Friday, March 25, 2016

Turkeys at Easter.

Good weather is expected for Easter. Thank goodness. That's fabulous news for us and grand-dog, Forest, because now the turkeys are doing their walk-about checking on all the local feeders. Great entertainment for a dog in one window while the cats watch from their cat-tree safely tucked away in the bedroom. Lots of fun this morning.

They were everywhere today. No wonder there is no sign of Simon.

I know what was going through this canine head..."mmmmmm...turkey for Easter."
I counted forty.

They sure cleaned up all of yesterday's seed that had fallen.

Our Easter celebrations will be very different this year. 
Dinner will be at my sister's home
as my own kids have their spouses family dinners and
my youngest is still vacationing.
The little mouse-house is just too tiny for the big festive dinners that I love to host.
Next year things will be back to normal. ;-)

I'm filling pretty baskets as we will see the grands sometime over the long weekend.
Can't wait.

In the mean-time...

Taken from the mouse-house window.

we'll just patiently wait for Spring weather to return

and focus on the real meaning of Easter.
Wishing you a peaceful 'Good Friday'.

hugs, Deb


  1. A lovely Easter to you and your family Deb! Have a good time.

    Madelief x

  2. Happy Easter, Deb. I love that your grand-dog, Foster has entertainment on tap. I would love to see your kitties' cat tree. We had a natural full sized tree in our lounge in Tz. Of course, we couldn't bring it home. Here in SA, the kitties have real trees to climb! Have a great weekend. Jo

  3. I have never seen turkeys like that before. So many! Have a lovely Easter, Deb! Enjoy your time with your family.

  4. 40 turkeys? Oh my! Great entertainment, that is for sure!
    Easter dinner sounds wonderful. Rest up this year you will be doing all the hosting! haha.

  5. So many turkeys!if our dogs saw that i think they would bust open the window! Lol

  6. Forty Turkeys! It's a wonder Forest can contain himself!
    Enjoy your relaxed, uncomplicated Easter, it's the last you'll know for many a year.

  7. Oh! My goodness 40, a Rafter of turkeys!
    There's only one good thing a turkey is
    for...and, that's food. It's a horrid,
    ugly creature, take care with Simon, because
    they will attack and kill a mouse, even
    a chimpmunk, and consume it between them!
    But they say...C'est La Vie..!

    Our weekend over here is pretty bad..Wind,
    rain, gales, though it's warm. Still plenty
    of tea and cake...Oh! and a few hot~cross~buns!
    And, perhaps a little chocolate! :).

  8. Oh my goodness! 40 turkeys! Turkey season comes in some time in April here. I dread it, just like I dread deer season. Annie's little face is so sweet... Happy Easter!

  9. Those are big turkeys! Forest must be thinking, "please let me out so I can chase them..."

  10. Love the turkeys...we get a few now and then, but they don't much like the traffic in our area.
    We WERE blessed yesterday by an entire "herd" of cedar waxwings. They were passing through and stopped for a midafternoon snack of Youpon, Chinese Tallow and Pistache berries...yum yum!!! A couple of them visited the feeders too, but mostly they were interested in the trees. There must have been 60 of them and they all move at once like Starlings. It was wonderful to have them visit.
    Blessings to you,