Saturday, December 5, 2020

Welcome December

 Well, it's not December as we know it with plans of family get-togethers; worship-services, unexpected visitors and wonderful dinners with friends. But...we carry on and plan for the best.

We are very thankful; lucky that no-one in the family has been ill so far. And we are in full Christmas mode now.

Santa is showing up all over the house. And the 2020 Santa is dressed for comfort.  Lounging pajamas, cozy slippers , hot chocolate and home-baked cookies. Perfect for a pandemic Christmas. He joins a twenty-five year collection of jolly 'ol St. Nick. 

The grands have been by to help decorate; the staircase being their proudest display.

Above is my first Santa that started it all. He now has a bad shoulder; the result of being dragged off one Christmas night by our nut-case cat Cali years ago. I eventually found him between the dryer and washer in the laundry area and he was a sight. 

Silly Wilson watching the laneway being blown out.

Decisions, decisions...
My granddaughter takes decorating very serious. :-) She changed it up a few times until it was just right. lol

Got to warm up those busy hands.

SANTA is everywhere at Fox Grove.

And outside the kitchen window you can see that since the day Wilson sat watching the show in the driveway, we have lost all our snow.
My favorite little squirrel, the red squirrel, has arrived for lunch.

And I'm ready for hot chocolate in my favorite festive cup.

I'm sure that everyone is getting into the Christmas mood (some snow would help here) and I wish you all a fun and peaceful weekend.

be kind, Deb

Sunday, November 15, 2020

I'm getting my Christmas on.

 We have had fabulous weather for finishing up the outdoor cleanup from late summer and early fall. I'd say I've raked enough...just ask my back. Our leaves are loaded into wheelbarrows and taken to our compost. That's where I also leave scraps from the kitchen and always a little something for the night scavengers...raccoons and skunks and most likely stray cats.

Since we have had our Thanksgiving here in Canada (very, very strange)

it is time to look forward to Christmas and hope we can be with our family on that day.

The OH is decorated for Flo and a well-insulated box put inside the door for any little critter that may need a dry place to take refuge during the cold months.  I doubt Flo will mind as long as it's not David...the King of the Wild Frontier..


Outdoor wreaths are up and lights are there but will remain unlit 'til December. This morning we got hail, rain and snow. So it is a cold, wet Sunday; one to get some indoor projects done. 

These will be enjoyed with tea. :-)

Do you have a favorite tea? Mine is Yorkshire black tea. And now they have a Yorkshire Black Tea GOLD. good.

I continue to work with Cora and her dermatitis. She is looking better, feeling better but has a way to go.

If she could completely heal from this it would be a wonderful Christmas gift.


She loves to watch the birds and squirrels from the bedroom door that leads to the porch. It helps that I throw peanuts out there daily.

The birds are wonderful to watch through my kitchen window.😍

Look at this guy guarding the seed bell. Big toughy. lol

We are still working on our front porch. We are up against the weather now.

My china cupboard is decorated for winter. Just a few winter trees and a wreath to make the home more cheery.

I hope each and everyone of you are doing well. Please stay safe and healthy as we carry on adjusting our normal lives to this trying time. We each need to do our part.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.
be kind,

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Welcome November

 Fall has come and near gone and we are still working away on the house. We have some siding (board and batten) to finish and a porch to build before the snow falls. Luckily, we are to have milder weather next week and no snow in the forecast yet. We have gravel to spread, too, and I say "Hallelujah" No.more.mud.

I have lots of visiting to do on the blogs I follow as my time has been taken up with outdoor work and little Cora and her skin issues.

She has been diagnosed with miliary dermatitis and the cause is yet to be found.

But we trudge ahead, keeping her comfortable and trying different medications and creams.

And her side-kick, Wilson, is always by her side.

And when he's not by her side he is tracking the crow family that have adopted us.

Oh...almost got that one. lol

Did everyone enjoy Halloween this year?

We got to see all our grands at their homes, outside and social-distancing. And it didn't rain. :-)

Of course it's not the same but I was content just to see them in costume and get to enjoy the excitement on their faces.

Here is what I am reading at the moment.

It's a good book and I recommend it for a Christmas gift.

Maybe, just, maybe, if we all behave ourselves we can be together at Christmas. Right now it's looking a bit iffy.

I walked the property and made a fall bouquet for the table.

Pretty and inexpensive.

My favorite neighbour has arrived and at first sight of me he drops and rolls. haha

I wish I could do that but I'd never get up.

Big Fierce Tabby Boy
It was International Cat Day so David got a special treat.

David is the King of the Wild Frontier around here. He is out and about all day every day and visits us daily for a hug and a tummy rub.

I'm thinking Christmas now that our Thanksgiving is behind us.

I'll be putting the tree up early this year just to fuel me on. It's a little hard to get in the Christmas spirit when we don't know what lays ahead. Plus if Cora and Wilson bring it down I'll have time to put it up again. ;-)

I'm heading over to say hi and enjoy your blogs.

I wish you all a great start to a new month and let's hope there are better days ahead in many ways.

I need to get used to this new format.

be kind and stay safe,


Saturday, July 11, 2020

A hot and humid summer.

This may be the hottest summer I can remember.
It's no shock to reach +40C and the humidity is through the roof.
We used to get a day or two of this weather and then cool relief. But of late, it's one day after the next.
It's very hard to have gardens. 
But you know who does love this weather...why, the good old Canadian mosquito. :-(

I have a garden shed. :-)
We built it from a kit from Cosco. It said if you are old like us (lol) it should take four days. Well, they don't know the retired-guy. He had to change this and add that and of course that all took more time.
The best part was he added a sink so I can wash up veggies and dirty hands.
I'm pretty happy with my new get-away.

Hey, come on in.

It won't stay this neat for long.

I've already added two chairs and a table for tea, of course. ;-)
(just forgot to take a photo)

All done. Now I can play.

Our veggie garden is surviving this heat spell but only because we are watering it daily.
And our neighbour's well has run dry so it can worry you somewhat.

I should just stay in and do this all day.

The poor birds are still making nests and some are choosing our houses.
We have had six houses used over the spring and summer.
It's been wonderful watching the birds grow and fledge.
House wrens, tree swallows and eastern phoebes.

House wrens at work

We've been coping ok with the covid 19 scare but it is getting tedious.
We have seen our immediate family lately but mostly we just stay home.
There is lots to do here and we are finally getting projects completed.
And I'm so thankful for our cats, birds, flowers and Ernie.

Just home from the market

House wren nesting

Ernie says "stay cool every-body"

I wish you all well.
Let's mask up and get life back to normal soon.

hugs, Deb