Sunday, March 20, 2016

Prime Real Estate...'cheep' rent

"Happy First Day of Spring."
I thought it would never get here.
This gal actually follows the sun around the mouse-house and it is puddling up everywhere this morning. Sun, sun, sun...glorious sun.

I am walking around the property today wondering what I can do to entice our fine-feathered friends to nest here.
We've got it all..
pretty houses only seconds from two 5-star bird cafes and watering holes
boutiques with many styles of bedding
2" pieces of wool
2" pieces of string
lush balls of cat hair from two unknowing cats
and for the more feminine shopper...lace of various colour


Any bird that nests here will have some very colourful neighbours.

Did you know that blue-jays love 
blueberries and apples?
This guy was first to the feast.
I'm really hoping for some nesting birds this spring.
I didn't expect any last year as I had just put the houses up and it usually takes time for them to trust them.
Now, after feeding them for over a year, I hope they find this a safe place to settle in and start their families.
There are five houses
hanging on the maples.
The crows stole all the glass beads from the white one.
And, I have provided some nesting materials in the suet cages
to help them out.

So, I hope some little momma-to-be chickadee, dove, wren, downy woodpecker or sparrow finds that this neighbourhood meets with their satisfaction.
There are lots of bushy fir trees to build a nest if that is their cup of tea.
We do love babies around here.


hugs, Deb


  1. I recently noticed a bird's nest in a shrub in front of an office. The shrub was about shoulder high. A very trusting bird obviously built that nest!

  2. Quite a nice property for potential move-ins of the feathered kind!

    Annie knows the value of sun puddles!

  3. Lots of lovely houses for them there to that's for sure . They seem to be pretty happy with the food I expect they will be comfy in the houses and nest in them soon , I find out=r birds use the houses more now as they realize they are all with in reach of the food like their own kitchen right there lol ! It is a lovely sunny day here today to the winds are a bit chilly but still nice , Thanks for sharing lovely photos , Have a good day and Happy Spring !

  4. Happy first day of spring! I especially love the photo of the cat in the sunshine.

  5. Looks like a wonderful spot to me! Here's hoping! Happy spring!

  6. If I were a bird I would move right in!! I hope you get some takers! Hugs and a sweet kiss on Annie's little face from me please.


  7. Yay, it's Spring! Cannot really tell the difference from Winter...yet...but warming must be just around the bend.

  8. Annie is such a pretty kitty and smart, too! What a great selection of housing for your feathered neighbors ... a place to sleep, raise some young and get food...a great deal.
    Purrs and Hugs ....

  9. Your photo of Annie catches my heart ♥
    Lovely spring photos =)

  10. Happy Spring! Your property is a bird paradise! I'm sure you'll have lots of happy avian citizens. haha.

  11. so glad to see you getting some spring sun! Wonderful!

    Annie is so beautiful!


  12. Ah! Bless! It ALL looks Happy! Happy! Happy!
    But! But! I do hope little Simon finds a little
    friend too! If not you'll have to put an advert
    in the local paper! And, find a mate! :).

  13. photos of new residents would be nice, i hope they take up the offer soon too!
    Annie is such a sweetie! xxx
    thanx for sharing

  14. I am certain you will have many happy renters this year!!
    enjoy your week, Deb...
    Linda :o)

  15. I don't know what else you could do to make your property more welcoming to animals. You have it all. What a wonderful place for wild life.

  16. Mum always said the size of holes determine which houses get birds. Can't have squirrels or other preditors stealing eggs or trapping birds. Also, natural wood: no paint or coloration.
    And I agree with Willie. A little friend for Simon would be lovely.

  17. Deb, with all the housing you are providing, I am sure you will have little fledglings filling each doorway with open mouths! We have many birdhouses as well, and nearly all are used each year. I was thrilled to see, for the first time, a 3 story "hotel" hanging from my potting shed being visited by 2 wrens, popping in and out of the windows with nesting materials in their beaks. Your yard will be filled with birdsong!

  18. Hi Deb! What a beauty she is all snuggled up there and soaking up the sun! Love all the birdhouses

  19. How do you get these precious photos Deb? So many signs of Spring....don't you just love it all!!! Have a lovely week!

  20. I put out a suet holder full of dryer lint....but I'm not sure it's in a good place. It's on my deck, near the feeders - should it be in the trees instead?