Jane x

  3. I immediately thought of you Deb when the news came through, the world seems to be in turmoil at the moment and none of us are safe. That poor man and his family, my thoughts go out to them.
    I have been wondering about our guardsmen outside the palace etc, they would also have no protection, I depair.
    Anyway, on a lighter note, thanks for your comment on our lot and Tigger and Belle have cheered me up no end.

  4. A very sad day, so Kane and cats are a welcome smile.

  5. Yes, very sad and a young life lost far too soon and needlessly. RIP Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. We also pray for our country.

    the critters in the cottage and their Mama Sophie xo

  6. Your pumpkin muffins look wonderful. And I'm so glad Kane is a bit better and that your new place is getting there despite the weather.

    As for violent murder in front of your War Memorial... such a senseless act. I too pray for his family... and the world.

  7. Yes sad for this young man and family ! Glad Kane is doing better . Muffins look YUMMY ! It has been beautiful weather down here sunny and mild temps hit 15C and more sun for us for the next day or so . Thanks for sharing , lovely photos Have a good day !

  8. Hi Deb...
    So unbelievable that this our proud country
    Hopefully there won't be another...his family weeps, I am sure
    Good news tho'...about your new digs...and Kane♥️
    Go to the pub, and have some fish & chips!
    Surely that will ease the heartache...
    Those Muffins look awesome...How is the retired guy's back???
    Linda :o)

  9. Hi Linda - He's slowly recovering after going on strong pain killers and muscle relaxants. I've had to do the driving lately 'cause he's like a happy drunk on these pills. Lots of codeine in them. The dr. has ordered him to lie down more and stay away from lifting. Good Lord...great timing, eh! I haven't mentioned this in the blog because he says it will bore everyone. haha!

  10. Such sad news about the young soldier. So tragic and senseless.
    Glad to hear that Kane is improving and photos of your latest charges are beautiful.

  11. I am so sorry about your dog and about the shooting.
    Crazy world we live in but still the good out ways the bad .. at least I hope it still does.

    Take care,
    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  12. Hello Deb,

    My heart sends you and even all of Canada prayers today. I am so very sorry for the loss of Nathan Cirillo and how hard this is for his little son, Marcus, along with the rest of his other family and friends. I can't even imagine the pain they must be in. May we all honor his sacrifice by being the best people we can be... Blessings upon all of you in these days.
    And Blessings upon your hubby's back for healing, Kane, too, and al the lovely kitties.
    Keep smiling when you can - sending hugs.
    Love and Heart Felt Sympathy,
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. I guess the Retired Guy doesnt realize that we readers all come to care about the families we read about everyday :-)
    Glad to see that he and kane are getting better!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in yesterday's tragedy. So very sad.

  14. I was thinking of you, my blog friends in Canada and my friend Suzanne (the one in my Canada post a few days ago) as I watched with great sadness the events unfolding today. I always think of Canada as my safe place -- two hours away. Where all is good. I know that is an oversimplification but still...

    I'm glad Kane is improving. Sweet boy. It must be difficult for you to see him falter but it sounds like the meds were pretty significant and the vertigo pretty bad. So, good for him.

    Wishing you well on your property. Sweet Tigger reminds me of Gyppy. It must be hard to leave them.

  15. Such sad news for sure. Just takes my breath away how scary our world is. Wishing you love and light and sweet walks with Kane.

  16. I think I can say that we Americans stand with you and share your grief. Your country's support during 9/11 still remembered. Offering prayers to the fine soldier's family.

  17. We pray for Nathan Cirillo and those he leaves behind. God bless him.

    Glad to hear Kane is comming along and the retired guy too.

  18. You my dear, and all my Canadian friends - even those I have yet to make - remain in our thoughts. These days are so sad and very frightening - I worry so much about the future for all.
    Hope your weather improves and all will be well soon. My prayers are with you.
    Mary x