Thursday, March 21, 2013

Show your face, Spring.

Look at these two munchkins.
Riley will be three in May and Bradley is almost six months old.
We are still waiting for Spring weather. Yesterday I walked Kane along the Mississippi River and ended up with wind-burn on my face. It was freezing and of course the wind blows like mad along there. Surely I don't have to wear a scarf around my face like it was the middle of December? Come on, Spring. We'd like to see your face.

It's been a busy week with many cats, bunnies and a friends' dog to care for. Helma, the German Shepherd, is the only dog I care for while her owner travels. I am all done this week with kitty-care for Ford and Jack. I enjoyed these two buddies so much. I just love big 'ol, sweet-natured, male cats. I really haven't lived with one since we had our Tommy. He was a staulky, brown tabby that would hang on to your neck when you hugged him. Still miss that guy. Mr. Ed is our only male cat now and he is far from staulky but I still enjoy huggin' the old boy.

I brought along my nail clippers today. Before leaving Ford I promised him one more brushing after trimming his nails.
 I know. He's cute, isn't he. He's showing you his newly trimmed nails and his darling little white paws. He's one of those cats that as you speak to him he drops to the floor and gives you his belly.

Now I have a busy weekend scheduled with new cats to care for. Tabbies and Calico's this time.

I have some planning for Easter dinner to do, too.
Let's hope for some sun. We need it here in Ontario.

Now, all you cat-lovers...drop on over to to see what Felix is up to.

hugs, Deb


  1. Ford is one handsome tabbycat. Keep warm and toasty.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Cute little beans for sure and a cutie pie kitty too. Love the pictures today.. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Riley and Bradley are such a beauty! I love Bradley sweet smile and you look beautiful and radiant holding that big sweet-natured boy in your arms!

  4. What fabulous lil munchkins you have. Of course you realize I live vicariously thru you when it comes to being a Nana/Nona.
    I am heading to Alberta in April for 2 and a half weeks and am just counting off the days.
    Tea or lunch next week?

  5. oooooh! Big headbumps from Felix!!

    He LOVES being spun, he gets so excited he has to go "visit" the box...just like a little kid!

  6. So cute the childrens are. You must take a look at my latest cat *smile*. Have a nice weekend.


  7. The kids are just so adorable, as is Ford!

  8. Gosh, those kids are just the cutest! Good luck with your busy weekend. Sending warm thoughts your way.