Monday, March 18, 2013

Tea for two (or three)

You just know I had to try out the new tea-cups today. We need to look at flowers any way we can here in Canada. Tonight we are expecting 15 cm of snow.

I had some Jasmine Flowering Tea to sample.
In goes the bulb and then the boiling water. 

Wait 5 minutes

With fresh-out-of-the-oven banana walnut muffins,  it wasn't hard to convince someone to sit down for awhile and enjoy.
This tea was amazing in my pretty Spring-time tea-cups.
And Mr. Bunny  & Lily (can you find her? She's like Waldo) joined us in the dining-room.
Tea for Two
The tea had to be special for the christening of these cups.
Adding a little honey just took it right over the top.

"Pretty isn't it? er...she? Oh, what are you doing here, Audrey?"
"I'm waiting for a scoop of stinky goodness."

She always looks evil but she is really just a mush-ball.

Hope you had a good weekend. Yes, snow is on its' way. :-{
I may be using these tea cups a lot just to help with the winter blues.
Tomorrow I am off to kitty-sit and bunny-sit.

I'm joining Sandi at for her  Spring-time Tea and Friends Sharing Tea at

hugs, Deb


  1. Funny how those kitties can fool you with their looks!
    Thanks for being you!

  2. I hope the weather is okay for your travels tomorrow. It's an ice storm here. The flowering tea is magical and I wouldn't mind one of those muffins either!

  3. The flowering tea looks wonderful, never heard of them before. I have had a look around your blog, just love your Kitties. I have three and they tend to rule the roost! Thanks for your visit.

  4. The flowering tea looks wonderful, never heard of them before. I have had a look around your blog, just love your Kitties. I have three and they tend to rule the roost! Thanks for your visit.

  5. I can see Mr bunny, and Lily who is the left side of the photo.Those tea cups are just lovely, how can they not beat the blues? And Audrey, what a great photo. I just want to cat-nap her!! :)

  6. What a lovely tea. I've read about those but have never tried one myself. Love that picture of Audrey. She's letting that 'critter' in the pot know who's boss.

    I hope you will soon see the last of the snow and start seeing spring coming to life.


  7. I wondered what on earth it was in the teapot, I thought it must be some kind of underwater flower arrangement and then found out it was tea. I have never in my 67 years come across this before, it freely available/
    I love the through the handle shot of Audrey, Princess is our devil face, she can look really vicious sometimes.

  8. I have never heard of a flowering tea either. I will check out that website. And your teapot (plus flower) looks like a beautiful fish bowl... I can imagine that would interest Audrey. Such an inviting tea!

  9. I've never seen flowering tea before. It's really cool, or hot. :) Love the pretty teacups, so nice and bright and flowery. We do need colour right now. And the muffins look yummy. Your storm is coming here tonight and tomorrow. Sigh....Still winter weather. Thanks for visiting and your nice comment. Pamela

  10. I do love your new teacups! I am so glad you are ready for the last (fingers crossed) snow!!! I love to find cats in photos!
    hugs, Linda

  11. Aren't those flowering teas unique - love your tea time post!

  12. hahah I can see who reigns in your house... Love the shot with the kitty peering greedily through the teapot handle!Thanks for your kind commnets on my blog post and hope spring comes to Ontario very soon! God bless!

  13. Those are pretty and colourful cups. I've had a couple of the blooming tea balls gifted to me but I don't have a clear vessel to brew them in. Yours looks pretty interesting and perhaps Audrey thinks it is a fish bowl with something hiding inside.

  14. Hi Deb,
    Your teacups really do welcome springtime.
    We are getting 15 cm of snow today. :( Doesn't look or feel like Spring out there right now.
    The blossoming tea is so pretty and you know, I've never tried it. I will have to see about that.
    Thanks for coming to tea and enjoy the rest of your week. Happy Spring!


  15. Audrey is much too adorable for her own good.

    And banana walnut muffins sound so scrumptious!