Sunday, March 31, 2013

"Happy Easter"

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday. God has given us new birth.
                                                    My client's beautiful peach orchid.

The table is ready in my little 12 x 12 dining-room.
 It's a tight squeeze. I used my table-cloth from Peru and had to cover it so my son-in-law will eat at the table. He's so afraid of spilling something on this irreplaceable gift from my daughter when she travelled to South America last year. He's adorable.

The dinner 
Ham & pineapple
Samosas for the veg-heads
scalloped potatoes
sweet turnip
a vegetable salad
whole wheat rolls
plenty of wine
upside down apple cake with whipped cream and cinnamon on top
coffee or tea
The Easter bunny has been by with baskets for the little ones and some chocolates & jb's for the big folk.

We'll have an Easter egg hunt after dinner.
After managing to steal a few jelly-beans, Audrey is upstairs in the spare bedroom. Can you hear her yelling? She, Ed & Lily will be tucked safely away from little hands and my table will survive. I've given them food, water, treats, beds, toys and the radio's on. She's still yelling.  "Sorry, Audrey."

It will be so great to have everyone home for dinner to celebrate..

"I wish everyone an enjoyable and Happy Easter. 
And remember ...Keep your paws off other peoples' jelly-beans."

hugs, Deb

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Up & at'em

I keep hearing today is going to be a busy day.

cat-sittin', bunny-sittin', shoppin', cleanin' all bores me to death.

Oh, looks like my day is cut out for me.
The birds are up, the sun is shinin'...
& mom's got the best seat.
if I hear "you lose"
                                    I'll steal your jelly-beans.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

A new granite cup & thoughts on Good Friday

Sun-puddles were very appreciated today.

and although there is lots of mud around, it was a good, spring-like day to walk the dog.
There were out-door cats around every corner.
This one is smart and stays clear of dogs, no doubt.

I found a little granite cup at the antique shop last time I visited in Almonte. This one came with a lid...bonus.

I love granite-ware. It makes me think of my grandmothers' kitchen years back.
I was thrilled to find a white one and it is in fine shape. It has a nice sturdy handle.
One more thing off my list. 
I think I'm ready for Easter all but the dinner. Of course, I'll be vacuuming 'til the cows come home. Goes with the 'love of cats'.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. As a Christian,  it is a  day in which Christ's death will be remembered with solemn prayers of thanksgiving.  It is a paramount event in the Christian faith. 

Hugs, Deb 

Dog-walker Deb

Years back,  I was a full-time dog-walker for our little town. I started out just wanting some part-time work as my kids were still at home but it wasn't long before the 'part-time' turned to 'full-time'. There were plenty of people in our town who worked long hours and were delighted to have me drop in during the day and take 'Fido' out for a quick romp. A good walk and a few biscuits would help the dog get through the long afternoon waiting for its' owner to return. Life got very busy and I loved every minute of it.

Now, the odd thing was that I had never lived with a dog before I started this business. Never!
I knew people who owned dogs and I loved to be around them but I didn't know the first thing about living with a dog. I did have a course on Animal Behaviour under my belt which I took on-line with St. Lawrence College but it was 'hands on experience' I was lacking in.
The owners were well aware of this and were happy just to try out my service and see how it went. I only had one incident where I was faced with a dog becoming aggressive. It was a young dog and his play turned into something else very quickly. He was un-trained and he wanted his way so he grabbed my hand with his teeth and would not let go. I was of the presence of mind to grab his collar with my other hand, twist it tight and get control of him that way. I returned him to his house where he immediately found his ball and brought it to me. He was not an aggressive dog by nature. I called his owners and told them they would have to get some training for him before I could take him out again. He was a large dog which made this a frightening experience.

Dog-walking was not only fun but it was a very healthy way to spend your day.
I shed 16 lbs within the first year and felt in top shape. I learned to love many dogs and soon found myself looking on-line at home-less dogs in our local shelters. It was then that I discovered Kane which is a story unto itself.

If you are thinking about becoming a dog-walker I have nothing but good things to pass on to you. It was a wonderful four years and I look back on it with fond memories.

Spring is the best time to be out with your dog. So, whether you are a dog-walker or just love to walk your own dog, get out there and enjoy the sun.

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A colourful morning

Breakfast out with little Riley. It sure is a fine way to start your day. ;-) She's showing me how to hold the crayon close to the tip so the colour comes out darker on the paper. Gramps taught her that.

Later, I couldn't find the little bear in a ducks' clothing until I looked behind the couch in front of the sliding door to the deck. "Oh, there it is."  Someone has made a new friend.
I think Sierra always wanted to be a mama.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Booked in for Easter and our sun-lovin' Ed

The sun was warm and the temperature was well above freezing today. I know Spring has arrived when Sierra wants to sit on her red bench on the porch and wait for the mailman to arrive.

Calls for Easter weekend cat-sitting are coming in now from those with last-minute plans. I have my regulars who book me well in advance, also. Like little Emma, my diabetic kitty-client who needs 'special' care for when the owners travel. I have lots of cats and the bunnies again this coming weekend.
I hear the weather will be just fine for our Easter celebrations.

Today, after walking Kane, I grabbed my ipod and headed out again to have a more fast-paced walk. Kane's walk is slow and methodical. It's his walk, not mine.

Dear 'ol Mr. Ed enjoying the sun on his cat-scratcher.
He'll be 25 soon and we see a big change in him the last few months. Reality is setting in and we are thankful to have had another winter with him warming himself by the wood-stove. We want him to be as comfortable as possible and to sleep away his days in the warm sun-light. He is still eating with gusto, comes to us for his massages, loves his Lily and uses his box without fail. We see what time is taking from him, though. His eyes are cloudy and his balance is not good but he still gets around with his gimpy leg. He is thin now and no matter what I feed him I can't get any weight on him. He still likes to climb giving me a heart-attack every time he heads for the stairs. I watch him like a child now. He's a good boy and he shows us in his way how we are important to him, too. We are thankful for every day we have with him.

This little bear wanted in on the Easter festivities so I fitted him with a duck suit and he'll join the bunnies, chicks and sheep in the dining-room.

I think he fits right in.
Riley will get a kick out of him and what little girl doesn't like to dress up her bear.

hugs, Deb

Monday, March 25, 2013

A pretty tea-cup & Melody

Only once have I driven by Baker Bob's in Almonte without dropping in. Today was not that day.

So,  tea in the afternoon included one of Bob's oatmeal raison cookies. Seriously, only one. ;-)
 Such a treat. I picked up some of his Easter chocolates and ordered some Doughnut Muffins for Easter weekend. I have yet to try to make them and thought it best not to try at Easter. I love my family, you see.
They are a cinnamon-lovers delight.

Tea today was a delicious blend of lemon and ginger
in this pretty tea-cup.
It is fine bone china, made in England and named Rosina.
She stands tall on the saucer and is very delicate
This was so good. I added a bit of honey, of course.

Now some wonderful kitty news... 

This little lady has a new home for Easter
             Isn't she adorable?                                  

I am so happy for this cat. Her name is Melody and she has been sitting at our shelter since last October. Yes, 6 long months.
Today, she found her new forever, loving home. A good friend and client of mine called the other day to say she had decided to once again adopt a needy cat and did I know of any one in particular that needed a home. I sent her to our shelter and she fell in love with this girl. What makes this adoption so wonderful is that Melody is 13 years old. She was brought in to the shelter as a stray and no one came to claim her. She was a sad but very sweet girl to the staff and they all cared a lot for her.

Have a fabulous life, Melody. I am so happy for you. Susan is a wonderful lady and she will give you a life full of love and contentment. I'm sure by now you are snuggled in one of her big arm chairs right beside her big, 'ol fireplace. Now I hope she plans to vacation soon so I can love you up as your cat-sitter.

I'm joining Sandi  for Tea-time Tuesday and Bernideen at  for Friends sharing Tea.

hugs, Deb

Easter tree close-up

The cats are all busy right now either relaxin' or bird-watching.
                                                             This is Annie aka Peach
My golden girl, Sierra
Audacious Audrey

While they are busy, let's take a closer look at my Easter Tree.

I know the grand-kids will enjoy it. Now to get the baskets ready.

Thought I'd show you a photo of little Riley in front of the store where she won the photo contest.
 That's her in the windows. Her mom took her in to pick out a little something and she chose a new umbrella. Smart I'd say as we are heading into April showers.

The sun is out. Yippee! Time to walk Kanie.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A tinge of blue

Well, the sun may have been shining bright yesterday on our walk but that wind was whipping around and felt like a hot poker in your face. That description always makes the retired-guy laugh.

On return, once my face thawed, I tried a new tea that I received as a gift from the kids. Vanilla Chai....oh my! It's made by London House and it's good.
It tasted even better in one of my favorite tea-cups and a bit of honey added.

I took these photos during the 'blue hour'. From what I can tell from other blogs,  it is the period of twilight  when there is neither full daylight or complete darkness. Your photos actually take on a blue tinge.
So here are a few of my step-back cupboard during the blue hour. Normally, the doors are kept closed because of the cats.
I've added a few bunnies.
Isn't she the cutest? Look at her big clodhoppers.
I love her little dress and jacket, too.
That Audrey...I asked her today what her favorite colour is.
She gave me her look and said "Purrrrrrple, what else."  

Tea needs something with it, right?
But sometimes it's good to run out of cookies.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mr. Golden Sun

 Even old dogs love sun-puddles.

When the sun is finally out, the birds and squirrels are more active.
And a nest was put together for the smallest Easter creatures. I like to keep them all comfy cozy.
 My french bread basket did the trick. And it's easy to put up on a shelf when Audrey has had enough of bird watching. You know what I mean.;-)

This little face is worth protecting.
I'm finished all my cat-sitting and now it's off for a walk with Kane. We have to make the best of these sunny, bright days.

I'm joining for Sunny Simple Sunday.
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hugs, Deb

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tuck 'em in

What could possibly be as cute as this tea-cup?
My favorite little Easter decoration

The little lamb with the chipped ear. Seems to me there are a few Easter characters around here missing parts of their ears. Like this little cat, for instance.
I wonder what happened?
These two are keeping their ears tucked back so no-one will break them.
"Ohhhhh....the thought."

Now I can't blame a certain someone because these guys lost their ears long before she arrived here.


But I'm not bettin' that any of the others are safe from her shenanigans. Keep those ears tucked,  guys.

                                                      If you know what's good for you.

I'm just back from walking a blizzard.  This photo is not far from the truth.

When will this end?

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hugs, Deb