Thursday, March 31, 2016

We all 'brake' for something.

Some women 'brake' for shoe sales; some for discounts on the latest fashions. I 'brake' for 50% off bird seed.
After stocking up for my resident birds, we headed up to my daughter's home to take Gwynn out for dinner.  
The restaurant we chose sits along the Mississippi River and is a picturesque spot for dining. It was hard to get this toddler's mind on her dinner when the falls were right there, outside a large window, to enjoy.  But, she eventually did enjoy her meal and a bit of colouring with Gramps. We had a fun time and will make another dinner date soon.

Back to the bird seed sale...there were bird feeders on sale, too. And, although the retired-guy could have whipped one of these up in no time with a bit of 'nagging' from someone, the price was too good to pass up. So, I have a new platform feeder to add to the feeding station. I love these; they are probably my favorite type of feeder although it is best to just put enough out in them for one day due to weather changes. My suet cage full of nesting materials is now half empty. I'm hoping the nests will be built right the mouse-house.

Yesterday the sun filled the mouse-house 

but today it is dark and dreary. 
There is lots to do in the apt. and LOTS to do in the garage so it will be a busy day again.

Hope you enjoy your day whether rain or shine.

hugs, Deb

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Welcoming the sun

I'm always happy to know my baby's feet are on the ground. She loves to travel and has like-minded friends so she is often away making memories. Last night she arrived back from Cuba, stopped by the mouse-house on her way from the air-port to put my mind at ease. I'm a mom...what can I say?

They had a terrific time and took in the Rolling Stones concert on the beach. She said it was amazing. Can you just image how fantastic that must have been. She said there were over 400,000 people there. The retired-guy grinned and said "You are living MY bucket list."

She knows I love honey and brought me back some cuban coffee along with this interesting jar of Cuban honey. Oh boy...can't wait to try this in tea.

The sun is shining and lighting up the mouse-house. How we welcome it after a long, dark winter. We have already had bunnies at the feeders and the birds are arriving slowly. I'm watching to see if Simon's friend comes by to call on him. He is up and out and ready for company. I gave him a little bit of organic peanut butter this morning on an apple slice. He grabbed his treat and took it down into his hidey-hole. I imagine it sitting on his little kitchen table all ready to be enjoyed at dinner time. lol
Hopefully, he'll have a guest.

                                                   (waiting for those dang turkeys)

Annie has taken up the ritual of having just a teeny bit of milk first thing each morning as our Sierra always did. It's sweet to see but heart-wrenching at the same time. How I miss our Cee Cee. But Annie, being Annie, is always happy to help where she can. ;-)

I have a beautiful begonia to brighten up my table from the grands and the crowned chick will stay in the step-back a while longer. So, I guess that part of Easter isn't over yet. Someone has to eat his coach-load of chocolate. :)

"Come and get your chocolate."
hugs, Deb

Monday, March 28, 2016

A joyfull weekend.

Filled up and ready
for take-off.

Well, it's a lot more spring-like now as the sun shines one day, rain the next,
and we waddle through lots of mud at the mouse-house.

We have so much dirt around here...piles of it,
and it all needs to be leveled out before we start the next phase of house-building.
If you need me.

We had a fun Easter weekend.
Spending time with the grandittles is always a joy.

#4 grandittle was sleeping....a lot.
At 3 weeks he is almost 10 lbs. now. :)

Speaking of sleeping...
grand-kitty Ozzie is an expert at that.

It's time to put the bunnies away for another year.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

btw - the fund-raiser for Country Cat Rescue raised $2,000.00.
This will be put towards much-needed dental work for some of the residents at the rescue.

hugs, Deb

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Favorite Easter bonnet

This photo was taken Easter 2014 of our
grandittle, Gwynn.

When asked what she did to look 'smashing' in her Easter hat
she suggested you go easy on the jewellery, wear a winning smile
it doesn't hurt to have bambi eyes.

(our dear Kane in the background)

We want to wish you all a 
very Happy Easter.
Whatever way you celebrate, may your day be filled with love,
 a chocolate bunny and a 
jelly-bean or two.

                                       hugs, Deb, the retired-guy, Annie & Audrey.
                                                                 (and Simon, too)


Saturday, March 26, 2016

An invasion of bunnies

Easter Baskets
They're always fun to put together for children.
This year I have four grandittles to spoil.
Straw baskets
felt bunnies
hopping chicks
Easter stories
It's all lots of fun
with delicious chocolate delights tucked inside. 

Hand-made cards by Nana.
The bunnies are having a blast.

I thought I might get some help
from Annie
but she was too busy
watching for turkeys.

The sun is out
Simon is running about.
Good that he laid low yesterday
as turkeys
are his enemy.

hugs, Deb

Friday, March 25, 2016

Turkeys at Easter.

Good weather is expected for Easter. Thank goodness. That's fabulous news for us and grand-dog, Forest, because now the turkeys are doing their walk-about checking on all the local feeders. Great entertainment for a dog in one window while the cats watch from their cat-tree safely tucked away in the bedroom. Lots of fun this morning.

They were everywhere today. No wonder there is no sign of Simon.

I know what was going through this canine head..."mmmmmm...turkey for Easter."
I counted forty.

They sure cleaned up all of yesterday's seed that had fallen.

Our Easter celebrations will be very different this year. 
Dinner will be at my sister's home
as my own kids have their spouses family dinners and
my youngest is still vacationing.
The little mouse-house is just too tiny for the big festive dinners that I love to host.
Next year things will be back to normal. ;-)

I'm filling pretty baskets as we will see the grands sometime over the long weekend.
Can't wait.

In the mean-time...

Taken from the mouse-house window.

we'll just patiently wait for Spring weather to return

and focus on the real meaning of Easter.
Wishing you a peaceful 'Good Friday'.

hugs, Deb

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fresh snow...freezing rain.

You have probably noticed that I haven't bought myself a new camera yet. Life has been so busy lately that many trivial things have been put on the back burner. But since Mother's Day and my birthday aren't too far apart maybe I'll find one under my pillow soon. ;-)

Yesterday's snow has almost disappeared and now we have fresh snow and freezing rain falling. I can't believe I am even writing this. We are SO DONE with winter in these parts but still it comes. I actually dreamed of our lilac bushes being in full bloom last night.

The poor red-winged blackbirds sat around the feeders, covered in snow, looking confused. The starlings, black-birds & crows took over the buffet area all day today leaving little food for the smaller birds.

We had a couple of large visitors to the feeding areas early this morning.
Later, when I looked out the back window, I could see about fifty more turkeys in the distance.

Simon never stuck his head out of his hidey-hole once today.
                                                                         Tasha Tudor

I try to imagine his home...toasty warm, lots of dry bedding, a full pantry of last fall's nuts, seeds and apple cores all lined up in a row. He looks like a neat little fellow to me. What I'd love to see is a little friend join him this spring.

I have been baking like Anna Olsen these days. Some for the freezer but most going out to a much-needed fundraiser for a local cat rescue. I have known the owner and founder of this rescue for 20 some years now. She is the one that never says "no", always finds a safe place for any stray or injured cat and is the best cat-trapper I have ever known. I love this lady...she is the 'real deal'. I always want to help if I can.
I'm hoping this will be her best fundraiser yet. =^..^=

hugs, Deb

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What made you smile today?


Foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies. 
Spending time with little Gwynn.
Being the recipient of an unexpected Easter gift.
Always the bird-watcher.
a Spring Chickadee.

an update on our weather...

This can turn a smile upside-down 
unless you have a sun-catcher
from a 2 year old
to enjoy.

Our birds and squirrels (and Simon) look baffled.
Time to pull on the winter boots and fill the feeders.
Ah...Spring in Ontario.
hugs, Deb