Thursday, March 31, 2016

We all 'brake' for something.

Some women 'brake' for shoe sales; some for discounts on the latest fashions. I 'brake' for 50% off bird seed.
After stocking up for my resident birds, we headed up to my daughter's home to take Gwynn out for dinner.  
The restaurant we chose sits along the Mississippi River and is a picturesque spot for dining. It was hard to get this toddler's mind on her dinner when the falls were right there, outside a large window, to enjoy.  But, she eventually did enjoy her meal and a bit of colouring with Gramps. We had a fun time and will make another dinner date soon.

Back to the bird seed sale...there were bird feeders on sale, too. And, although the retired-guy could have whipped one of these up in no time with a bit of 'nagging' from someone, the price was too good to pass up. So, I have a new platform feeder to add to the feeding station. I love these; they are probably my favorite type of feeder although it is best to just put enough out in them for one day due to weather changes. My suet cage full of nesting materials is now half empty. I'm hoping the nests will be built right the mouse-house.

Yesterday the sun filled the mouse-house 

but today it is dark and dreary. 
There is lots to do in the apt. and LOTS to do in the garage so it will be a busy day again.

Hope you enjoy your day whether rain or shine.

hugs, Deb


  1. Yup same goes here bird seed goes on sale we are there with bells and whistles on or remortgage the house lol ! I buy 50 pound bags of oiled sunflower seed wild seed and Nyjer seed . Nice flat feeder now the retired guys can ad a roof to that and could make another flat feeder with a roof on it for you to like hubs did for me with shingles and all to . It has been raining non stop here since the wee hours of the morning we have already had 25mm of rain and it is pooling every where now thunderstorms for the evening . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. Peach, you never fail to take my breath away!
    Kisses and hugs to all.

  3. I'd brake for that too -- which reminds me, one of my feeders is empty, those hungry birds. (Actually, I think it's the hungry squirrel and chip who are helping). Gray and gloomy here and a big temp drop due. Ugh. But it can't last!

  4. Love Annie's pink tongue! The Mississippi River in Canada (looking through maps...)

  5. Hello Deb,
    I just have found your blog. Your cats are so lovely. We have 4 cats. We have found them very hungry and thick.
    Nice Greetings from Austria,

  6. I love my platform feeder and it's the favorite of all the critters as well!

  7. Like you---i dont brake for clothes/shoes/designer pocketbooks----but oh yes pet food pet supplies BOOKS special pretties for granddaughter or vintage knick knacks and im excited. Just shows where our heart is i suppose

  8. Yup...dark and dreary here too...sick of it!!
    Love that big bag of feed...and your sweet Gwynn...
    How is the new Grandson doing??
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. He's doing great, Linda. He's almost ten pounds now and as cute as a button.

  9. I see Annie is making her opinion well known!

  10. Aww, your granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous !
    Neat little bird feeder, looks like it would be perfect for the larger birds.
    Sweet Annie... looks like she is posing for the camera.

  11. haha...that first picture is so cute! That bag is bigger than you!~

  12. You are so cute with that big bag of bird seed. Bet all your birds were excited to see you unloading that. That little Gwynn is just adorable...and so is Annie with her little pink tongue showing.

  13. Me again. I meant to tell you how much I like your new header! :)