Sunday, March 3, 2013

The granite cup

I am anxious to see flowers blooming in the gardens again. Our little town has many amazing gardens in the summer months and daily dog walks give me a chance to enjoy them. It will be awhile before the flowers bloom in Ontario but until then the local flower shops will be kept busy.

While Audrey sleeps I can take in the beauty of this little addition to the dining-room.

When I hold this granite cup, beaten up over years of use, I am transferred back to my childhood. This cup sat at my grandmother's well for all the years I can remember.
It may be 100 years old, for all I know. The cold, clean well water would freshen you up in an instant after playing hard in the fields. It is a treasure,  mostly, because it is all that I have of hers.
  That, and her love of family, sharing tea, baking and cats.

My maternal grandmother, Mary on her 90th birthday.

I'm off to cat-sit and then relax on this dull, cold Sunday. Not a bit of sunshine in sight. It's a good day to watch a movie.

Oh, someone's up.
                                                              "I spy with my little eye....."

Have a good one.

(my grandmother's home burned many years ago. She was at her daughter's at the time. She lost everything in that fire but the granite cup sat at the well and survived.)

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the cup return 'home'!
    I've given up on fresh flowers in the dining room...I put fake tulips in yesterday *sigh*
    Jane x

  2. what a treasure you have in that granite cup ... and Audrey! :D :D

  3. What an absolute treasure from your grandmother. I love the primrose and apparently so does Audrey! XOXO

  4. Your blog today reminded me of the cup we used at my Aunt's farm in Mississippi when I was a child. It wasn't granite, but a white tin (if my memory serves me). It was in a tin bowl just inside the door and we drank from it as we came in from playing. The water came from their well too.

    Thanks for the memory. And cherish your granite cup!

  5. how dear, and we wish your Grandmother a most special day... what a number to reach. She looks sweet. We adored the flowers too. A moving post, thanks for sharing. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

    1. grandmother passed away many years ago. This was the last photo I had of her. She died at 93. Wonderful memories, though. I still miss her.

  6. What a special connection to that granite cup - love the way you are putting it to use. Also love the little yellow pansy in the tea cup!
    I hope all your furries are well - and hopefully springtime will hurry up a bit in your part of the world. Until then its such a sweet way of bringing a bit of spring indoor.
    Love and hugs,

  7. Btw Deb, would you have any clue as to why Skipper would be eating the thistles?
    Xo, Joan

  8. Won't it be wonderful when the granite cup returns home and children enjoy the land and fresh air once again.
    You could continue the tradition by selecting your own cup for the grands to use. In all of the wonderful antique shops you visit there surely is one that will fit the job perfectly.
    I spy with my little eye....nom, nom,nom....

  9. P.S. Your gran is lovely. My mum will be 90 in May.
    Her Alzheimers has robbed her of any semblance of her former self. I wish I could say that it won't influence how I remember her but I know it will. Cherish your memories.

  10. Hugs to you , Deb
    For special day, you must miss her so much.

  11. Deb that granite cup is indeed very special! Love that flower in it and tell Audrey to leave it alone! Hugs, Linda

  12. Oh, I'm glad you got the granite cup and that it survived. I just adore that Audrey. She has such a pretty and unusual face.

  13. It is good to have something to anchor a memory. A very nice posting. Purrs

  14. A very special Granite cup to ! Looks lovely with that plant in it ! Oh sweet kitty ! Thanks for sharing with us . Have a good evening !

  15. Lovely memories from the heart...sometimes from tragedies we rescue something positive,that she saved her life at that moment and reached his 93 full of love and that you fondly kept the granite cup
    Thanks for sharing your dearest memories with us ♥
    Audrey looks beautiful next to the primrose!

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