Thursday, March 7, 2013

World Book Day

After looking at a few posts this morning, I was informed that it was World Book Day. Now, because of my busy days I am not a big reader but I do read at night. Right now I am reading a book that I picked up from a 'free book' box at the pub where the retired guy and I go for fish and chips and a Guinness.  It's called The Woman Next Door by Barbara Delinsky. It's ok...nothing to write home about.

I loved Beatrix Potter books as a child and that love of little dressed up characters never left me.

. I recently found some books in a consignment shop (very cheap) and I will be passing them down to grand-children some day. They are little treasures as her work was such a gift.

I found this wooden box last summer and the label, as messed up as it is, caught my eye.
My maiden name was on it and I had to have it. Now I have no idea what to do with it. It has been sitting by the wood-stove holding wood, used as a center-piece at Christmas, filled to the brim with cat-toys and now Audrey seems to think it makes a fine little cat-bed. I'm not sure what to do with the label but I do have to secure what's left of it before she eats it.

It's a dark, dull but mild day here today. I'll take that. Its good for dog-walking and I am thinking seriously about ditching the heavy winter coat. Tomorrow calls for even milder weather.

I do believe Spring is anxious to appear.

hugs. Deb


  1. That box does make the perfect cat bed!

  2. What great books and I see Audrey likes her box.


  3. I think your find makes a perfect kitty bed! I'd put a few layers of Modge Podge over the label to preserve it.

    The books were a great find!

  4. In the first pic Beautiful Audrey thinks the box is ok and in the second she mumbles "Next time she could find a wooden box with my name on it!"
    Beatrix Potter books will be a great legacy!

  5. I love Beatrix Potter too. Picked up some of her pieces in England when visiting. You might also like to read some of the cozy mystery stories called the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter. The first in the series is "The Tale of Hilltop Farm" by Susan Wittig Albert.

    And I think Audrey is glad you bought that box for her!

  6. Well, my two comments have already been made by above commenters! But I shall make them anyway, lol! I was going to say get the decoupage medium Mod Podge and a spongy applicator and go over the label two or three times (allowing drying time between). and Susan Wittig Albert has a delightful 8 book series all about Beatrix Potter. They are wonderful!!! I highly recommend them. Read them in order, though.

  7. I love buying books at consignment shops. : )

    hope spring gets here soon


  8. We've got the worst selection of consignment store books, I tell you. Lots of right wing political stuff and bodice buster romances.
    What ever happens, that wonderful box label must be preserved. Audrey looks adorable in the little box. However, if you got a male cat, you could name him Wilson. With a Wilson in the box, how cute would that be?

  9. I love Beatrix Potter`s books too.
    AND I bought 2 on a sale this year.
    One is for my friend who will become a grandma this summer.

    Love your blog!

    Greetings from your newest blog follower.