Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So that's that.

Happy is the home
with at least one cat.
If there is one thing I have learned in my 62 years on this planet, it is that change is inevitable so we might as well get used to it.

We have a major change coming up very soon. We will be leaving our home of 25 years and finally (some of you are nodding) moving on to a piece of what was once my grandmother's property.
As I type this, a very charming carriage house is being built so that we can move in before winter hits.
Our reason for building the carriage house (2-car garage with a roomy apartment above) is to be living on the property when we begin to build the main house we have designed. Our future house will be added on to the carriage house through a breeze-way.

 I have had to close down my business for now which, without a doubt, has been the hardest part of this change.
 After providing a cat-sitting service for 20 years in our town and surrounding areas, with a heavy heart, I now have to inform everyone that, as of October 31,  I will no longer be available.
I have spent the last few weeks sending emails to all my clients, thanking them for using my service and trusting me with the care of their precious cats.

It's been hard.

Some of my clients are good friends now and I will be paying a visit to each of them as I  return keys and wish them all well.

I will miss 'my kitty clients' so much I can't even put it into words.

I have some thinking to do over the winter as to whether I will continue Just Cats and start a service come Spring in the new area. I think this is what I want to do but I need time to be sure. My family encourage me to carry on with it, if that's what I want, even though I am now at retirement age. How did that happen?

My blog will no doubt change and I'm not sure if it will be of much interest to anyone as we move forward with our lives but I do hope you will drop by to see what we are up to once in awhile.

Perhaps Audacious Audrey will keep you amused as much as she does us.

She has already packed her cardboard box which she has personalized with her teeth. She has also been reading up on raising chickens. 
She's set to go.

The retired guy, myself, Kane, Lily, Sierra, Annie & Audrey
will be moving into the carriage house very soon. will be close quarters but we will make it through this.

So, that's that.

I thank you all for sticking with me over the four years I have blogged about the life of a cat-sitter. I have so enjoyed meeting you and sharing with you all my fabulous feline clients. I will be showing off my kitty-clients for the rest of this month as I wind down the business. 

The blog will keep the name, as I do hope to carry on with my cat-sitting service at some point, but for now it will just be us learning to live in the country and keep our animals happy and content.

We may be living proof that it's never too late to live your dream.

Or not! 

If you are interested, drop by next week as I will post the construction on our lot.

Have a great day.
Hugs, Deb


  1. I, for one, will absolutely still follow your blog. You are one of two that I check on daily, as I love hearing your stories about your clients, your grandkids, your daily goings on and your kitties. (Audrey's funny little face just make my day). I wish you and your hubby much luck and good wishes on your new adventure and look forward to hearing more about your temporary new home and your to be new home. Hugs and meows. :) Jennifer, Waterford CT

  2. Well, of course we want to see current updates on the new place and the ongoing construction! And your four kitties will want some camera time, I just know!
    It all sounds exciting. I know you'll miss your little business until you can resume it, but for the time being just enjoy each day as it comes. Sounds like a great adventure with a happy ending!

  3. Happy and sad at the same time. Closing doors is hard but brand new doors are opening for you. Look forward to hearing ALL about it ..... here on your blog and maybe over a cup of tea or some fish an chips :)

  4. This is exactly the sort of thing my husband and I tend to do. [News of our latest moving project will appear on my blog as soon as all the pieces have fallen into place.] You will never have a boring life and I would miss you if you didn't keep up with reports of your doings. How you will miss your catly clients! It will interesting to see how your felines adapt to the new property.

  5. Oh Deb, I know this change will be so hard but also exciting. Finally moving to that lovely property and starting a new dream. I will always follow you and enjoy your adventures as a Cat Mom, Nana and friend. And it does not surprise me at all that Audrey is ready for this adventure (I already feel sorry for the chickens :)


  6. That's going to be a big change for you, and it'll take time for you to get things sorted and perhaps pick up the cat sitting down the line.

  7. Oh goodness, Deb! Please keep blogging so we can hear about your life in the new house. I would so miss Audrey and your gang of sweet kitties.
    These are big changes and I wish you much happiness though I know it must be very hard to leave your much-loved kitty clients.
    Hugs and best wishes!

  8. Oh Deb....
    Why would you think we wouldn't follow you on your very exciting adventure♥️
    I love your style of blogging and your incredible sense of humour....
    I am on pins and needles to see the new digs...
    How brave are you? VERY!
    You will miss your kitty clients, but they will be waiting for your return....
    Good luck!
    See you next week.....
    Linda :o)


  9. I will still be following! I too am looking forward to hearing and seeing about your changing lives! Good luck with your move!! Just think of all the new nooks and crannies that the kitties will be exploring :-)

  10. And I've just recently found your blog! :(
    How odd this is, too, since my latest post was about change, triggered by a friend moving away.
    I wish you well - the house sounds exciting - and hope you will continue blogging.

  11. It sounds like a lot of changes are in store for you but I do hope you continue blogging. You will still have lots to share and of course we love seeing what Audrey and the rest of the gang is up to. Best wishes to you as you start this new adventure!

  12. Of course I will still be interested in your blog! It sounds like you have exciting changes coming up, though I know it must be very hard indeed to leave your kitty clients. I wish you lived in my area so you could help with our Chase Bird. :-)

    Audrey is so smart to be studying up on chickens already. Nothing gets past her, does it?

  13. Yes, please keep blogging. I am going to miss the goings on of Audrey and Co. I am sure once you are settled you'll find that you have a few more years of cat sitting - I can't imagine a nicer job!

  14. Well! There won't be a soul who reads/follows this
    Blog, who will want you to give up Blogging....Oh! No!
    Let's hope that once in a while then, you'll do an odd
    post, even if it's just pics of the pussy~cats.....We really
    like to know how there doing! :).

    What ever you decide...I hope that you...Debie, and all
    your lovely family, stay happy and well! God Bless!

    Audrey...Audrey...Talk to yer Mum! Tell her...Well you know!
    Bless! AND...Of course we'll miss YOU!
    ><)))))))0> All round....x

  15. Oh Deb.Yours and one other are the only blogs I follow faithfully. You visit me in my kitchen each day without fail. I smile so much more knowing I will be reading your blog. I to love kitties. I have 4. When I was working with a young family babysitters where a working parents nightmare. Just as hard is finding a wonderful kitty sitter like you. Your human and furry clients are so so lucky to have you. I do hope for their sake that you do consider starting up your kittie services once you have settled. I'm sure you will . It's in your heart for sure. I will continue to ck daily for your blog. Enjoy your new chapter in your life and continue to make new memories.

  16. I've only just started following your blog but, glad you are keeping it.
    How exciting to be moving to a carriage house! Yes, it may seem a little cramped but, it is only temporary isn't it? I'm sure you will put your own stamp on it so to speak and the cats, once they've moved over will exploring their new space. (They've probably already found the best vantage.view points!).
    I wish you well and happy in your new home! xxx

  17. I'm not going anywhere Deb, I shall be following the progress of your new move and I will still want to see your own kitties., PLEASE keep blogging...

  18. Sad for your cat-sitting business is ending. Hopefully you can continue it in your new area. Hope your move goes smoothly for you and you get used to your new location quickly and come to love it.

  19. I really hope you keep blogging. I check in with just a few blogs everyday and your one is always top of my list. I enjoy the pleasure you get from the simplest things like a cup of delicious tea or spending you time with family.
    Marion (from the other side of the world in Australia).

  20. This is going to be exciting! If you need tips on log chopping,wells,melting ice for toilet flushing,ridding the house of snakes, and or weasels,bears at the door...or any other country living tips...I'm your gal!!
    Jane x

  21. I will look forward to following along on your new adventure!

  22. Long time reader (and lurker). Best wishes on the move and on this new phase of your life. I've really enjoyed your posts and plan to continue reading (you're in my feed reader) as long as you're writing.

  23. look upon this as a new life adventure Deb! Change is very hard for all of us! We experienced the same challanges when moving from Texas to Maine! I understand! I wish you well during your move! It's all good! I encourage you to continue sharing your writing, your family stories and kitty pictures with us. You know what a huge fan I am! Your blog brightens the day for so many! Life is good for happy and keep smiling for the future! Warm hugs to you and your family!

  24. You will love the country and we all look forward to following your move.

  25. I also look forward to following you in your new adventures. I love reading about Audrey and her antics! Would you mind if I contact you with questions regarding your cat sitting business? I may be out of a job in the next year or so and was looking for something to do like this here in Connecticut. Please feel free to contact me: auntmeanie682 at optonline dot net thanks

  26. Deb, you have loving cared for many of our babies over the years and we will miss you terribly! Rosie and I hope you can drop by before you leave...I think she's even more adorable since your last I'll continue to follow your blog and anxiously await for more funny Audrey pictures. Enjoy your new adventure Deb.

  27. A great new adventure for all of you! I'll be watching and reading.
    Hugs and purrs to all....

  28. Oh, my doodness sakes alive, it sounds like you are starting a new chapter of your life, good for you, a new home on property you own in the country I am so very happy for your new adventure! Change is something one has to get used to always, but it does sound like you and your hubs and kitteh cats will be living your dream of a home you can build on property you have and the way you like it, have a big cup of tea and enjoy the goodies you bake and think of Mary in the pacific northwest sending out tons of happy and peaceful thoughts to you and yours, ciao & love and peace!XXXX()()()()()!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I wish you well in following your dreams. I know it must really be hard to give up your kitty clients, but that's what happens with changes. Hopefully you will start again in your new place. I will continue to follow your blog because it starts my morning. I always enjoy seeing what Audrey is up to.

  30. Can't wait to hear about the work on the old property. Of course, we know your fab felines and trusty dog will be in the middle of all this!

    Pee Ess: You'd better start cat sitting again or you'll collect strays--seriously :D

  31. What would we do without you and your kitties to brighten our mornings? (Oops, I forgot Kane.). We simply can't imagine!
    We can only imagine how much time and effort goes into producing a high quality blog like yours. There is so much happening for you right now that we know you must attend to. Blog or no blog, we are still your loyal friends and followers. And do we love your kitties?

  32. All the best on the next part of your journey. I look forward to posts about the construction, your own kitties at home and all the newness of living in the country. I enjoy your writing style and your photos; I'm sure you'll have much to share for many years - especially if you do decide to raise chickens - "Just Cats...& Chickens"? Sure you do share photos of your kitty clients but you also share with us your seasonal changes to the tea cabinet, your pottery finds, Audrey's antics as well as the other furries.
    Maybe blogging will help relieve the stress of this major change!
    Thanks for all the smiles,

  33. I look forward to reading about your new 'digs', and of course trying to keep up with those beautiful and sweet kitties of yours.
    I wish you all very best with your new adventure, it is indeed a major change, but most exciting !

  34. Deb, please keep blogging, I for one in the US enjoy everything you blog about not just kitty sitting. I have watched Audrey grow up, and cried when kitties have passed. I would love to see your dream become reality. love and prayers.
    Ellen and my kitten bunch

  35. Moving to the country and building my own house has always been a dream that most likely wont happen, so yes I want to hear all about your doing it! So please keep blogging about it, it will be a good way to document the process as well. I follow lots of design and decorating blogs too, big projects are fun to hear about. Watching the kitty antics as they adjust to a new space and such are also interesting. So what might be mundane to you is interesting to someone else. Did you sell your house already? Your clients will be sad to loose you right before the holiday travel season, but Im sure you have way too much china packing to do! So please keep filling us in on your adventures

  36. Deb -- what a great opportunity to have a new home -- good luck to you. Please continue your blog as I am new to being a kitty parent and your hints and suggestions over the past couple of years have really helped. Good luck.

  37. I like your cat blog very much, Audrey on foto is amazing! I hope read something in the future on your blog.
    Good time for you! Jarka

  38. Hi there,
    I can't recall how I discovered Just Cats but it was the first cat blog I knew about :) and, I think, one of my favorites. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. I also look forward to hearing about feline shenanigans. I hope you find a bit of time to continue on...pretty please
    Best wishes with the new adventures from me and the kitty brats

  39. Please please PLEASE keep blogging! I check your blog every day and would miss it so much. Everyone's gonna want to hear about your new place and you're probably going to need a place to rant safely while it's being built! And your cats wouldn't want you to leave their fan clubs hanging. I hope you start your business again when you're re-settled!

  40. How exciting Deb, we wish you well on your new adventure and look forward to visiting your new home with you on the blog.
    Julie and Poppy Q

  41. Wow, that's more than just one change. I wish you all the best of luck, and will of course keep looking in on your blog. I wish I could buy the house you're currently living in! You're 62? Get out.

  42. I love reading your blog every day, I certainly will be tuning in and would miss your family & fur family adventures out in the country. How exciting though to be moving into a new place and one that holds some wonderful memories for you! I know it must be hard to say goodbye to all your clients & kitties, they are like your extended family I am sure. I wish you allthe best with your move and have lots of fun in the process! I know if you decide to start up your kitty sitting in your new area they will be lined up at your door, nobody pampers those kitties like you! :)

  43. I sincerely hope you will continue to blog and take your readers along on your move to the country. I personally would find the move/construction/projects/new home/etc. interesting. Your blog is my absolute favorite for so many reasons. As much as I enjoy the photos of your clients, I enjoy the photos of your cats and dog even more. Can only imagine the emotions involved with the closing of your business. It is so wonderful to work at something you love so I think you will end up continuing to do this once you are settled. Wishing you and your family the best at this time of change and transition!

  44. You are our one of our favourite blogs and we will continue to drop by if you find the time or inclination to continue (say it will be so!) blogging. We are originally from Ontario but are now residing in Vancouver, B.C. Your blog has meant a lot to us since we can visit "home " once in a while through you. Thank you for that Deb.

    You do have many changes ahead of you but whoever said change was bad...your change will truly be fantastic and exciting! And remember .. . saying Good-bye to old friends , also means saying Hello to new ones.

    the critters in the cottage and their Mama Sophie XO

  45. Deb, I'll be following your progress toward a new home with great interest. Can't wait to see the next post. Hugs, Nancy

  46. Best Wishes Deb for your dreams to come true and be all you and your family have hoped for. I looked forward to hearing all about how life in the country goes for all of you. Blessings on your new beginning.

    Please do continue blogging if it works for you. I have greartly enjoyed hearing of your lives and adventures. And if you would like to continue caring for kitties... it would be a wonderful service to them in your new community.

    Love to you and all there, too,

    Lily, WA, USA

  47. I am so excited for you! I have enjoyed your blog the short time that I've known about it. Can't wait to hear about your new home. Thank for all the help and good advise.

  48. Good luck, Deb! I hope you return to cat sitting but of course, you have to do what you want (at our age, it's one of the perks). I will continue to check in on Audrey (love those cheek bones).

  49. I'll keep reading too! I wish you the best with all of the upcoming changes!

  50. Hi Deb,

    We are from The Netherlands but have lived in Canada for a couple of years. We left a piece of our heart in Canada when we moved away; that’s why visiting your blog every day is such a treat for us. And since we are BIG BIG cat lovers (have a couple of them running around here), your blog is a match made in heaven for us! Please keep blogging!
    All the best on your new adventure.


  51. I hope too that you return to your passion, but in your own time. Please keep blogging even if it is infrequent. I really want to keep in touch and see how things are working out. ( not in a stalker kind of way ! :) )

    This all sounds perfect for you and your family.

  52. Good luck on your new adventure! I have been reading your blog for several years and always look forward to your latest news. I am a cat lover and enjoy hearing about all your cats, family etc.. Please keep blogging! I'm sure Audrey will have a lot to say about her new home. Best Wishes!

    Patrice, Iowa, USA

  53. I read your post yesterday, and I've been thinking hard on how to respond. I simply love your photos, and Audrey's funny face, and news of your day-to-day cat sitting and family stuff, and would certainly enjoy hearing about your news in the future. You will be missed on a daily basis, but if you promise to add a post here or there, then that's a good thing! Keep your dreams, is for hard, hug everyone, and follow your bliss! You are an inspiration.

  54. We'd love to continue reading about your life and the new and exciting changes happening! What a treat for us! Purrs...

  55. Please, please, please don't stop blogging!!! I love your posts so much, the babies are so cute and growing and your kitties. What can I say, we have 7 of our own, 2 are feral. I live in the Pacific Northwest but I know if we ever were to meet we would be friends. Thru your posts I have found that you feel the same as I do on so many things. I'm sure many, many of your readers feel the same! Have a wonderful time on your next adventure and please keep all of us posted on all the new developments. And of course lots of pictures-your so good at it. I'm jealous :)

  56. Hello Deb. I first started reading your blog because I have always loved cats and always lived with one or two cats. My husband and I consider them part of our family. Before long, reading your posts everyday felt like visiting with a well loved friend. I wish you well on whatever path you choose for the future. I do hope you will continue blogging about any subject on your mind. I only follow three blogs, yours being the first one I check each day. I've noticed others making similar comments, so you obviously have a talent for the written word, and for making people (and cats) feel good! :) I rarely leave comments... just thought this occasion called for a special effort. Best of luck with the move!
    Nancy T. , Rabun Gap, Georgia, USA

  57. Please keep up your blogging. I may not always comment, and I have been guilty of serious "blog neglect" of my own, but I love your voice. Your kitty clients [and their humans] will miss you terribly. I love reading about your kitties too. Moving is hard. Please keep us posted, and best of luck!

  58. I'm one of your regular readers who agree with all the others who left comments. I too would love to follow your new adventures. If you have time to continue your blog, I will definitely be there to read your stories and check out your pictures. Change can be difficult, but new doors will open to you. You have a special relationship with cats, so I'm sure they will continue to be a big part of your new life.

  59. How exciting to live on what was your Grandmother's property. I would love to follow along with you, your plans, the retired guy, your family, and Kane and the cats if you can find the time to blog occasionally. I have you in my reader so I will see if you do a post because yours is one of the very few blogs I check rather faithfully. I have enjoyed your writing and your photographs. Thanks for sharing with us.

  60. You just make sure y'all come back here asap - we would miss you so much Deb. Even without the other kitties I know you will still share your own with us, AND a big plus will be seeing your lovely new home being built!

    Good luck - don't step on any nails - snuggle up in the carriage house and we'll be waiting.

    Hugs, and best of luck with the build - Mary

  61. That's huge, Deb. A huge change in lifestyle, location and lots of hard work on the horizon!

    I do hope you'll continue blogging. I confess, while I like the pics of your "charges," my favorites are of your own brood. What would a week be like without Audrey checking in? And Gwyn and the rest of your gang. And teacups and china... well, your blog is more than just cats, even if that's the business.

    Time will let you make the right decision. Until then, you still have much to share -- assuming you can find the time to share it!

    Don't be a stranger.

  62. Change is always hard! But, you have much to look forward to and you will do well!

    I look forward to reading about and seeing photos of your move into your new home. You have much loveliness in your life to share with others.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  63. As an avid cat lover, it has been a joy to follow your blog. Even though you will no longer have kitty clients, I sincerely hope you continue blogging. I so enjoy your entourage of kitties, and Audacious Audrey always has something to say!

  64. Dear Deb, I wish you all the best on this new starting in the country...I loved your blog from the first moment I dropped by and I feel you & your loving kitties and family as a part of my heart. I can´t imagine you stopping you kitties care service but take your time till you have settled to decide the best...I send you all my love & blessing and please don´t stop blogging I will always be here looking forward to see how my Sweet Annie, Audacious Audrey, Dear Kane, Lovely Lily & Charming Sierra are getting used to this new life also enjoying your Christmas celebrations with your dear family and your pretty china and delicious recipes... as Jeanie says your dear blog is more than just cats♥

  65. Deb, I've been out of town and am just getting caught up checking my favorite blogs. I've never written to you before, but I've been reading your lovely blog for several years. I used to walk dogs in our prior neighborhood and I have so enjoyed reading about you & your cats. I've made several of your muffin recipes (fantastic!), and love seeing your teacups and your gorgeous cats at home....especially Audrey! 'Just love her! Please keep blogging because you do it so well and I think we all feel like you are a friend of ours. I will be hoping that everything goes smoothly for you with the move. I empathize with having to stop taking car of your kitty clients (I had to leave my doggie clients when we moved & I was a mess over it). We need dear bloggers like you who show us a kinder, gentler world because things are tough right now. Thank you for all your efforts. Please keep writing!