Monday, March 11, 2013

Blueberry tea in my favorite pot

Well, the Easter tree still lives. Why? You might be asking. Because I can close the door to the room if need be, plus for some reason unless the target is sitting on the dining-room table,  she seems to not see it.

There is lots of snoozing going on around here so I thought, for all you dish lovers,  I'd show you my favorite tea-pot.

It is beautiful, pours perfect and holds more than 4 cups of tea.
There are no markings on it and I found it at an antique shop for $12.
This little dish was made in Denmark and is perfect for holding your tea-bag.
I love cream with blue
and for a tea-treat to go with my Blueberry Superfruit Caffeine-free tea,  I made some blueberry banana muffins.
Perhaps Pierre will join me, someday, when I find that little boy kitty that needs a home and a new name.

"What? He just better be able to run fast."
"And where's my personalized bowl?" :-(
Joining Sandi at for Tea-Time, A Return to Loveliness at
hugs, Deb


  1. I love blueberry tea too! I put in a slice of dried lemon from my very own lemon tree. Bliss!

  2. My mom is not a fan of tea, but she is a fan of Muffin !...and now your muffin make her drooling ; )
    and Audrey, give me a call when you want to do " Fun Night "..tee..heh..Let's do evil plan ; )

  3. Mmm
    A cup of tea and some homemade muffins are just the thing for a rainy Monday.

  4. I love that first picture of Audrey's feet!!
    A teapot that pours perfectly! That would be wonderful, most of mine drip and run.

  5. Audrey, we love your hiding spot. Be careful no one lies down on you sweetie.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. Your kitty Audrey is so photogenic! The first photo is precious! The blueberry tea is so inviting and is just right for a pick me up. I love the idea of naming a cat Pierre for the bowl in blue and white is darling. I love you favorite teapot and it is fotunate it is pretty and also pours well. Have another cup of tea and enjoy your kitties.


  7. I can see why that's a favorite tea pot! And I love those little paws sticking out of the blanket. Sweet Audrey!

  8. That is a very pretty teapot, Deb! Of course I always enjoy seeing your blue and white china and your fur babies. I do enjoy your kitty tales too. I always leave with a smile! Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your week, my friend.


  9. Blueberry tea sounds wonderful right now; rainy outside. I love the Tales of Audrey--you should write a book, XOXO

  10. What a beautiful cat You have there!
    I´m not a fan of tea but I just love muffins!
    I wish I was better to write in English so I
    could tell You more exactly how I like Your
    Best wishes!

  11. Love the pics! And your favorite teapot is beautiful. Now I will have to post a photo of mine to show you. We could have a favorite teapot contest... no, just kidding. I've been on Pinterest too much this morning.

  12. Hello Deb, my fellow Canadian tea lover. :) My little cat Milo is snuggled under the quilt on my bed right now because there's a monsoon here on the West Coast. I love the blue and white theme in your photos and am wondering where my named bowl is too. :)

  13. The teapot is very pretty and the muffins look delicious. The blueberry tea seems like a wonderful flavor to have with the muffins. Always love seeing your animals.

  14. Mmm, blueberry tea and muffins with a kitty on the side.
    Happy Tea Tuesday Deb.

  15. Deb, you and your photos are fantastic! What caught my attention was the china with, "Pierre" my son's name and the cats . . . we are kitty lovers!! : ) What a pleasant way to start my day. Thank you! Lisa

  16. The teacups look rather similar to the ones I see coming out of Holland....