Saturday, March 5, 2016


Thanks so much everyone for the lovely messages I received yesterday.

It's been a whirlwind of a few days with a new grand-son arriving and keeping little Gwynn busy so mommy & daddy can rest, even just a little.

We built a whole town waiting for baby brother to come home.

 Ruby was waiting, too.

Meet Angus Michael
7 lbs 1 oz
                                                             only hours old here.
                                                             I can't stop smiling

                                                          Here's the happy family.

Gwynn was swept away to 'do lunch' with Nana & Gramps at a local restaurant today. She had lots of fun, as did we, and went home with a few treasures. After more baby snuggles we then headed home.

Annie & Audrey have been a bit out of sorts these last two days. No matter how well they are cared for, waking up to find us gone is one thing that throws these two for a loop so I have some catch-up snuggling and all out cat-spoiling to do now that we are home. Starting now...

hugs, Deb


  1. Oh Deb, warmest congratulations on the birth of beautiful Angus Michael ... he is soooo gorgeous. That is such wonderful news. Little Gwynne will be enjoying spending time with you both for sure. Annie & Audrey will love all that extra cat spoiling from you :-)

  2. What a sweetheart - and I love his given names. The photo of the family with Gwynne touching her new brother's face is so adorable. May those lovely children live long and happy lives - and I know you will have a lot to do with that dear Deb.

    We will welcome our first great-grandson soon - no name yet but tomorrow is the baby shower. I've been baking non-stop today - it will be at my daughter's home - much bigger than mine! My granddaughter Cassie will I know look beautiful with her baby bump as we gals celebrate. I will enjoy time with my two daughters and three granddaughters, and all Cassie's girlfriends. don't know what the men do in this situation, probably go for a beer? It's been almost 20 years since we had a new baby in the immediate family - just realized that!

    Again, congratulations one and all. Be good kitties Annie and Audrey - don't worry, you are still loved A LOT!

    Hugs Mary

  3. Congratulations on that sweet little grandson of yours. That is a loving photo of the family.

    Have a nice Sunday snuggling with Annie & Audrey. :-)


  4. I can't stop smiling either!
    Congrats all around....
    Hope Mom is doing well....
    Fabulous Deb!
    Enjoy all that you have been given...
    Linda :o)

  5. Congratulations on the beautiful grandson. Cute little granddaughter too.

  6. On no, please don't stop smiling. You have every reason too. Congratulations again to a wonderful, beautiful family.


  7. Oh my goodness...such a sweet face! Enjoy!

  8. Gorgeous!!!! Even I can stop smiling!!!!

  9. Oh Deb, he is precious! I love the new addition to the family. It is fun but so tiring keeping the Grands busy. I'm sure you can make it up to Annie and Audrey.

  10. Congratulations on a beautiful, new grandson!

  11. Your new grandson is beautiful. Hope your two furry girls enjoy all of your attention at home.

  12. Ah! Nowt like a new born babe...! Bless!x
    And, l'm sure the pussy~cats knew something
    was in the pipe~line...ooops! Sorry about
    the pun...!!!
    Congratulations ALL round!

  13. adorable & what a lovely name!
    congrats again to mum & dad & the new again grandies :))
    Annie & Audrey will be happy for the spoils & cuddles too!
    thanx for sharing

  14. How absoutely darling Deb! Congratulations on yet another sweet grandchild! Hugs and blessings to you all!

  15. Congratulations to your daughter and her family and to you and the retired guy! Kitties too!
    Can I tell you how adorable he is and how I absolutely
    love his name? Superb! Welcome to the world, Angus Michael!

  16. It's hard to decide which is the most adorable! Three cheers!

  17. So very precious! A lovely family! Hugs and blessings. xo Karen

  18. What a neat little fellow he looks. There's a lot of character in that tiny face. What a life he'll lead.