Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"Welcome March"

Now that sounds promising.

I'd have to say around here the closer we get to spring the nuttier the Nut-hatch become.
We have a little feeder close to the road that I keep filled with peanuts.
The Nut-hatch go nutty for them.

Aren't they cute little jiggers.

Just look at all that snow. 

Red ran down the tree and stopped dead in his tracks.

And today I spotted our first robin of the year.
He must be wondering what he's doing here but it gave me great hope that the month of March will go out like a lamb.
In the tree above the old pump it sat singing it's little heart out.
Music to my ears.

We have so many Nut-hatch here.
They are funny to watch as they walk up and down the tree trunks.
And they are hardy little eaters.

White-breasted Nut-hatch

Well, I did promise some colour before you decide you can't look at this blog another day.

This little guy is running around looking for chocolate eggs to fill his carriage.
No worries, it will be packed by Easter.

The step-back is ready for the grandittles.

Little bits of Spring here and there.

Now I need to find a few sticks to build my Easter tree.
But how do you find sticks under three feet of snow?
I'll wait another week because...
it's snowing again. 

Oh dear...someone thinks that chick looks delish.


Better go.

hugs, Deb


  1. LOL@Audrey!

    i laughed so hard at her, silly cat that Audrey but i love how she always makes us happy!

    thanx for sharing

  2. Rabbit Rabbit!!!! I always forget to say that when I first wake up on the first of the month, but better late than never! Hopefully, Rabbit will bring some nice spring weather your way. If Audrey wasn't busy being "Audrey" ... how dull life would be!
    Hugs and purrs .....

  3. Oh, I'm laughing at your Red! That photo is priceless! Screeching stop! hahaha....

    Your cupboard looks wonderful! Perfect for it! I need to do my foyer table. Think I'll do St. Patricks Day before Easter...both a little springy!

  4. I'm with Betsy. St. Patrick's first and then Easter. But they are so close together this year. Love the picture of Audrey. I'm sure she must be related to my Snowy. Snowy would do the same thing. A robin! How wonderful! I haven't seen any yet.

  5. Yay! It's March! We are in the path of another 6-8 inches of snow today, but then the temps go up into more springlike levels after that. Yay!

  6. I enjoy your blog. I wish you were my neighbor!
    Park City, Utah

  7. I love the yellow in the cupboard! Oh Audrey, don't eat the birds!!

  8. Lovely photos and post ! I love the Nuthatch they are quite comical I have called one of them nutty cause they are nutty as a fruit cake at times lol ! Oh YEAH ! you have Robins there now to always a good sign when they arrive but with this snow storm on the way I bet they are asking them selves why they came back so early lol ! I love your blog and photos even if not much is going on there you always make me smile with your photos and posts . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  9. Count on Audrey to be curious! Cute Easter decorations!

    I wonder if robins would go for seed or suet. I know they go for the berries that seem to stay on trees over the winter.

  10. Audrey looks to be in big trouble... hope there's a sequel!

  11. Oh, that naughty Audrey! I can't blame her, that little chick is just too darling! Love your decorated cupboard with all the precious Easter lovelies and all of your yellow dishes are so sweet. So are the wild things - those little nuthatches are cute as can be. Hope your snow melts soon, although it really is pretty! xo Karen

  12. Even with three feet of snow you make everything adorable. Wish I could send you a few of the sticks from my wheelbarrow. :) Audrey doesn't miss a thing, does she? The cupboard is so pretty!