Friday, October 17, 2014

It's all good in the end.

I always have company in the kitchen. Today it was Audrey.

I hope she doesn't read this because I am about to blow her cover. She's been a little more clingy since Joe and Rae-Rae arrived six months ago. She is terrified of Joe and avoids Rae like the plague. Neither cat has ever touched her but Joe does strutt around like he has intentions. He is a big cat; a bit of a bully,  and it scared her from day one. Rae hissed at her when they first moved in and Audrey was so insulted that she has never forgotten. So, she is a bit more sucky with me and wants me to spend more time with her now. She lets me groom her any time I want. Before I would have my hand chewed off and she'd box me with her back feet. Now she purrs. I can carry her around like a baby and she stays put. She has even fallen asleep in my arms. She'd never admit to that, though.

I'm really enjoying this change. I know that the up-coming move will be a stress on our cats but in the end, this gal is going to be happier. She may go back to her 'old ways' but for now I'll enjoy the sensitive side of Audrey. :)

(note the peachiness to her coat in certain light. It's very hard to see but she has a lot of her momma in her.)

We have a dry day today which means great for building. There have been many changes since my last photos and I'll post them over the weekend. I'll be hanging two more bird feeders on the lot to encourage the local birds to drop by.

I have some beauties to care for this weekend and then, other than two of my regular kitty-clients, I will be closing down for now.

Some hard days ahead. I'll be returning keys and saying "Good-bye" to so many lovely people and their beautiful cats. I'm so happy that I have photos of each of them to keep in an album. I know there will be days ahead that I'll be missing them and perhaps this will help. It was a privilege to care for each and everyone of them.

hugs, Deb


  1. I know a lot of people think that cats are independent and aloof, but when you live with them on a daily basis, their sensitive and emotional side is very evident. It's wonderful that Audrey has become a little love bug.
    It's a shame that one little hiss can get a relationship off to an unhappy start.

  2. Audrey is wonderfully sensitive! Of course she's looking for lovin'; there's a brute and a hissy in her territory! You are her constant, otherwise her world is all mixed up. Hoping she'll regain her confidence soon.

  3. Dear Deb,

    I did not realise you were going to move. I can understand how difficult it must be to leave your friends and cats. Hope all will go well!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  4. Oh,cats do NOT like their home being invaded by anyone,do they?!
    Jane x

  5. My Smokey has an attitude very much like Audrey's. However, I've found that as he gets older, he craves a little more attention each year. Like us, they get mellow with age!

  6. awwwww...her secret is safe with me! Although, you *could* give her a belly rub and say it's from Trish.

  7. Audrey, your sweet side must come from you Mama also. My Charlie hates to be held but plops on my lap all the time, it just has to be HIS idea not mine. I know these changes are hard for you and the kitties but there will be much excitement and JOY to come.

  8. Audrey, you're such a beauty. Lots of purrs for you!

  9. Yes! I see the peachiness of Audrey’s coat! So pretty. Well, it may have been not the way she would have chosen to become a cuddling cat but I bet she does enjoy her time with you and hopefully won’t give it up in the future as life changes. It must be so nice to be able to groom her without her minding! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing Audrey’s deepest secrets with us today.
    Gentle strokes on your head from me, Audrey,

  10. I do wish our cat would just sit around in the kitchen looking contented. Unfortunately he's a miserable old Tabby, and prefers to be alone. I blame the dogs!

  11. It's lovely you have such a delightful cat looking after you. She's sweet!

  12. Audrey, you little devil. Who knew you were such a delicate flower underneath it all?
    Yes, I bet it will be quite emotional leaving your home after so many years. I hope the new place will be a wonderful adventure for you all!

  13. I've never seen the peach in Audrey before.
    Must be terribly sad to say goodbye to kitties you've known for so long. Lots of little broken kitty hearts too.

    1. Hi Kari- her peach colour only shows up in certain lighting. She looks solid grey otherwise. Quite pretty, actually.

  14. I volunteer when I can at a no kill home to many tiny itty bitty kitteh cats who grow up in homes as adored kitties! I pray for pet homes such as the gentleness and love of cats like you have for your Audrey and your other lovelies, I pet the charges, love on them and brush them, I bring good treats and clean and clean for the lady who runs the place on donations only...Many want pets but she is very very careful with her charges her angels as she calls them, she has a team of volunteers mostly older ladies like myself, 66 and trying to live a great life, my kitteh cats smell the others, I change my clothes when I get home and shower and then pet and love on my two baby dolls, I read and re-read your blogs daily, with a big ole cup of tea..I think you are extraordinary, not many in our neck of the woods who love all animals esp. cats and the birds, oh, how I pray for others to read your blog and take a hint and care about all animals..but I am smitten with Audrey, she is a charmer and I adored the itty bitty picture of her as a kitten I would have taken her in for sure, my older kitteh cat looked like her when she was a teeny tiny one, she is our older cat now and we baby her a lot, our wild boy runs outside and does his business and runs back inside, it rains now and he hates anykind of rain and moisture..Have a wonderful Halloween, Hanukkah and Christmas and New Year, your home looks like will be spectacular and your sweet angels will enjoy their new home too, greetings to your doggie Kane what a lovely doggie too, ciaoX()X()X()

  15. You have your furbabes to cuddle --- all will be well. Hugs ...

  16. I have a beautiful marmalade boy who only allows me to cuddle and brush him when HE says it's OK. But I know he loves me, so I don't mind.

  17. Hi Deb....
    Closing the books on another chapter...
    SO much more to write about...
    I love Audrey!
    Linda :o)